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[RMMV] Possibly better way to go from MV to Android devices

Also, warn people that Android Studio is 1.9gb. It's no real problem for me (I download about 5gb of stuff every day) but RM is a community that doesn't like big downloads.

Oh, good point about adding in the size.. Android Studio itself is gonna be big and that's before you gotta get the needed SDKs, Play Libraries, and build tools to even compile the thing (which can be got thru Android Studio anyways, which will complain and ask you to install them too)

>but hey, we're in 'advanced mode' at this point

I'm done building a simple test game. I'm just downloading your required software now and looking over your guide. I'll be a good example for you on if an average joe can figure it out. I don't know jack crap about coding or whatever, but I don't think I'm an idiot either. I've never bricked a game console if that's any assurance.

Hehe, I suppose so. You're only going to be able to do the 'Things To Change If You Just Want An APK' part as the google play stuff is going to require you to sign yourself up as a Play Store dev (which also costs ~$20 USD) unless you wanna figure out the OBB stuff :p

[RMMV] Possibly better way to go from MV to Android devices

You shouldn't need a root, but you might need to enable dev options on the phone

I should add that as a req to the util since dev mode is pretty much required in conjunction with Android Studio

[RMMV] Possibly better way to go from MV to Android devices

Awesome. Bookmarked for when I have more content.

If you'd be willing, do you think you could take a small chunk (or just a blank MV project) and give it a go? At this point I just need to see if it works for other people, if even just at the 'just give me an APK' level

[RMMV] Possibly better way to go from MV to Android devices

This is pretty awesome. The only games I play on my phone are Panzer Waltz and a bunch of jRPGs but I have tried some of the horror adventure games and had to stop because they usually abuse microtransactions (want to save your game? Buy this item, $0.50 per save!). So I wanted to make one of my builds of Resolem for android to show that you don't need to be dickish when on the platform.

Wellp, the util's up so you can give it a try when you get around to it

[RMMV] Possibly better way to go from MV to Android devices

If this actually works I'll be so stoked. Like, being able to do this was supposed to be the selling point of RPG Maker MV, and then it turned out Enterbrain was lying through their teeth and the engine just couldn't do it. And now we can do it anyway! Fuck them!

I don't think they were necessarily lying, but had to make a heavy trade between ease-of-use and features. It's so much easier to follow their guide on how to get an APK than it is to follow what I've done to be able to get the features.

The engine can definitely handle it, it's just HTML5 wrapped differently depending on the platform and I can see them not wanting to then have to support issues relating to, say, Google Play not liking their game or having to go through the entire Play Store process 'cause people will bug Enterbrain about it even though it's not their problem (and you can only say "Go look at <GOOGLE LINK> and follow their instructions" so much before you make an often ignored sticky)

But hey, at least I've now made the choice available :p

Anyways, once the utility gets looked at and/or accepted, I'll see if any bugs end up popping up with the program and, if not, figure out where saves go on Android so I can figure out Cloud Saving

[RMMV] Possibly better way to go from MV to Android devices

At this point in time the entire thing should work, Google Play and achievements included. I'll put together a real basic "what to change" doc as the rpg_managers.js script needs to be changed in 2 or 3 spots if you want to use APK Expansion files and some of the strings/ids need replacing if you're gonna use Google Play. Beyond that it's pretty much "change the package name" and then resync the gradle project and you're ready to Android

I'll try to get it done tomorrow and figure out what to put it up as (Utility for MV, maybe?)

Either way, current release appended to OP if anyone wants an early poke

EDIT: Utility has been posted for review

[RMMV] Possibly better way to go from MV to Android devices

If I can get the dang thing to work (messing with the Google Play API atm because it broke for no reason now, got the thing to stop crashing in the VM) then I'll see about getting the project submitted to the site as maybe resource or something with some (probably sparse) documentation

[RMMV] Possibly better way to go from MV to Android devices

Here's the github if anyone wants to take a look: https://github.com/tehguy/RPGMV-To-Android

Still have yet to write up instructions on what needs to be changed for Your Personal Sprite Rips Game(TM) but it should still be able to be run (may get some Google Play sign in errors if you dont get that set up, but you should still be fine; currently trying to make it easier to not use that if you dont want it)

Just do what the readme in the 'assets' folder says and you should be able to package an APK/test on your device right then and there. I can't remember which API SDKs you need atm, so let Android Studio complain your missing some and let it download them as they pop up

>oh yeah, you're gonna want Android Studio to compile this. It's what this is developed in and it's made for Android dev so why not; if you get it working in other IDEs then more power to you but I can't help ya with IDE specific setup at that point if things go wrong :p

EDIT: just be warned, git's gonna be in a volatile state until it's done so stuff may just stop working at some point

[RMMV] Possibly better way to go from MV to Android devices

So a bit of a heads up for those using MV and possibly thinking about porting to Android: I'm close to finishing a little project that should make it real easy to take your MV game and put it on android while being able to make use of Google Play Games stuff like achievements and leaderboards as well as APK Expansion files since places like the Google Play Store only allow the main APK to be 100mb in size, IIRC.

I know I've said I was doing this a couple of years ago, but I finally got around to cleaning it up so I know exactly what you, the end user, would need to change to make it yours essentially (app name, icon, package location, etc). The first iteration was so flipping horrendous since I had no idea what to really do and was a mishmash of things that shouldn't have been included or used making things more complicated to deal with

I'm currently testing it out and it works fine on my personal devices, but apparently chokes on others as far as my VM tests go so that's all that really needs cleaning up. I'll probably end up uploading the project source before long and sticking a link both on the discord and on RMN just to see where it works and where it doesn't just in case my VMs are lying to me

Upside is that this shouldn't require some complicated steps just to get a pretty neutered Android app that you can't stick on the Play Store 'cause it's too big and, with the project as it is, possibly adding other things like Facebook account integration should be easier in the long run if someone's so inclined to do so

TL;DR I'm finally close to putting out the thing I said I was doing, like, 2 years ago and I'm happy


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