Let's work on your game descriptions!

Jon's totally a dude, just a gender confused dude. so "He"
However, will the female, take over?

Ugh. I'll rework it making some notes and stuff and writing stuff.


a noble goal;
One day, impress Marrend with a solid game description.

What are you jamming to?

What do you say guys? You could just hang outside in the sun all day tossing a ball around.

Or you could sit at your computer and do something that matters.

What are you thinking about right now?

I will be looking out for your forum game pianotm.
Sorry to hear your not doing the best, but I'm glad your still around.

I've been thinking a lot about people claiming they want to kill you, or at least hinting at it.

Idk, I imagine ill get plenty of that... I think it's some what common to threaten people like that online? Perhaps the reaction is enjoyable, maybe they totally do want to for what ever reason and are just expressing it........

Maybe they have had hundreds of people say this to them, and so they enjoy partaking in the threatening too.

[Game Over] Cheesecake Mafia

Blooooooooooooooddddddd, covered cheese cake.

Sign me in.

Xoe's Arterific Art Place

I enjoy feedback, even 'negative' feedback.
Feedback does not always need to be positive.

@iddalai: I'll make some more twas fun.

I'm working on a number of images at once... The ideas is to finish all of them.
This one needs some more work, just like the rest.
I can see some weird things going on now that I took a break.

It is a corrupted 'Jon Will Navidson'

Just Do It! - Anti-Procrastination Initiative


Review one game.
Open RPGmaker, write 80 lines of events a day.
I can't not, not write events on a day.
I must do at least 80 lines a day...

WIN SOME // LOSE SOME - What game did you think would suck was actually awesome, and vice versa?

Recently started playing some World of Warcraft
I find it to be relaxing, the games so easy I don't have to really think at all.
Just grind, or quest.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

I started playing some World of Warcraft... Been about 10 years...

A lot has changed, I enjoy the massive world.
I enjoy how simple the game is too. It's relaxing.
I look forward to PVPing, or reaching the endgame. (never have)

I have a Goblin Shaman and a Gnome Shadow Priest.

What are you thinking about right now?

That sounds awful pianoTM I hope your able to cope with it.
How are you doing now that you are back home?

@Kloe: Hello hello :)
@Mirak: I believe I will get better.
Being reassured helps a lot actually...
@InfectionFiles: The meds I'm on seem to give me insomia.
I have only slept 3-6 hours a night lately. I think some naps are in order.

I take what RMNers say, a little to seriously....

Hi Everyone!

Welcome back! Have fun and work on your game :)