At Last Alone: Canyon of...
A mad summoner is on the loose! Journey to stop him in this dark JRPG.



[RMVX ACE] Need a play tester for my IGMC game...

Hi! I need a playtester for my IGMC game. Just someone to find any gamebreaking bugs, stupid passability errors, broken enemies/skills/abilities, and typos/crimes against grammar.

My game page hasn't been approved yet, but I think it's in pretty good shape. It's already been tested once at a IRL game circle, but for only 20 minutes.

It's a tactics game made in VXACE, which is kinda unique.

Since it's for the IGMC contest, time is of the essence... I can PM you a link to a download.

[RMVX ACE] Looking for face generators and sprite generators

Yeah, the avatar generator may not work for lots of characters...
As for the sprites: No, they are taller. So you'd have to use doors that are 2 tiles high. But aside from that, they mesh pretty well.

[RMVX ACE] Looking for face generators and sprite generators

I always thought that this anime avatar creator site could generate some good busts and faces. You'd have to screengrab the end result and maybe photoshop out the background, etc. But it could be done:

You may be able to find other kinds of things by googling "avatar generator" or "anime generator" etc.

And this is my sprite generator of choice:

Pirate Rush

Oh no! What happened? You moving on to something else?

Spiffing up my map

Agreed - the last shed you have can get cut in half.

[RMVX ACE] Custom battle transition help?

[RMVX ACE] Battle QTE System and Lockpicking event conflict

Hey all!
I am currently using a Battle QTE Event script (details here) and I like it okay. Mostly, it's compliant with Battle Symphony, so I'm using it.
But I've been trying to get a lockpicking event/minigame set up (like skyrim). Someone made one for MV and it's pretty cool, so I reached out to him and he gave me the details to move it over to VXAce (check it out here). I was able to get it to work without the Battle QTE Event script, but when I add in the script, it breaks. I actually think it's not the QTE script itself, but the FyxInput script that it needs. And by "break" I mean that the graphic shows up, but pushing left and right on the keyboard does not rotate the lockpick like it should.

Can anyone help me? FyxInput is very complex and I don't quite understand how it could be affecting things. I've made a demo in VXAce to help. Download the zip.


I ended up getting help with this on another forum. If someone has a similar problem, you may want to check out this.

[Poll] Girl Guide Cookies, Which Is Your Favorite: Chocolate, Vanilla Or Mint?

What's a Girl Scout?

I've heard that most non-US countries have combined their girl scouts and boy scouts into one organization. Here in the US, we still keep them separate.

[Poll] Girl Guide Cookies, Which Is Your Favorite: Chocolate, Vanilla Or Mint?

Get the smore cookies! Soooo good.


Just make a youtube account. If you're worried about trolls, you can turn comments off and make it link-only. And then you can post the link here and everything will be cool.