Even newspapers have those nowadays.
In business there is no room for friendship. Competitors have to be eliminated at any cost. Fortunately for you, I'm not businessman. I'm a spy.



Does anyone here uses Novelty?

Trying to learn it, goes quite well because this program is even more intuitive than RM (if that's even possible), however have some trouble with really minor stuff, but don't want to ask here if no one uses it.

(no, I can't ask on Novelty's forum because it is literally impossible to register there)

"Remember Me" option

Take 3 days off. 3 days, that's how long it takes for the cookie to expire here.

BTW.: This is what you get for trying to roll your own solution in badly designed language instead of going with industry standards like vBulletin or XenForo.

Need testers for my game

Hello. This thread is kinda old. So in fact that the game found its way to gamejolt in the meantime. I don't want to waste server space by posting it here as it is not finished and it is slowly developed due to my other (commercial) project.

"Remember Me" option

I think having such option would be nice. I hate to put in my password each time I visit this site.

what appeal of the 2XP

I think I have english help file for 2k3, but we should probably connect over PM.

Mailbox (1): No unread messages?

Ah... For a while I've forgot that this site is written in a language more suited for automation on an UNIX workstation than for making websites.

Mailbox (1): No unread messages?

Yeah, it's because multiple tabs. Someone borked AJAX implementation for the site. Usually going to another page (such as subforums or thread) fixes it.

First Seed Material / REFMAP gone; resource recovery operation go!

And now tekepon.net turned into one of those ugly ad sites...

Ace autotiles ruined my fence!!

Ace's autotile format is broken (and this is generous - I don't want to use expletives as minors may read this and I would have if I'd want to describe Ace's, and VX's autotile format). I'd probably would look for some converter from XP's tile format or write one yourself if you're a coder. Unfortunately I don't have enough expertise in Ace's format (little autotiles I did was trial and error) to code one myself.

Is there any site to host files for free?

That said, just don't use Mega. Please. It's terribad.

Why do you say that? Unlike it's predecessor, Mega doesn't have "download timer" and is actually pretty fast. True, at first it has some problems working in Firefox, but now it works in any normal browser (and in IE as a bonus).