Man Stuck in Elevator for 41 hours!

That must be horrifying. Looking at the same four walls is boring. Hey, 41 hours isn't too long (to me), since I just got back from being a student leader for six days.

Eternal Night: The Seedling's Rise

This is pretty good so far.

User Question: bbcode tags

The game's homepage seems to not work with much BBCode (for example, Size). That's just a suggestion, though.

EDIT: I'd recommend a Article tag (e.g. ).

Boss Project...

I think I have it, somewhere in the crevises of my computer or somewhere around there. You didn't happen to delete it to your recycle bin and then empty it... did you?


Normally, I would create cutscenes running by a single event that inputs all of the commands for the scene. For example, the main event would control all other events, such as the characters on the map, or even shifting tilesets, to messages. That eases the reliance on other events so you don't lose track of the order of the event commands in your cutscene.

Help again...

author=brandonabley link=topic=925.msg12570#msg12570 date=1208628459
1. Open image editor (such as MS Paint, Photoshop etc)
2. Go back to your game. While playing (it is very important you are in the game window and controlling the game) hold Alt and press Prt Screen (it is one of those buttons by Pause that you never use).
3. Go to your image editor and Paste. It's just like copying and pasting text.
4. Save your image!

Whatever you do don't let some stupid jackass trick you into using Irfanview or something like that. There are a lot of 3rd party programs designed to take screenshots, but since that is a basic windows function anyway, they are retarded and made for people that don't know how to do it the right way. Also they usually have spyware.

I'm not sure about SnagIt, the screenshot/video creator for Windows. As you said, it is a 3rd party program, and it MIGHT have Spyware. Stupid ads.

What theme do you use?

I just got a Vista theme for my computer today and it's looking pretty good. Heres the links for it:

Multi-Patcher Download (you will need it to use 3rd party un-signed themes):

Theme Download (VistaVG Blue):

These aren't direct links to the files. You'll have to find the "Click here to download" links to download.

What theme do you use?

@demondestiny: I've used the Harry Potter theme before but I got bored of it. I've had it for about eleven months before I gave it up and switched to Royale.

What theme do you use?

Generally, I'm asking what theme you use on your Windows computer. Currently I switched to Royale. If you want my theme, go here:

http://www.istartedsomething.com/uploads/royale_noir.rar (WinRAR required)

What browser do you use?

I personally use Opera. I've used FireFox once before, and IE a long time ago. The Opera interface looks a lot better than IE 6.0 .