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World War Zero:
A transfer student finds themselves, in an imaginary war between three of there classmates at Shinjiku Highschool.
Cool 'Proxy Pattern Sunglasses' are mandatory in this highschool, of the damned.

v.0.4.3 - Progress Report 6


Let's Write... Fanfiction!

@Hexatona hahahahhaha!!!! XDDD

I've never written anything NSFL before.
What do you think of what I made? I need feedback... Did I even do it from the right perspective?
The goal was to write the worst fanfiction in RMN's history.

My hopes are there is someone out there, that can appreciate that.

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from: xxxsentana421@owls.ni

Log 196 - Oct 20XX

I'm not a pushover...I am not a hero either. Somehow, I have always managed to feel like I've just barely. Gotten by.
Under the command of Lash, Black Hole destroyed our entire army, grinded this city and it's inhabitance into the dust of the universe.
And here I am, all alone in a dark alley, with a razor blade, a wet laptop, and a shoddy internet connection...

I am trying to hide. Wish me luck.

I sent the email. It was very possible they would not hear from me again. With out much food, and without any internet connection.
I had been up for a week straight, hard to sleep when your completely wired.
Not the mention Black Hole had conquered this city, and with orders to kill everyone and anyone inside. I couldn't help but feel doomed.
I lit up a glass pipe and inhaled, I had a lot more then I was ever going to be able to finish.

It was pure fucking luck that I found all of this when I did.
I've never binged before... But an army has never destroyed my entire city before, either.
My tolerance was so high at this point that it was hard to tell if it was even affecting me anymore.

None the less, my eyes were open.

"Hey dude mang, you think there's any bitches around here?"

I didn't think my head could of hurt any more then it already did. I was wrong.
When I realized there was no where to run, an endless cascade of anxiety ensued.
I had three Black Hole soldiers looking at me. I looked around anxiously. But, there was no where to go.
I laughed.

"Well. You sure would hope so. Oh my! Hey look at that beauty right there, and with a laptop?" Said one soldier on the right.
"AWWW yisssssss a hot chick and a laptop?!?! FUCK YEEEEE!!!" Said another on the left.
"What, should we do Mr.Sargent?"
"Lash, ordered us to leave no civilians behind... So I guess we kill her?" Said the one in the middle.
The three soldiers noded at each other.

"Hey, let's have some fun with this bitch!!!"
"U-ghh... Okay!" The solider on the left stepped forward and pointed directly at me, with an unbreakable confidence.
"H-Hey slut! Ya you! Y-you looking for a good time!?"

My eyes lit, "STAY BACK!!!!" I shrieked. "Don't fucking come, any closer to me!!!"
I took out the razor blade and held it in front of me. I imagined a world where I survived this.

"OhhhH!!!! YOU WANA FIGHT HUH!!!????" One soldier started punching the air and performing random uncoordinated kicking movements.
"Yeah! You show that bitch Loch! Show them what your made of!"
The soldier pulled out a combat knife and began performing a series of graceful knife movements. Before rushing at me, screaming insanity.

I had never been in a fight before. And here I was, with three soliders that I did not know.
It must of been a game. I thought. It would be a shame to die on my first fight...
The soldier stopped near me and started fucking around with the knife, threatening me with it.
Just so I could laugh at myself I said.
"You know... You could say practically anything to this dumb bitch right now, and still managed to turn her on."

The words managed to stun the soldier, somehow. I wasn't sure what to make of it.
But I slashed at there hand holding the knife.
The razor blade seemed to do nothing though against there combat armor, and it broke. The soldier looked disoriented however.

"Wow! We really hit the jackpot here! Loch's stunned by the bitches beauty?" Commented one of the soldiers squad mates.
"It's time for the good old ZigiZag!" Said the other running to Loch's aid.
There fist connected with my face so hard that nothing but black stars burst across my vision.
None the less I was so coked up on speed that the pain seemed virtually irrelevant to my mind.

I tried pushing the soldier away that had just punched me. But they were to big.
There hands were firmly grasping my arms now, and as hard as I tried to resist, it was futile.
"Hey you okay Loch?" Asked the solider they referred to as Sargent.
"Oh don't worry about me Mr... Minds just playing some swanky tricks on me."
The soldier restraining my arms kneed me in the stomach with the the force of a train.
My body felt like a wet towel, going limp in there grasp. My mind was frantically looking for a way out.

"W-whoa, check out this bitches eyes." The soldiers studied my eyes.
"It appears she's absolutely coked out on something..." Another one began studying the contents on my purse.
"Wow..I have found some strange magical crystals, friends. This bitch truly is just a disgusting whore."
"W-wh-wee-hel-hell I know how to treat disgusting fucking whores like this" Said another pulling down there combat pants.

I could not tell if this was all just a horrible nightmare, joke, or not, but I wanted to cry either way.
There dick was... quite a nice size though... And it had been a very long time since I sucked a nice dick...
Let alone three... Was sort of a fantasy of mine. Not like this, though.
I tried to simply focus my mind on there dick.

"Wh-whoa Loch what the fuck are you doing?!?!? Are you fucking stupid?" One of the soldiers remarked.
The soldier seemed to be smoking some of the drugs they found in my purse.
"Wh-Wh-whaattttttt WHhahwhwhwa WHAfdFUC whoaaaaaaaaaaa." The soldier began gushing out in euphoria. "Hahaahaahahahah ahHahahah haahahahahahhaha." They began laughing uncontrollably.


The soldier began dancing around exactly like one would imagine a lunatic would.
"I';M FUCKIBNG SO RERADDDDDDDDDDYYYYYYYYYYYY" There combat clothes basically melted off there body and before I knew it my skirt was ripped off.
I found myself being sulfurously fucked now, by an absolutely insane soldier.
The soldier with there dick in my mouth explained to the third. "Hey Sargent do not worry, your turn is next."
The other was losing it, yelling incomprehensible gibberish...
There hot cum filled me up all the way. Never had I felt so much inside of me. They were not stopping though...

"Ughh-ughhhh" The other cam inside my mouth. There cum tasted really good.
"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FCUUUUUKKKKKKKKKK" The other came inside me some more.
I could not believe how much cum they both had inside them. I guess soldiers ten to come with some sexual frustration...

"OoOoohhhhh" They both collapsed backwards onto the pavement. The soldier who had cam in my mouth panted heavily.
"S-sargent, it's your turn now..."

The Sargent nodded and removed there pants, there dick was just as big as the other two soldiers.
This, time they decided to go for my ass. I felt to weak to make any kind of noise though. My mind was a indescribable mess of thoughts.

Sargent did not reply, they were to focused on there sexual release.
"Ahhh fuck, this feels so good Xoe."

I could not describe, how awkward I felt hearing those words. My suspicions had practically been proven to be true. Forum goers, were raping me? What the fuck?
The person I had just emailed, was raping me. What, are the odds? 0.000000000000000000000001%?

I did not know what to say. My mind slushed around with the movement of there thrusting. Trying to find the words...

"ahhhhhhh fuck I'm going to cum." I could not help but feel, anticipation...
And sure enough they did. And sure enough it was a lot.
I, was still looking for the right words... They suddenly flashed on the plasma screens inside my minds eye.

"Life is an RPGMAKER game..."

The soldiers froze. It appeared they might know who I was, now.
"Wouldn't your wifes be... dissatisfied with your behavior?" I chuckled.
"None the less... It was fun..." I said listlessly.

Tears filled my voided black eyes, the oily black abyss covered every part of my being.

I looked up at the moon.
I imagined a world where I had feelings.
A world filled with imaginary hugs and kisses.

Was is here? Was it there?
Was it no where?


Is there some kind of store for these works of art that i've missed?

Let's Write... Fanfiction!

Well if you like the sound of that Kloe then nothing to be sorry about!!

What are you thinking about right now?

Build a couple carbon filters. Attach a fans to them to filter air though them. The carbon filters will filter the nasty smells.


Yup it's going to be a work room. Havnt had one in 4 years o_o

Let's Write... Fanfiction!

Well, that was quite fun Hexatona. I really appreciate how you discribe the situation in such wonderful 1080p detail. I love how a thousand years old demon just fucked a 12 year old? Ughmhyyq...?

Anyways Hexatona sets the high standards on FanFictionon.

I challenge myself to write a very disturbing, NSFL x 10 FanFiction. Not exactly sure which characters to use I'm sure it will come to me... Def NSFL though.

Sorry kloe...

Write one paragraph of really bad erotic fanfiction about the person above you and a video game character

"Tee hee hee! Your driving me nuts Hexatona! Come oooooon let's have some fun~!" Hexatona was a little nervous, a commanding officer... and a faceless soldier? He wasn't going to question it.

"Awwhahaha yisss, let's do this bitch"
Lash bent over her desk of notes.

"Do you see that Hexatona? It's the pinnacle of Black Hole technology!!" Hexatona saw.
"Ohhh oh God. Oooohhh fuck me ohh fuck ohhh fuck. Oh hhhhhahhhhaaauugh FUCK HEXATONA HOKY FUCK AAAHHHHHHH OH GOD"

Hexatona tottaly wrecked that bitch.

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