What happened to Phylomortis?

lawl, even the rpgs made before 2001 had crappy graphics but some of them had decent storylines.

Is AIM down for anyone else?

AIM is working fine. i think its just your computer.

AIM express lags a lot so i would recommend you actually download the program.

How do you create sprites?

i recommend drawing on idraw or paint. i make my sprites on paint. if you're looking for a program, try chars.ex

Firefox 3 - Download Day Guinness World Record attempt [June 17][UPDATE: 8.2 million]

i have downloaded ff3 on the download day. ive been getting recent crashes though. at the most random times too. and many of my previous add-ons arent compatible. in my opinion, it would be better to install ff3 later rather than on the download day.

What happened to Phylomortis?

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I hate it too because I'm new to the rm scene. It so unfair. All the old rm designers got all the good resources, leaving us Novices with......charas to get ours.

Damn You!!!!!!!
that's why people design their own custom graphics nowadays.

post your picture

this one's a bit old but i still look the same.

What happened to Phylomortis?

most rpg maker sites are either dead or being upgraded. i hope phylomortis doesn't die. :O

lol hi who are you

1) Elijah Kang
2) 14
3) California
4) I breathe air.
5) a cookie :D

What have you done recently?

-Wake up at around 7 AM
-Get ready for summer school
-Go to school
-Eat breakfast
-Go to first class
-Eat Lunch
-Go to second class
-Go home inviting my friend along
-Go on my laptop
-Play games with my friend (not the wrong way)
-Say goodbye to my friend
-Work on my game
-Respond to this topic

The Adventures of Two Guys -- Spazzgamer27

hey. have you just started gamemaking? if so, you have a way of showing it >_>
did you delete the download file for your game? because i cant find the download for it and the status says "complete." weird @_@