Star: chapter I

Anybody know the secret to beating an Indrick? If this is a recurring enemyy, I'll never get out of here! 15-20 rounds and can't kill it. Confussion doesn't help either:(
I finally beat it and got out. After a cutscene at the place where Jonna is, we cross the bridge and encounter a Sentry. It keeps flashing Sentry waits. Frick is still injured over and over.for over a half hour. Is it because Frick is the only one alive or is this a bug. If it is a bug I am not going through that battle again for nothing

Star: chapter I

How many Vipers do you have to kill? When the visible ones are gone, the randoms won't stop. Also a small corner at bottom left you can walk on top of wall.
Never mind. I got out.


So far, seems like a nice game. Play screen and printing could be larger, though. But, I got glasses.

Shattered Hourglass

Not a huge big deal,but, when you save (Steam version) your save total increases by 2-5 instead of 1. My saves are over 400 and I'm only in Trin.

More visible monster options.

If you want to ask for people to make you resources, that's fine, this just isn't the area for that and it sounded less like you asking for someone to make something for you and more like you asking that people make a ton of stuff for 'everyone', which is a bit... up in the air and weird.

If you need something you can ask in the Help or Jobs areas of the site - just make sure that it's not a ton of stuff and there's decent recompense. So, for example, if you want 20 monster sprites of a specific style/type, list them and point out what you're willing to pay for them. That kind of thing.
It was definitely a mis-post. It was actually a suggestion for the engine not rpgmaker.net. I will definitely be more careful in future posts. Thank you, Liberty.

More visible monster options.

Be the change you would like to see. No-one is beholden to make you stuff. Also, this area is basically for telling staff what you'd like to see more of site-wise or reporting bugs and the like, not for asking people to make stuff for you.

Understood. That wasn't my intention. I would never ask anyone to make anything for me.
my apologies for posting that here.

More visible monster options.

Something I would like to see is having more monster and $monster sheets, at least one tile for every vxace enemy. It would certainly make visible enemies more realistic. I suppose, if I were fluent in Gimp or Photoshop, I could take the original monster graphics and change the size and make sheets for them, but, maybe that wouldn't work.

Shattered Hourglass

Hello sawworm!

I've played one of the previous versions of your game. Very nice work!
I've downloaded the 1.00 version, but I'm actually facing a small but heavi problem: For some reason, I can't access Frostbite Mountain. I talked to the old man in Seran until he told me about the herb he needs, but that was before I caught up to own the house. Anyway, I try to interact with the mountain just north of Icywland, but there's no response.
Not that I care much about having his fertilizer, but there's a hunt mission, as well as one of the conditions to get my last Silver Token, so it blocks 2 things at once. Is there any reason for this happening?

Regarding the rest of the game, no bugs whatsoever. I'm really happy with the balancing, still keeping me on my toes.

I had the same problem playing this before. I just started playing a fresh copy hoping that would be fixed, now.

Shattered Hourglass: Steam Version!

I like your new page. Duran looks awesome!:)

Shattered Hourglass

I wonder if anyone can help with couple things please :)

- for fishing locations : where are Gwyndia, Left Trin and Pure Chest area?
- does ultimate weapon exist?
- I found Qual, does she only have 1 quest for Suan? I still have no clue as to how she can help in defeating Chronos (apart from appearing in every location I visited). I have 2 keys now but still want to explore a bit.
- is there any way we can teleport without using the scroll? It can be tricky when money is tight :(
- I only have 5 quiz cards so far, how many are there and where can I find the next one (if any)?
- in the Jobs and Difficulty notes, I can see Hybrid Monk and Archer but who are they? I found and saw Bow weapon but not sure who can use it.

thank you :)
I can only answer three questions if you don't mind.

As far as I remember, in the earlier version, ultimate weapons and armors do exist. You have to finish certain quests for this.

If your money is tight, you can just hunt in the haunted mansion near the rest area. Use Juliet's Radiant Blade to instantly kills everything in sight. When she run out of MP, just rest, it's free.

Certain actions can change fate and may determine your party member. If you watch the Shattered Hourglass page on Steam, you may see that there's a character whose name is Jannet. I don't know the detail since I've been playing the Good Karma path and haven't tried the other paths.
If I remember correctly, there is a section where you have to rescue miners so they can repair a bridge. Pure chest area is in the eastern part of that area. You need to do something before you can open it. There is fishing there. On page43, I put a link showing all fish and where to find them. They are numbered left to right top to bottom with the chart.