Intoxicated Heart

The screenshots look good. I like how you used images from "The World Ends with You".

The Forum Game ^ < v

^ i will be your sidekick :D
< is a graphics artist
v is a RM programmer

Battle System Help 2K3

i suggest you make a custom battle system if you want to alter the game settings.

Guess the Game!!!

author=demondestiny link=topic=973.msg22265#msg22265 date=1214709987
It's been 4 days so i'm posting up a new one. Everyone should get this.

final fantasy VI

guess this one.

post your picture

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=O I wasn't wearing a hat in that picture, thats my hair.
woah, seriously? nice hair, the goggles gives it a nice touch too.

Dub Movie

lawl, thats a pretty cool website. darken, your video was so funny XD

post your picture

wow, you most like a lot of things. i like your hat in the cyber rose image. :O

What's important?

1) What is the most important part of an rpg to you and why?
The most important part of an RPG is the storyline and gameplay. I may be a graphics type of person but even the best games had the crappiest graphics (a blurred line for example).

2) Are you a fan of pacing?
of course, pacing is what keeps everything balanced.

3) and finally FF7 or FF8?
final fantasy VII.

Rate the above person's avatar.

looks like a monster from dragon warriors. pixel art pwns.

Most popular online

i wonder what made google so popular. i used to use msn a long time ago and suddenly i changed to google. O_O