Hidden stash of money on game

Same thing as trance, but the one thing I would do before everything is create a move-event command that makes the current event face right, up, then left, imitating how a treasure chest gets opened. But that's just me.

More Questions xD

If you are doing something for a Final Battle I would recommend that you would turn the Music to OFF setting before the battle, and sort of tinker with the .midi/.mp3/.wav files inside the battle event section of the monster group. Of course, change the music back to normal after the battle.

Of the consoles you own, which is your favorite?

The PC has been my favorite for five years now. Apparently most games can be played on the PC, like:

The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion
World of WarCraft

...and all RPG Maker games. That's basically why it's my favorite.

We Did It First screenshot thread

You MUST be kidding me. 8 years old...?

Addition Battle System

I'm working on a Combo tutorial, but it's far from being done. It's more likely possible in RMXP.

Battlers in RM2k3.

That's the tutorial's flaw. Removing the ROW from the menu isn't going to be enough. You're right, though, it would throw the thing off.


The battle system is now more advanced than this. It uses actual character battlers instead of face-sets. (Seems more natural that way)


I'm currently looking for a door charset... but currently this area is under re-design. This is an extremely old screenshot.


The game was pretty good overall, but same thing as drakiyth, running back to the inn was a hassle. Also, unfortuneatly, the demo was very short. Anyways, I felt like the RTP was used perfectly.

At the end of the game, you get a spell Telekenisis, but the one thing I would want to experiment with is to try to move around the lephesu with the spell... I give Incarnate a 7 out of ten overall. I hope the next version of Incarnate is a bit longer and that there is less interacting with NPCs and dialogue (but I understand why it's called "A Lephesu Apologue", it's based on dialogue!).

[FULL GAME]U.S.G. ~A New Beginning ~

For the spoilers you need to insert the Hide in brackets, and insert /Hide in brackets at the end of the spoiler.