How old were you when you first used RM?

I probably started using RMN when I was around 13. It's pretty funny now that I look back at it.

[Game Request] Dragonheart

I don't know if DHM is ok with me releasing this, but here:
This is the original Dragon Heart. The main character is Andrew, not Andoru. Unfortunately, I don't have the original installer so I just dragged and zipped it from my Program Files.

Site Feedback Overhaul (meaning that we need your feedback)

If you want organization, maybe have different subforums in the site feedback section depending on what the user is requesting.

PS3 Hacked Wide Open - Watch PS3 Software sales collapse in 2011

Somebody should make a PS3 BT client and directly download+extract games straight to the HD!

That's actually not a bad idea. Or you could probably run the BT through Linux.

Show and tell us your city/town/village/hamlet/whereever you live!

PS3 Hacked Wide Open - Watch PS3 Software sales collapse in 2011

Look at the PC. It's also the same concept as to what you're saying. The PC has the most pirated games by a milestone, but developers still continue to produce games for it. Even with pirates, the PC game sales are still pretty high.
I actually know some people who refuse to pirate games. They said it's much easier to buy the game than anything because you have to wait to download it.
But I understand where you're coming from. We won't know how it will affect the PS3 industry until it comes.

If you say Blue ray burner that's a $100 purchase as it isn't standard on computers like DVD players so it's just like buying a $30 flash card for the DS which is still the most popular gaming device this generation and it isn't because of piracy
People can just download it and run it through the hard drive of the PS3.

Making mockups of your game

That's beast. Are you still open for more mockups? :D

Site Feedback Overhaul (meaning that we need your feedback)

That depends; how do you want it organized?

Site Feedback Overhaul (meaning that we need your feedback)

Two people in this thread missed the point.

The idea here is to make it easier for US to hear from YOU; we're not suggesting site changes. We're suggesting organizational changes.

Actually, implementing a thumbs up/down feature will make it easier to hear from us. It's similar to a poll, which this forum lacks. With a poll, we can easily organize what people think about a certain site feedback.

PS3 Hacked Wide Open - Watch PS3 Software sales collapse in 2011

I read an article similar to this one just now. I don't think this will completely collapse the PS3 sales. Look at all the other consoles that are hacked. They are still successful having thousands/millions of people buying their game. I think it's all determined on whether you have a strong fanbase or not. Most people buy games because they know it's worth it and they want to support the developers.
As for the exploit, however, that's Sony's problem. It's amazing how the PS3 was the last console to remain unhackable but it was the most vulnerable.