Use the RM2k3 font patch for this. The font is sometimes hard to read when it's like this.

Alien Bounty (Working Title)

This looks pretty good so far. You might want to apply the GW RM2k3 font patch so that the font is easier to read.


These all seem like hand-drawn graphics.

Party Select.PNG

These awfully seem like graphics from kentona's Hellion.


I've started RPG Maker in 2000, creating my first game, which was a piece of crap anyways. Currently, I use the latest maker RMVX.

One tip I would give you? Start on your database before mapping. That way, you don't have to go back into the database when you are making something. I have everything planned out usually- from boss-battles to more complex systems in the Common Events section.

Release Something! Day II: The Sequel [March 20th]

I am compiling different tutorials for RM2k3 and RMXP.

There will be about three released on March 20th.

Capture 3.JPG

You should have bigger trees if it's not in a world-map type of area.

Kingdom Of Dynasty

Try to type words correctly, or some people would not understand what you are trying to tell them.

Profile Pages

I'm just saying that they should fix it later. It could cause trouble.

Profile Pages

When I go to a profile page, under Summary and Information, under all of those, there is the Edit button for all the profile pages I have visited. I wouldn't DARE change another's profile. Any idea how it got on there?