At Last Alone: Canyon of...
A mad summoner is on the loose! Journey to stop him in this dark JRPG.



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A way to think systematically about Zelda dungeons. Although, I think you could apply it to lots of different kinds of dungeons seen in classic rpgs:

Backing up your project

Has anyone moved their working folder to a dropbox folder on their computer - so it gets backed up on the cloud?

Villians: how do you make them unique?

I think all the above stuff is great.
This conversation reminded me of this recent video. Yes, it's about a movie. But I think the same lessons apply - many of which have already been mentioned:

New Developer Mapping Help Thread

Here are just a few suggestions:
Map 1: 1) The fence doesn't have a left side... which maybe was by design, but if you made a fence to keep out animals (from your garden), you'd need a fence on each side. 2) There's something going on with the middle layer of the roof - you see how it's a different color, almost like light is hitting it? It should be the darker color that the top and bottom layer of the roof should be. 3) The windows with the flowerbeds need the top half added; right now, they are half a window.
Map 2: 1) The picture of the wagon(?) should be deleted. All of your walls should have a tile at the top that represents the top of the wall - and vice versa. Right now, the painting is on the top of the wall. 2) The two wall tops on the left of the map need walls - going into the bathroom and going into the hat room.
Map 3: 1) Same thing with the flowerbox windows - you need the top half added. 2) Some people might find the roof of the building a little weird. I think it's good enough for the tileset you have, though. 3) The grass is a little boring, so you may want to add a few grass poofs around or a dirt trail up to the door.
Map 4: This map is okay to me... but you should be careful about all of your maps as to how many tiles high your walls will be. In map #2, your wall was one tile high. Here, the wall is 3 tiles high. And that can be fine, if this is a taller building. But just be careful. 1) In your text, you may want to add commas before your pronouns. For example, correct English dictates that this should be "Move out the way, kids!" And, in map 1, "What are you doing, kiddos?"
Map 5: 1) There is a conflict between your walls and your steps. Either the steps should go one tile lower than where they are, or the walls should go one tile higher. I would move the steps one tile down. 2) There are a few other funky things in this map, but I don't think they're terrible. For example, the piano pushed up next to the books is kinda weird... how will people reach the books behind the piano? :D

Good luck!

HarmonQuest - who's watching it?

I'm glad other people are having as much fun with it as I did!
Episode 1

Subsequent episodes tend to populate on the right side. As mentioned above, sketchy uploads are all on youtube. But it's really just a matter of time before they're ripped down, I would think.

HarmonQuest - who's watching it?

I'm up through episode 7 and the guest stars in Ep6 and Ep7 were actually pretty good. So I may have to take back a tiny bit of my criticism.

What do you do for a living?

I'm a cultural anthropologist for a small consulting company. I used to do a lot of work with Native American tribes, researching traditional cultural properties. But now I'm doing more work on commercial fishing and how small communities are affected by changes in the environment. It's a great career - but very niche.

HarmonQuest - who's watching it?

Is anyone watching HarmonQuest? It's about 3 people (and a guest star, so 4) people playing D&D and they've animated their adventure. Dan Harmon, who created Rick and Morty and Community, is one of the guys. And then there's a guest star that comes on for each episode.
As someone more drawn to fantasy rpgs (playing them and making them), I'm finding their adventure really entertaining. The animation is cute enough, but the dialogue and tropes they deal with are really well done. Their guest stars, so far, have kinda stunk though - that's the only complaint.
Anyway, it's on Seeso - but I doubt anyone has that rando service. They're all on youtube though.


Whoa, you made it to Kotaku! Nice jorb!

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A discussion of armor, including the dreaded "Boob Armor":
Gamasutra link