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Prayer of the Faithless
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Return of the Last Era

Oof. TWO engine changes? And after working on this game for how long? Gotta give respect to that dedication, man. I don't think I could keep my motivation afloat after a second engine change and over a decade of work. Good luck!

Also, good luck filling in for Jo on pixel art! He's got a very unique style that seems hard to replicate.


Congrats on putting the finishing touches on this! Good luck on seeing this project all the way to release!

Game Dev is Great and I Hate It

Woo, can't wait, Red Nova! Also we probably need more pictures of OneNote text or the script editor in future. But woo, completed game should be fun.

Can I critique your OneNote textfile? Does it follow the three-letter-rule?

Good job on finishing the game even more after finishing it! This may be the less fun part, but you also don't have to worry about your game never getting completed any more. I'm looking forward to seeing all the big and small improvements in the final product!

Showing off OneNote screenshots should have been my April Fool's joke. Now I'm mad I didn't bring this up last month.

I nominate this for best of blogs. Because it has over 1000 words. Anyway, your progress seems to be steady and that's good. I admire your dedication.

Thanks! 1000 words is all it takes to get the nomination? Sweet! Now I know how to abuse the system for future entries!

What do you think of 'Girly Runs' and other such motions?

Remember tropes are tools.

True, but misusing your tools will lead to disastrous results. Try to saw off wood with a hammer, and people will think you're an idiot. Try to use the "girly run" and play it completely straight can make people think you're sexist.

I can see a fair number of uses for the girly run in a game, though none of them involve being a part of a character's core identity. If the character was some dastardly villain trying to put on the act of a childish "girly" girl to shake off suspicious eyes, then I can see it being appropriate. Putting a character in a situation where they are forced to run that way when they ordinarily wouldn't can be played for laughs.

Steam vs. Epic Games

Saying nuts to both Steam and Epic was more from the perspective of a player rather than a developer. If we're talking from the perspective of a developer, then I wouldn't say nuts to both of them; I'd say go with both of them... ALONGSIDE

author=kory_toombs doesn't equate to Steam, it's not even close. My game sales on Steam are at least 10 time larger, if not more.

I do want to point out that "Just go to itchio" isn't a perfect solution either, as having a completely open platform with few barriers to entry means that you're casting your bottle into a very crowded sea. The last game I released on Steam was also cross-released on itchio, but accounted for less than 5% of copies purchased. And from what I hear from other cross-release devs, this isn't far off from the par in a lot of cases.

I don't doubt it. Despite Valve's seemingly ardent commitment to making as many bad decisions as it possibly can, they are still the biggest distribution platform today.

But what about next year? Or the year after that? Or five years from now? A shakeup IS going to happen at some point down the line, and Steam may not be at the top when the dust settles. If you've established yourself on Steam and ONLY Steam, then you will go down with the ship.

The market and its competitors will keep changing until the nuclear apocalypse, so the idea of a "perfect" solution will always remain just that: an idea. No one knows what will happen in the future, so it's important to think of competing storefronts not like an "Option VS. Option" scenario, but more like an "Option AND Option AND..." scenario.

TL;DR: Don't put all your eggs in one basket.

Steam vs. Epic Games

I don't expect Epic to continue gorging themselves on exclusivity deals for long. This is likely just a short term plan to make sure they come out of the gate swinging as hard as they can. It'll have to taper off eventually.

Do you think Steam needs to shape up?

Man, Steam has needed to shape up before a storefront was even a glint in Epic's eye. There was a time where putting something on Steam was a badge of honor on any developer's record, be they commercial or hobbyist. That time had passed long before even Steam Direct was put into practice.

I say nuts to both of them and move over to for indie games.

Crunchitize Me


The first game I ever put on this site has art drawn with nothing but my mouse and GIMP (a free art program). If you have a working mouse and a computer that can run GIMP (which is easy to assume since you're developing something in MV of all things), then you absolutely do have the art and technology supplies you need to make your drawings.

You have options if you are determined to have custom art for your game. Crying greed when a creator wants compensation for their time and energy is not one of them.

No, this will not be pinned. No, we are not going to "warn people" about this. "PSAs" like these are a direct slap in the faces of resource creators, as they are essentially declarations that their work is worth nothing. You know what creators tend to do when they are told their work is worth nothing? They can either a) spend their time doing OTHER things instead, or b) charge for their time and energy.

Entertain me


*3% damage to self*