The Next Maker?

Oh yeah, if nobody thought of the idea, how about "Multiplayer Option Included"? It's just a suggestion.

Silly Ninja Kingdom Hearts 3

Cheesy RPGs aren't my thing, but if you want to create them, I can't stop you.

The Next Maker?

There are a lot of things I would want in the next RPG Maker. A list below:

1. Different features of a game (such as day/night effects, movement patterns, field animations) premade, and able to be turned on/off with little amounts of code.
2. More key support and include mouse support (to also be turned on with coding).
3. Reliability and preformance upgrades.
4. Automated HUD.
5. Camera effects, allowing 3D terrain.
6. Convertion system. (Converts images to the smallest size possible without affecting the quality of the image, also changing the file type)
7. More map layers.
8. Caterpillar system.
9. Advanced menu system. (Point and click/drag objects, with category tabs)

That's basically what I would want in the next maker except low overall download size. This would probably be in 3D rpg programming systems, but still, they should be included within the RPG Maker series.


I agree it is a bit white-toned. Also, try to get slightly better battlecharsets for the battle system, they look a bit hand-drawn and a bit shoddy.


I've got to hand it to you Magi... when you modify something, it always looks pleasing to the eye, balanced.

[Final Demo] Demon Destiny 1

Hey, there's one improvement you should add to Demon Destiny 1. A HUD, which is an easy overhead display of the characters statistics, for example, a good HUD would be pivotzp's Dungeon Runner game, as it fits nicely with the action battle system. This should happen here too, except that it is okay if it is of lower quality than XP. (nobody expects a 2k3 game to be XP like, unless you like the feel of it.) Keep up the work, and I hope to finally play a revised, balanced, final version of Demon Destiny 1.

Nick's Unclassified Guide to Making Fanfiction Games Part One

Exactly why this article isn't very useful. Saying that there is a proper and a non-proper way to create a fangame is too formal. Also, nobody would be presuaded to actually create a fangame in a certain way because they have their own unique style of creating their own fangames and thus do not need help to create one. The message I have obtained from this article is this: "According to an unknown fangame audience, fangames should be criticized according to proper quality and way of creation." I personally do not see the audience of fangames and I just suspect most fangames to just be a spin-off of the series of videogames that it was created after. And as Shinan said, the article is also probably about how to correctly market fangames. There is one suggestion here- show us the audience. Where is the audience?

Magequest I (Version 3.0)

Hey, I remember this. I don't think it's much of a thriller, but there you go, it's just a traditional RPG. You should get around to using all custom graphics (or RIPS) instead of using the RM2k3 default chipsets because they are old-schooled (to some people).


author=Nightblade link=topic=970.msg13270#msg13270 date=1209177211
Whether or not the game world is interesting or not, it's pretty much necessary to have NPCs in every town, so you may as well take at least five minutes to make them a little more interesting than "That sky looks like ground".

That's the thing you DON'T want in NPCs. All sorts of bland dialogue, like the following (do not use these!):

"The morning is nice!"
"The evening sky is fading."
"I wonder... (etc)"

Learn interesting words.


I agree with kentona. If it's not a highly interactive game, which you have to constantly interact and do things with the NPCs, also don't bother adding it UNLESS it is needed. For example, just an NPC that says for example "The morning is great!" only needed to be there to give the town an example of a population instead of just being a blank town.

An example of important Non-Playable Characters are those who give depth to the game itself, for example the Old Sage (or something like that) that feeds the player information about the gaming world's history, et cetera. NPCs that have a lot to say that is important to me are considered definately appropriate to put in a game. A highly interactive game would be Razkertim. Also like demondestiny, NPCs are also important because some are destined to interact with the player to give them something, such as a item that is important to a quest or a mission briefing, all of that sort.

I would not recommend NPCs in the middle of no-where because they have a tendancy to add to the question "Why is a person, all alone, right in front of the boss monster?". A GOOD reason is that they can give information to the player about the area they are in (like a certain danger or how to do things), which is usually replacing the normal all-powerful SIGN. Usually, NPCs are a great aspect of RPGs because they contain everything that the player needs, which I have said above. Also they give a 'balance' to the game. If nobody has already thought about it, NPCs are essential to the game, balancing gameplay within a game with the story in dialogue. On the other hand, sometimes bland dialogue is boring...