What's your favorite Video Game song(s)?

never been able to put this into words.
i picture someone floating in space, alone.
helplessly watching the world end.
tears float inside there helmet.

this one's battle music.

this ones. cornerias theme.

Frogge's Maps Workshop

Oh good lord Frogge. L-look at that beautiful lighting, obscuring the equally exquisite map.

Maps Weekly!

You make Japan look easy Frogge.

Xoe's Arterific Art Place

trying to make something 'abstract'
if you squint your eyes reeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hard.
it's, possible to see a bona fide star.

Your favorite cellphone games

Some really cool games here!!! um.

Is there any, turn based multiplayer games on android that you are aware of???
Nothing real time...
I mean I doubt it but

What are you thinking about right now?

baseline eugrégorique coolant systems.
the mass negativity fusion core driver.
superluminal telecommunications relays.
quintuple proxy pattern sunglasses.

slippy, what else are you going to come up with?

What are you thinking about right now?

whoa you circuit bent the circuit Mirak.
recreational drugs are the true final boss.

in 1080p

RMN Tagline Thread

Anything with less than 8 limbs is considered disabled here.

Write one paragraph of really bad erotic fanfiction about the person above you and a video game character

(Hexatona: Masterfully written)

Intrigued by Cap_H's skill with the Nunchucks, Ancient Exile approached the warrior at the bar. "Sir, I have never seen someone wield Nunchucks quite like you do. It is intoxicating." She said twirling her hair in-between her fingers.
Cap_H smiled. "Thank you kind lady! Well, I do have a Doctorate in Nunchaku, mind you." A Doctorate?!

Ancient Exile knew where she was spending the night.

What's your catchphrase?