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Oh, this page still exists. Thought it got cancelled.


Her face and hair style actually looks alot like Tohka's from Date A Live.

Er, I mean, good art!


This looks awesome, dude! Keep up the good work~!

Graceless Reminiscence Review

Ah, sweet! A 4/5 for my first review. I was expecting a familiar and average like a 3.5/5, but to score a 4/5 just tells my game it's good. Even the title says so, haha. Wait, what? I thought my game was in page 10 of Buzzing Games... I even laughed about that one. Suddenly, it's on the first page! I guess reviews do save lives... games. *laughs* Anyway, enough of that. I'll speak about the criticism, as well.

Yeah, curse my grammar and spelling can go wrong hardcore. Shame on me for not double-checking because of my excitement. I do think that makes sense that the chosen battle music is a bit hectic, going from a song of despair to j-rock. I'll consider it when I edit the demo and re-release it. I'm glad that you found the soundtrack to be well chosen~! I did my best to try and capture what the harsh reality of war is like, and not some fake soldiers fighting and simply winning and then saving the world and end of game. I want it to go dark, with meaning.

The battles are fun?! Wow, that's a first LOL. And yeah, often that tends to be the problem in-game. I feel as if my balancing is correctly done but it tends to be the enemies that are often tough with their skills. I'll definitely go with the enemies being easier, giving them more variety and possibly removing the "reawakening" option. I actually just didn't want the player to simply have to moan and complain and go back, having to start this and that all over. But, I do have the save anywhere option, so that will come in handy throughout further development in the game. Thanks for that criticism, I was pretty worried about it haha. Often people died in the playthroughs or streams of the game, and that worried me a bit. Glad you shed light on it!

Also, yeah, I agree that the mapping is linear. Trust me, I suck at mapping. Not a day I can go without making a bad map LOL. And more to review on future episodes, eh? I'm ready for it. XD

Ahhhh, yeah please excuse my horrible writing sometimes haha! I've been told that some lines don't read well in certain scenes within the game. And yeah, you described it perfectly! Leiza is finding her inner courage, and Lyron is separating from his emotions an--- yeah let's just call it character development, shall we lol?

I'll definitely fix up all the criticism so people can enjoy the prologue of the game even more. I'm glad the writing does a solid job of characterization! I felt as if I did a bad job on some of them, due to my low self-esteem, but it turns out that it was pretty good. I wanna hear what others have to say for the characterization. Some people actually tend to tell me that the game is too long or the characters talk too much or even that the character development makes no sense because they don't care for anyone in the war. I mean... really? Then again, this is story-based, not gameplay-based. That's just my opinion though, I don't want to spark up any arguments lol.

(Lol, I love that little part you left out with Libra.)

I'm glad you got emotionally attached to most of the characters! I did what I could to make them all likable, if not, lovable, or a love/hate character. I mostly love how I made Lyron. Though he IS mature, he isn't crazy and yells at everyone for no reason like Lightning COUGH COUGH loljk, and that he tends to actually have quite a fair sense of what is right and wrong, and criticizes those with weak wills (Leiza) for a good reason. Glad the battle system didn't interfere with your enjoyment.

Thanks once again for the review, Elder71! I hope more reviews are to come in. :)

A quick question of mine; is the spotlight development part of the main RMN page changed every week with a new game on spotlight, or every 2/3 weeks or a month?

Ah, alrighty. Thanks.

LP - Graceless Reminisce - Will of Rebellion [Prologue] by roleplayinggamer.tv

Ah, nah it's not as irritating lol. I just tend to forget the thoughts of the players when it comes to pronouncing. I tend to think that the player will have the same mind as me. Hah, I wish I had the budget of voice acting as well, but I'll have to go with this.

Thanks again, and one day I hope to get development spotlight or possibly even featured game. I've got a looong way ahead of me, haha.

My drawing muse is back.

Whoah-ho! That drawing is surely badass! Give me some art lessons, will you? ^^

LP - Graceless Reminisce - Will of Rebellion [Prologue] by roleplayinggamer.tv

Ah, it finally went up~! It feels pretty awesome having a Let's Play of my own game. Ah, crap, I forgot to disable the saving anywhere option. So you can see that sexy save screen ^_^ A few things though (and I should often point this out in my blogs) for the pronunciations:

-Zorine is pronounced Zoh-Rain
-Zeleina is pronounced Za-lay-nah
-Xetha is pronounced Ze-thah
-Lyron is pronounced Lee-ron, Lie-ron works too of course :P
-Leiza is pronounced Lee-za
-Yevan is of course pronounced Yee-vahn

I noticed some of the items were actually hard to pronounce for players as well.
-Libostier is pronounced Lie-bow-steer

Also, you seem confused about the last bit. To explain it, basically Lyron was at the hands of the Empress killed at the end, and the Xetha Military have utterly failed in their invasion against the Zoraine Empire. The rest of the game isn't out yet, sadly ahaha. Though, and I should often point this one out as well, this game is an episodic game. I feel as if it's best to do this since my story is actually a bit more complicated and longer than most other stories.

Thanks for LP'ing the game once again! :)

When someone submits media to your game's RMN/CSS profile, is it you that has to approve of the media, or the admins of RMN?

Ahhh, alright. Thanks.