At Last Alone: Canyon of...
A mad summoner is on the loose! Journey to stop him in this dark JRPG.



Formatting Dialog Outside the Editor

I highlight and copy everything at indent level 1, start a text box in RM, check Batch Entry, then paste the entire contents of the cutscene into the box:

This is impressive!
Granted, this isn't a OneNote forum... but... how do you highlight and copy everything at indent level 1? When I try to highlight, it just grabs everything.

Also, when you do a batch entry, do you have to include 4 lines of text for each batch for it to work? Do you do a carriage return at the end of each line of text for it to fit, or does the word wrap that occurs in OneNote carry on to RM without extra formatting?

Black Winter Review

Wait. Vagina Monster? How is this explained in the story?


Wow! Very cool!!
I really like the filter you used on the background.

[Design] Reward Design and Ideas

I think if you put a few stacks of cash on the desk, then it would work for post-spa/ladies.

Is there a way to put him on a yacht?

How do I make Hyper/Make a name for my game

I know that some people have had luck driving up interest on tumblr. But yeah, twitter seems tops. If your game is more visually interesting, you may find instagram to be cool to do.


Uhhh... congrats on Version 0.3.1a?
Is this photo supposed to be this?

Screenshot Survival 20XX

This is a test for some dialogue boxes! These are meant to give insight on the issue and clue you in on the objective. Is it clear enough what happened?

I think I'm getting confused by the fact that the bird is on the left when they're laughing and then on the right when the pillar shoots up. Was there some lost time between laughs and pillar?

[RMVX ACE] Good at alligning sprites?

A good way to align sprites is to find a sprite sheet that works well, and then open that in photoshop/gimp and set it as the lowest layer.

And then take your new sprites, lay them on top of the "good" sprites, and then turn off the good-sprite-base-layer and save.

LockeZ designs boss battles for you

That's cool - I get that.

I'm sorta retooling the end of the game anyway... I realized that I needed a new dungeon and I think some of the items found therein will be needed for the boss fight. But I don't have that all plotted out yet. I'll come back to you later if the offer still stands! Thanks again for the help!

LockeZ designs boss battles for you

LockeZ: I was wondering if you had any suggestions for the final boss battle?

Unless your reaction is, "Dang! I just typed out an awesome miniboss for you! Why don't you get that set up and stop bothering me!?" In which case: Fair point.