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Prayer of the Faithless
On the brink of the apocalypse, two friends struggle to find what is worth saving



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2018 Sucked. 2019 Looks Alright

*Looks at 21 hour developer playthrough time*

*Double-checks that game is marked commercial*

Oh thank god. That is a massive amount of work for a thing to be freeware.

I'm still interested in testing. Just let me know when the game is in a state to allow it.

I've never been more proud to be a massive sellout!

"- Began a new career as an IT consultant specifically because of my game development background. NOT my degree, by the way. The games made in RM drew as much, if not more, attention on my resume than anything academic related! And people say RPG Maker will get you nowhere. Ha! "
This is really awesome to see. Despite your troubles with your previous job, I like that it paved a way for a career with perhaps better prospects, because someone is recognizing the true talent of someone who can analyse something really well, and work on something consistently until it's finished. Your work is incredible and I am so happy that it got you a new job. I can identify with the mental health struggles, probably not as much as I am judging you are, but I very much pray you'll be able to push through and really come out the other side riding high and fast on the horse of... success. (That metaphor was weird!)

Anyways, I'm congratulating you on a year well-done despite many circumstantial setbacks. You are awesome :)

Well, after reading all of that, now I'm REALLY motivated! Thanks so much for the kind words, cash!

Soul Sunder Review

Do you have an email I can send the save file? I'm not sure how I can do that on this site.

Upload the file to your locker (highlight your name on the top left of the window, then click Locker from the dropdown menu), and PM me the link.

Glad you managed to finish the game! Sorry to hear your opinion hasn't changed, but it's all good. I (obviously, lol) disagree with your assessment of the story, but if that's what you got out of it, then I'm not gonna fight it.

Thanks again for the review!

Soul Sunder Review

The door wasn't locked for me. I just went in like any other door. I'm sure it was the apothecary since it only had healing items, and it was on Heaven or Hell mode. I can make a video of it if you're still interested in seeing it happen if you can't replicate it.

If you could just send me your save file, I can actually run all the tests I need to figure out what happened.

Soul Sunder Review

I'm also a little curious about this "hardest mode first" approach, since I rarely nudge the difficulty slider out of its recommended setting when going blind into a moderate-time-commitment rpg, and I generally try to play the intended game mode since it's closest to the intended game experience.

I usually play every Tales game on the hardest difficulty because I've been playing them for over a decade now and am used to how they work. From there, I gauge if the harder difficulty makes me learn the battle system better or if it just means a boost to enemy health and adjust the difficulty accordingly. If difficulty can't be changed mid game, then yeah, I typically go for the "normal" difficulty.

Maybe think about how you convey your opinions before writing a review, because this is really messy and it feels like you took very little time or effort to organise your thoughts before conveying them. And as a critique of a game that took months to create, that comes across to me as disrespectful, frankly.

I don't feel disrespected from this review. Their frustrations and eventual reasons for quitting were perfectly valid. I've improved quite a bit as a developer since releasing this game, and there are some interesting points MLG_Wannabee brought up that I can make use of in future projects, so I'm overall glad I read it. Plus, even without the stream of consciousness, it still clears the minimum 300 word requirement for a review to be submitted.

Also, it took me over a year to make this game, not just months. I spent a few months designing the game before even submitting the page to RMN.