your game features

1. Battlers in edited RM2k3 DBS (Submitted Tutorial March 25, 2008)
2. Long-Short Puzzles
3. Exploration
4. Duel System
5. A crafting and alchemy system (Crafting creates equipment from stuff you find along your journey, from a store, or a enemy drop. Alchemy creates potions and other consumeables from roots, liquids, and plants.)

Mythology of the Myst

-General Storyline-
A spread of vampires and black knights throughout the country of Yerzona and Herosen have caused a major panic among the world's people. Revon and Heroz, respectivly a Weapon Merchant and a Alchemist, have their own tasks. Their families have been killed by the vampires, since both of their familys were skilled vampire slayers and mystmagicians. The both of them must find and defeat the ruler of the vampires for some justice for their families. However, when a mysterious turn-around in fate has them stuck in a mystical world, they would give anything to survive. But, will they give their own lives?

Revon Indigo
Age: 13
Class: Myst Master
Desciption: A master of the powers of the Myst and one of the only ones left in the family of the Indigo. His family has direct ties fo Yove, the god of the Myst. He works as a weapon enchanter.

Heroz Gertu
Age: 15
Class: Vampire Slayer/Alchemist
Description: A vampire slayer that is very strong at both the subjects of slaying and alchemy. He is believed to be able to make things in battle. He works as an alchemist at Genuine Potions, really near to Ehna Weapons, where Revon works.

-Character Statistics (lv1)-
Revon Indigo
HP: 502
MP: 140
ATK: 76
DEF: 45
INT: 40
SPD: 60

Heroz Gertu
HP: 708
MP: 0
ATK: 126
DEF: 89
INT: 12
SPD: 50

If you have any comments or suggestions, put them here. Anyways, everything said in here is to change in the future, so don't think everything in here is retained for the complete game.

Chronicles of Astra

Interesting... I would agree with Kentona, the font is a bit jagged. It looks like the RM2k font in the event commands.

Door Tutorial

You don't really need to use two switches; you really need to use the Move Event command to face the event "door" in these directions: Right, Up, Left, and after that, activate the switch "Door1" where the door retains a open position. Now, inside the house/area, make a touch by hero event that turns the switch off. That's how I do it.

Your opinion on RTP

If you want my opinion, I'd say change the map graphics a slight bit, like RTP edits, and RTP charset edits if a you want it to be old-school. Otherwise, get custom charsets and custom tilesets for your game. I'd recommend that.

Weird Submission Page

Opera V9.5

Alien Bounty (Working Title)

Then, move these fonts to the C:\Wimdows\Fonts folder.

Weird Submission Page

After I submitted a tutorial, which I copied and saved on my computer for safe-keeping, it didn't seem to show up on my submission page. I copied and pasted it back on and tried again, but no luck.

I was hoping WIP would fix it.

The Release Something Day

I'm currently working on the systems of Monolock I and basic programming of my upcoming project. nearly 50% finished with Monolock I.

Mandalia Souls

If I'm not mistaken, these are all RM2k/3 tilesets. Any reason why?