Monolock - Trilogy Progress thread

General Storyline - Monolock I
Follow the footsteps of Torean and Vertus, trying to save their home and the people in it from the deadly hands of the villianous network of vampires, theives, and the emperial soldiers, named Collision Velocity. Their purpose- destined to destroy every human being on the world, and to enhance their races greatly.

Torean Viran
Vertus Viran
Verdonu Xias
Nevia Moran

General Storyline - Monolock II
In the past of Kerram Demosis, all hell breaks out. His family was killed by the early network of Collision Velocity, of testing their limits. Now, Collision Velocity is being called XEP, the gang of evil races devoted to destroying the ever existence of humans. It is the year 291, and the apocalypse began in early 400s. Through a mysterious time-gap, Kerram begins to travel the world n 291, to destroy XEP before they were enhanced.

The fight still goes on today....

- Kerram Demosis -
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Weapon: Fury Daggers
Hair Colour: Blue
Class: Velocity Rogue
Kerram's past is unknown, and all he knows about it is that it was four years of torture. When a gap in time finally set him free at five years old, a mysterious stranger has raised him to now. Twelve years later, he begins to search for XEP, to destroy them and defeat the forever with his knowledge of magics and swordsmanship. However, this quest may reveal links to his mysterious and dangerous past of life...

- Torean Viran -
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Weapon: Aqera Spear
Hair Colour: Blonde
Class: Aqera Mage
A short-tempered teenager that spends most of his time exploring in the field of world geography. He is also one of the best Aqera mages ever out there, and is able to use the elite Aqera ability.

- Vertus Viran -
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Weapon: Celestial Dagger
Hair Colour: Blonde
Class: Celestial
Younger brother of Torean and basically the utmost trouble-maker. He is known to have a controlled temper, unlike his brother, and tends to help people more than his brother. However, he doesn't get as good as grades as Torean does. Vertus is basically a medium-ranked Celestial, but is also able to use the ultimate ability.

Monolock, formerly EP:CV, has developed this more serious name, through minor workings of cutscenes and such.

Monolock comes in a trilogy of eighteen different games, that show the player to a completely different world full of action, crisis, and emotion. The game is focused on the story itself, but also on other contents, such as gameplay balance of the storyline.

Expected Release Dates
I hope to give Monolock I a demo or completion in April, or early May, because I really want to release the next game in the line of Monolock, which will tell the rest of the tale. Monolock II will be expected to be released sometime in June for Chapter One, and I will build on top of that.

Monolock I:
Prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 2 Release: Mid April (16-17th)
Prologue, Chapters 1-5 release: Early may
Prologue, Chapters 1-12 release: End of May

Monolock II:
Prologue, Chapter 1 Release: June, exact date TBA

MMO possiable

True. RPG Maker does have a lot of hacks and bugs, but if you know programming language such as RGSS, you should have no problem doing this in RMXP or RMVX. However, on the other hand, if you are trying to make a real live MMO, it's not recommended. As brandon said, it's ridiculous to create a MMO game using real dollars to operate. I don't recommend you doing this unless you really have a decent budget and the knowledge to do it.

RPG_RT 2008-03-01 22-41-59-84.PNG

It seems like you are using the default RM2k3 chipsets. You should use custom graphics- many of the games on the site have custom graphics, Hellion, for example.


The Crystal Barrier and Versus Xerza 01: Ultimate Showdown are the other two RMVX games on RMN.

Sudoku Puzzle Tutorial!

Sorry for the mispellings. I was doing this fairly fast.

A useful programs for your RM2k/3 needs.

I forgot to add- please note that the Power Patch adds to your game size by 998 KB, and it adds the file RPG_RT.BAK into your folder. If you delete the BAK, your game's scripts will not be able to function. Also, the Power Patch is still in it's alpha beta stage, so that some scripts may not be able to function as you would like. Applying the Power Patch also lets the player use the mouse for some actions, but the arrow keys are always defined as the movement keys. The mouse is not able to move the character.

Go to RPG RPG Revolution to find the Mode07 script for RGSS. It should work. Anyways, I am still trying to find some programs.

Master of the Wind

I've tried the demo and my cousin bought it... but the storyline is too general.

Enemy encounters and progress report

Interesting... nearly 1000 maps. I can't wait for you to finish this project.

The Border [possibility for credit, read inside]

Lol, "jhad"

Master of the Wind

This is one of the best RPG Maker XP games out there. Aveyond doesn't match what you have.