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Prayer of the Faithless
On the brink of the apocalypse, two friends struggle to find what is worth saving



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Each new milestone is another post game boss cleared!

Permanent Price Cut!

Psychostasis Review

Thanks for the review! I'm glad you liked it!

Yeah, I agree with you on the mapping. Environment design was never my strong suit, but in this case it was more of a technical limitation. When trying out more dense and populated maps, Eva's pathfinding bugged out and she'd get caught running into dead ends and killing any sort of tension chase sequences would have had. I didn't have time to figure out the right layout to prevent that from happening, so I just threw up my hands and emptied out the rooms.

Still, for a short game, I think this came out alright. Again, thanks for the review! I'm glad someone still remembers that this exists!

Steam Page Live! + Demo Update Soon-ish

Wishlisted! I hope this game does well on Steam. It deserves the support!

A tiny blog update

I didn't know this game had a page on RMN. Subbed. Can't wait to see more.

EDIT: You, uh, may want to update the font color on the CSS.

Censorship in Video Games

There is an artistic merit to replacing swear words with symbols: comedic relief. To me, at least, it's funnier to hear words bleeped out or censored than the actual words because it implies that the character is so foul mouthed or raunchy that even the game itself has to step in and apologize for all the swearing.

Just, uh, don't have someone swearing every other word in the first place in you're trying to be taken seriously. Otherwise, your heavy scene will suddenly have a Red Foreman in it:

Or, if you don't have a filter, you'll have Death:

I don't think a filter option for players is going to fix either of these scenes in a "seriously" project.

Censorship in Video Games

Accessibility settings are not censorship, and I feel like complaining about accessibility settings is like complaining about difficulty selection. The options are there for those that want/need them, and their inclusion doesn't detract from anyone else's experience. "How much is too much" is a question individual players have to ask themselves, and the settings let each person draw their own line. If only people outside the "target audience" use accessibility settings, then maybe the target audience isn't as narrow as players like to think?

I feel like "censorship" could only reasonably apply to settings that are beyond the player's control, like localization changes or games being outright banned from sale in certain countries. The party members in Bravely Default, for example, will always be 18 in the western release and 15-16 in the Japanese release, and there is no "age toggle" setting that would be natural in that game.

If a setting is in the game, then it's a choice made by the developers that it is okay to experience the game with that setting enabled. Whether they "should" exist is something developers must decide for themselves because each game is different, but the decision to include them should not be viewed as censorship or even self-censorship.

Project complete!

Congratulations for completing this game! I'll be sure to give it a playthrough when I get the time.

Sprites Galore!

Those sprites looks awesome! Avee does some great work.

Take all the time you need for a short prototype. No need to burn yourself out over it. Good luck!

Hell on High Heels Review

Thanks for the review, lobo! Sorry you were let down by some of the aspects of the game, but I think I achieved what I set out to do, and pianotm knocked it out of the park with his additions. It's also a shame you aren't gonna do ng+ since that's where I feel the game is at its best. But hey, if the initial playthrough was at least amusing to you, then mission accomplished! Comedy games are unfamiliar territory for me, so I'm glad at least some parts of the game landed with you!

My main question is what exactly is the inspiration for Princess Nia since this character archetype is rather common.

My intention for creating Nia was to take the trope of "spoiled princess growing as a person," and go hard in the opposite direction for laughs. With her tantrums being so loud and so obnoxious they break the game's design, her antics only get worse the more you play and mess around. I had absolutely no interest in giving her character any real redeeming qualities, and thought that seeing just how far she'd go to get her way would be enough of a reason for players to keep going.

Thanks again for the review!