At Last Alone: Canyon of...
A mad summoner is on the loose! Journey to stop him in this dark JRPG.



[RMVX ACE] How can I round up/down variables?

Can you add another decimal place so that your variables are 10s instead of 1s? Then 15 = off and 16 = on?

Rebellion Title Screen

Redwall: I didn't know your font, but considering it's about robots, I gave it a futuristic font.
It also has a blue robot. Hopefully Mirak can get you something better soon. But until then:

Killer Gin 0.9.9 (!!! Kickstarter !!! Edition) (Can also Play Online)

Do you ever feel like this game has too many features? Gilding the lily?

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

I'm using a conversation bust script and I realized that two of my characters have eyepatches. So when they talk to each other, one has to stay on the left and one has to stay on the right - otherwise the eyepatch jumps from the left eye to the right eye as their bust graphics are mirrored.

And then, in every subsequent scene conversation, they have to be on their "correct" side, otherwise their sprite looks dumb.

Do'h! Time to find some characters with both of their eyes! These non-symmetrical characters are limiting me!

Share Game Design Articles Here!

An article about boss design, including particular pacing "beats" that a boss battle should include to feel epic:

Boss Battle Design and Structure

[RMVX ACE] Low fps/lag

I was having the same problem as you, I think. I had a pretty big map (100x150 or so), with a lot of decorative events, a few parallel processes, and some NPCs milling about. As soon as I went into the map, my computer went into a full crawl. And I have a fine rig - it wasn't the PC.

I tried a few of the free anti lag scripts and every single one of them was a bust. Either they didn't work with my other scripts, messed up some of the parallel processes, or plain didn't solve my lag issue. And then I sprung for Effectus.

Holy carp. Amazing. Put it in my script library and it solved EVERYTHING. The notes in the script are helpful and well-written, the script works as advertised, and plays well with every other script I have running. If you're on the fence and you have the cash to spare, I'd say go for it. Highly recommended.

Formatting Dialog Outside the Editor

I highlight and copy everything at indent level 1, start a text box in RM, check Batch Entry, then paste the entire contents of the cutscene into the box:

This is impressive!
Granted, this isn't a OneNote forum... but... how do you highlight and copy everything at indent level 1? When I try to highlight, it just grabs everything.

Also, when you do a batch entry, do you have to include 4 lines of text for each batch for it to work? Do you do a carriage return at the end of each line of text for it to fit, or does the word wrap that occurs in OneNote carry on to RM without extra formatting?

Black Winter Review

Wait. Vagina Monster? How is this explained in the story?


Wow! Very cool!!
I really like the filter you used on the background.

[Design] Reward Design and Ideas

I think if you put a few stacks of cash on the desk, then it would work for post-spa/ladies.

Is there a way to put him on a yacht?