What are you thinking about right now?


It's odd how after awhile you become so used to an awful smell, that you loose awareness of it.

I've been there a couple times. . .

Currently I'm constructing a room for myself. Breaking the mold by putting a bunch of things and imagery all over it >_> Plan is to keep it organized.


Welcome to RMN Pancaek! Your game Time Whisper sounds interesting too! Also cool avatar!!

ugh anyways enjoy your stay :D

Delve into the Dungeon: RMN Plays!

Xoe the Leper.

RMNverse Arcade

Players can ingest chemicals to buff up

What are you thinking about right now?


Requests are closed. I'll reopen again soon.

Why aren't you fuckers in IRC?

Why arnt I on IRC? idk is that safe :X then again is rmn safe?

i assume people use IRC because it's what they grew up on

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Is there a way to have both A and B?

Of course the camera must move in for more intimate things. As should it move out when there's things too see. I think by default it would be B.

Just Do It! - Anti-Procrastination Initiative

Review 2 games on rmn.

What are you thinking about right now?

Wait, Gorillaz are people now? What ever happened to "The first virtual band OMG!!!"? Even their first "concert" was just a giant screen, wasn't it? ...I never liked their music that much so after their first CD I never bothered to check back on them.

My fan theory is Jamie (the artist) had gotten tired of doing endless heroine with his buddy Damon (the musical genius)

Or Jamie just wanted to go do other things.