Let's work on your game descriptions!

Wow, Soul_Hacker you only really have minor mistakes there and it's completely understandable, not sure why they'd deny it for grammar reasons unless they're just being really picky! Good luck.

Basic Monster Design (2k3)

Are there any tutorials or resources explaining the basics of monster design, specifically for 2003? By design I mean stats, attacks, groupings, etc., not graphic design.

Do RPGs need a story?

A lot of the games on this site, I think, overdo it with exposition in the beginning. I too want to control my character as soon as possible. I think a lot of makers think that a player needs to be told what's going on in their world in order to be invested in the game, but I feel the opposite. I want to be in your world and find out why I should care about it through playing it.

Are there restrictions on games that can be hosted here? Specifically games aimed for more mature audiences.

Do the characters have to be married before they can have sex?

Nudity in Games

Exactly. My game is going to be so good that it will change the way people think about nudity in games.

Do RPGs need a story?

More than talking about what storytelling is in games, it sounds like the question you're really asking is if you need to tack bad writing onto your game when you don't want to. Please DO NOT do that! If thy dungeonman just wants to get leprechaun gold because why not, that's perfectly fine.

Nudity in Games

The 2k3 RTP goblin or whatever the red thing is is nude with no visible genitalia even though the pig orc thing is wearing pants. Maybe someone who knows more about monster cultures could enlighten me about that.

Context is important of course. It makes sense that sprites in Harvest Moon / Earthbound would wear towels in the hot spring because usually they're mixed. If on the other hand your game had hot springs separated by gender then changing the 4-5 pixels below the waste from flesh to white would destroy the immersion.

[2K3] Please help with an annoying issue with object skills in RM2K3

Hi, I asked this question a while back and I think the answer was "No." Sorry :-/

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

Does this slave accept her slave status until she's freed? What if she joins your party by escaping? Considering she's going to join a heroic party she might take it upon herself to not be a slave.

Let's work on your game descriptions!

It's kind of hard to write dialogue without knowing the characters, but just judging from what each of the three say:

Mem 1: Yay! You're finally here.

Has been waiting for the hero and is sincerely happy that he's come.

Mem 2: Heh, speak of the devil.

Is more amused by the coincidental nature of the situation than anything.

Mem 3: He picked a good time to show up with a cool entrance. Clever guy.

Is sort of envious of the hero, maybe? I read this as sort of self-conscious rather than just "wow!"

What are each of these party members' opinions of the MC? I think sorting that out will help you write snazzier dialogue. You don't want their words to be interchangeable, unless all three of them are just there to fawn over how bad-ass the hero is, but that's not interesting.

By the way, which of the three wished he was there?