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A mad summoner is on the loose! Journey to stop him in this dark JRPG.



[RMVX ACE] Battle QTE System and Lockpicking event conflict

Hey all!
I am currently using a Battle QTE Event script (details here) and I like it okay. Mostly, it's compliant with Battle Symphony, so I'm using it.
But I've been trying to get a lockpicking event/minigame set up (like skyrim). Someone made one for MV and it's pretty cool, so I reached out to him and he gave me the details to move it over to VXAce (check it out here). I was able to get it to work without the Battle QTE Event script, but when I add in the script, it breaks. I actually think it's not the QTE script itself, but the FyxInput script that it needs. And by "break" I mean that the graphic shows up, but pushing left and right on the keyboard does not rotate the lockpick like it should.

Can anyone help me? FyxInput is very complex and I don't quite understand how it could be affecting things. I've made a demo in VXAce to help. Download the zip.


I ended up getting help with this on another forum. If someone has a similar problem, you may want to check out this.

[Poll] Girl Guide Cookies, Which Is Your Favorite: Chocolate, Vanilla Or Mint?

What's a Girl Scout?

I've heard that most non-US countries have combined their girl scouts and boy scouts into one organization. Here in the US, we still keep them separate.

[Poll] Girl Guide Cookies, Which Is Your Favorite: Chocolate, Vanilla Or Mint?

Get the smore cookies! Soooo good.


Just make a youtube account. If you're worried about trolls, you can turn comments off and make it link-only. And then you can post the link here and everything will be cool.

Collective nouns for RPG monsters?

I was writing some dialogue and I hit a quandary: What are the collective nouns for some common RPG monsters?

I found this, which is helpful.

But I need a collective noun for slimes! The closest I could find was a for slugs - "a phlegm of slugs" or "a cornucopia of slugs."

What should a collective noun for slimes be?

One Small Favor

Oh no! Cancelled!
Good luck with your next thing!

Character Introductions: Felise

Marketing opportunity: plushie Dizzy! Take my money!

At Last Alone: Rescue at Moranthia

OMG ! I can't believe this is your first RPG ! Just WOW !
This was an enjoyable RPG with a very good story , art and characters .
Took about 2 hours play ==> Maybe I stalled a little , kinda slow XDD
I really really really hope that you consider working on this game and making more chapters .

OH first , the game crashed after beating the woman boss ( I don't remember her name XDD ) for the second time , the game just closed . When I try to open my saved files the game closes again . It is really frustrating ..
Never mind , after closing the PC and opening it I can open my saved files and I could finish the game ,too.

Any way the story itself is really good based on a good background ( base ) , that it could be helpful if you consider making it a longer game . It seems to have more deep and events to it and I want to know more about this world , about the royal family and their powers and of course more about the heroes and their back story , especially Cal & Georgie . OMG! That wolf is just too cute ( I WANT ONE )

Let me talk about those Lovely characters that you created ( like I am in love with them )
Cal : She is a really good and caring leader ( A BEAUTIFUL WHITE HAIR GIRL WITH A SWORD AND A WOLF ... WHO WOULDN'T LIKE IT ? ) I suppose she has a tragic past that has something to do with the royal family or something like that . But , a heart warming story about how she met Georgie .
Georgie : Ah ,My lovely girl! how cute! I'd love to hear her voice sometime . No doubt that she is a very loyal friend and a good fighter . Maybe you can make her notice a hidden door like she noticed the guard .
Garrard : He is like the best to lighten up the mood with some jokes or comments . I thought he had a crush on Cal at first but I guess not . I think he could be a Womanizer ( I don't mind it at all XDD ) But , I really ship him with Samarah .
Samarah : At first she was all shy and quite , but as soon as she got to know Cal , Georgie & Garrard she became more talkative .

About the combat , It would be cool to see more mini bosses ( with unique character and maybe a backstory to some of them ) rather than two or three normal enemies together .

Sorry for the long reply , I had fun beating the game .
will their be a sequel ?

Thanks so much for playing my game!! I'm glad you liked it so much! Sorry about the game crashing... That's the first I've heard of it, but there was an issue with the script that comes on after that battle (particle effect things... ugh!).

I'm glad you beat it! :D

For a few of your comments:
1) Thanks for all the compliments on the characters - I'm in love with them too. I found the art for Cal and absolutely fell in love.
2) Yes, there is a ship was Sammie. I'm glad you picked up on that.
3) Gary is a womanizer and does have a history with Cal.
4) There will be a sequel - it digs into the history of Cal, the world, the royal family - all of it!
5) Georgie does get a "voice" of sorts in the sequel. It all makes sense in the world and I'm excited about it.

Not to pester for a subscribe, but if you subscribe here I'll make an announcement when the sequel is made. Also, you can follow my dev blog on instagram @djbeardo206.

Thanks again for playing my game! :D This made me so happy!

New Developer Mapping Help Thread

The cracks in the brown wall are cool, but some are open darkness and some show more brick underneath. I think it should be one or the other: either they are big holes or the brown bricks are over smaller gray bricks.

And Liberty's note on the wall height - that's a big one.

Aside from that, it's a pretty solid map.

Quick Qestion About Music

The DLC album called "Retrospective" by JDB Artist may help. It's 8-bit sounding, so not as full and rich as Earthbound 3. But kinda close?