Lufia V: For the Savior

I have put a few hours in this game and have found it enjoyable and challenging in some areas.
I have saved the townfolk from the tower and now, trying to get to the next town where Red Hat is supposed to be.
I am assuming you have to go through the Gaira Cave.
There is a room in the cave with four doors. One south that you can use, one north which you can pass through, one east and one west that are both locked even though I have the cave key. I also see the groups of stones 1, 2, 3 on both sides of the room.
Does that room have something to do with it?

I also noticed an event that may need another page? Only because I found the
Signet of Jareana on my own before I talked to the "old man" yet, he still told me his story, nevertheless.

Lufia V: For the Savior

I know what I'm doing when I get home after work!

Star: chapter I

Does anyone even care about their games anymore?


Before entering the Godess Tower, Aelph say we can warp but, we can't. Just thought I'd tell you.


Any clue on the mushrooms? All I see are tree stumps.
Hi! I haven't checked the page in a couple of days I'm sorry for not helping you out sooner or later.

The mushrooms are in the Great Forest dungeon. On the screen before the endless maze, head towards the left until you enter another screen. Go further left on that screen until you reach a body of water. The mushrooms are in that area. Best of luck!

Thanks. Her saying"the other side of the river" confused me. I thought it meant the other side from where she is.j

[RMVX ACE] Party member seperation.

Many games that I have played on rpgmaker.net show a character approaching an npc, king, etc. and the main character stops and the party members flank out to the sides and then rejoin after the dialogue or event has finished.
Is this an event chain of some sort or, is it a scripting procedure?
Thank you.


Any clue on the mushrooms? All I see are tree stumps.

Hero's Realm

in the trashed town where you have the weird clock thing.
what is the time of the clock.
8:43 if memory serves

Legends The First Prophecy (Part 1)v3.1

The chief tells me to retrieve a scroll. I need to tell my sister what happened (the Orc)before I can leave. All she does is heal me and I can't leave??

Lady in Pentatin tells you to take boat to Cave. Won't pass. Says can't go there now.
Half of the.floor in the weapon shop in impassable.. Can't get to the merchant to buy anything.
Well I tried playing this!

Star: chapter I

I finished the game. Ending was surprising especially, after the credits. Not much explanation of the different "races" of people. English translation of magic spells etc., would be extremely helpful.Enjoyable game play overall.