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MALWARE from a game page ????

There was an avatar image linked from I went ahead and removed it.

Thanks!! My hero! In my book, you've gone from legendary status to legendary-er status.

And thanks Linkis for bringing it to someone's attention. I didn't notice. My game page doesn't need any less traffic than it has. =(


It's definitely not a popularity thing. My game is also going lightweight on the feedback. I don't know why that is, either. RMN's visit count is up 50-100% year over year.

I'll have to analyze how the visibility of games is working/not working.

Less forum userbase, more random visitor base, maybe?

Maybe only the userbase that knows you and knows of SE are following closely? And maybe, random site visitors are skipping over this because of the engine, in favor of games made on newer ones. Which would explain your download count. I mean your blog blew up with responses within minutes. Somebody's paying attention.

Dunno, though.

RMN v4.5 (and beyond) Feature Idea List

Didn't read this whole topic...

Did anyone mention something like... tagging outdated reviews as outdated? Not remove them, but just mark which version they apply to?

I'm for the 'Like' thing, too. Only for games with downloads. Shouldn't be able to 'Like' vaporware and therefore be different from subscribing. Also, maybe some people won't have a reason subscribe to completed games, but they can give a quick thumbs up without having to write a review or generate a controversial star rating.

I also like subscribe to dev as a new feature - for whenever dev submits game/review/article, etc.

Could someone help me loop this music?

The beginning of your desired loop section and the end of it are completely different. I had no idea how to go about looping that track, but here you go.

Try this.


Super RMN All-Stars Review

dat makerscore.

Thanks for doing a review! I appreciate the fact that you took the time to write a blurb on every single level.

The last two Super RMN reviews were done by level. I figured that was the new standard way of reviewing these.

Review Exchange!

Remember when I said it'd be done in a few days? Well, I lied.

It's in there now.

Is it still discrimination if it's equal?

Discrimination isn't a bad thing. Discrimination = differentiating.

I want a good football team. I have to choose between two players, one bad player, one good player. I choose the good player. That's discrimination. This is a good thing. You HAVE to choose.

Only having a bad reason for your discrimination is a bad thing.

Like say, I pick a player for my team because he's white and not because he's better than the black player. That would be bad discrimination.

You're not being a dick to any one by choosing one or the other. You're being a dick to them by choosing for the wrong reason.

Maybe discrimination is not the word you're looking for? In fact, maybe that's the reason for your argument to begin with? Or maybe this has already been covered, because I didn't read the rest of the responses. In the case of Disney being sexist towards both males and females, they're not discriminating at all. They're just being dicks to both.

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

Removing the DBS from my game and going CBS... 3 years into the project. Wish me luck.

Neo Jado Review

You didn't hear music in Borton? There should be. "LoD - Royal Capital", which is from Legend of Dragoon.

If you're missing the file, it would have crashed.

As for the minigame stuff, I rebuilt it already. Tossed the DBS. All custom with a custom menu for skills, too.

We need to get some testers together to try it out before we throw it back into the early chapters. It's a smaller task than most people might think. There's so little DBS in there, especially very little to rebalance. We pretty much need to delete the old monster events and replace with the CBS ones. It's common events heavy. Soon as that's all done, we'll re-release Episode 1.

Which did you like better, the comedic stuff or the main story?