Even newspapers have those nowadays.
In business there is no room for friendship. Competitors have to be eliminated at any cost. Fortunately for you, I'm not businessman. I'm a spy.



The next RPG Maker

I kinda agree with Sailerius. "Debug enhancing" scripts for new RM would probably quickly crop up. But I agree with Libby as well that having something more than default ctrl to become ghost and variable/switch editing by default would be good.

For example I always wanted easy ability to cheat in any item. I ended up making special NPC that'd give such item. But that is not how it is supposed to work. What if I forget to remove this NPC from release version? In game that has 100+ maps it is very likely something like this may happen. And even in game that has few very big (like 500x500) maps.

The next RPG Maker

Rave, it could have virtual on-screen buttons. Something like those found in emulators?

Yeah, it is so fun having half of game's screen obstructed by your fingers when you are trying to hit buttons that are either too small or too big. Very funny indeed.

I can play Megaman 2 on pc emulator fairly well. On something like Nesoid? Not so much...

Parallax Mapping or Custom Tileset?

I think parallaxes aren't needed as well. Not only they're heck to set up (you need separate picture for things above player), but they also take space (significantly bigger than regular maps). Well made tileset removes need for parallaxes.

How much weight do people REALLY give to nostalgia?

Nope, nostalgia isn't really significant. I was born in '90 and yet I think NES games or games for older consoles like Atari are way better than whatever shit they put up now on the market.

Wing Commander 3 free on Origin...

Is it worth downloading or will it just take away space from my HDD?

The next RPG Maker

On Linux, RM runs quite well on Wine, but I agree that native solution would be better. Not sure how it would work on Android since most of the phones has little to no HW buttons and you need to talk to NPCs somehow...

[Poll] Sending PMs is wonky

Impossibru. I've got 60mbps connection so if it is timeout, it's on my part.

New engines: Unreal and Super Mario

That's quite unreal announcement to me. But I think it's kinda super.

Anyway, could you also add Game Develop to the list of engines. It is very interesting engine, kinda similar to Construct or MMF, but it is completely free (formerly only as in beer, since month or so free as in freedom as well). I seriously think GD doesn't get recognition it deserves.

Also it works great both on Linux and Windows (work on Mac version started since GD became open source).

Iniquity and Vindication

Found a bug. If you die during the sewer segment you start on the "auto start" event ("Ungh...") and then game hangs because James can't get to a shark.

This glitch makes no sense...

No problem ;). You're lucky I had my crystal ball with me today. Next time provide details like aforementioned screenshot of events.