Ningyo Heart

I'm playing so far the game and I love it.
My heart can't stop beating fast.
Mamoru and Ami reminds me of Lucas and Kumotura from Mother 3. You should play it and see for yourself.
Dollmaker was a nice man from the two diaries I found. I wonder what made the dolls evil. Like that Queen Rabbit LOL She just killed that poor dancer doll just because she didn't dance? That's just rude!

You need to fix the writing a little. Maybe you should hired someone for the game next update to fix the grammer mistakes.

I'm kinda stuck with the pupput room.
I know that Imperfect doll hates imperfect other dolls but I just found one the other are kinda hard to figure out. So how many are they?

Thank you for your reviews for the game. We will hire someone to fix the grammar mistakes in the future if we had some spare time.

Hidden secrets.
You will need to discover one of 2 hidden secrets in level 3, the dollmaker secret and Kana secret. the main key here is the Ichirou's card gameon level 2. say, play the card game with Ichirou and wins the game, but don't give him rose. He will find you later, hit you and bring you to secret room. after 'defeat' him, you will get a dollmaker's family portrait which you will place it on the wall with bloody hand print on level 3 to reveal a secret room, enter the room to learn the secret about what had happened to the dolls there.

For the puppet room.
There are 3 of them. As a tip, before taking the lighter oil on the table, be sure to spot the where the imperfect puppets first. one is at the top left side, another one is at the top right side and the last one is at the bottom right. There should be a message pop out saying ''this is the imperfect puppet.''

Ningyo Heart

I do hope you're not planning on using music and soundtrack from games cause originality is the best rescource you can have.
If you do going to look on other Horror games I suggect you will try not to be inspire by it too much. It can sometimes led you to do bad things XDDDD

So P.Puppet, Ted and Hoodie are the only male dolls enemies huh? Will I did hope you'll add someone to equal the powers to Miku. Nothing like a good old flirt to create tension between them :D

You know, I am really glad to have you drop by to give that thought! XD Miku will be really happy because she will have a partner (an evil butler doll).

To show my appreciation, I will have you to name this guy. Give a cool, bad **s name for him! This will lead a major change in the plot as well. I should show credits and thanks in the game to those people whom had drop by and share their thought, ideas or even critics because they had keep me going better and make this game looks great than before. So, I wonder how to check whom had subscribed me.

Ps : Mamoru seems not happy thoough. He asked me whom give that idea.

Ningyo Heart

Okay! I'm going to try to complete the demo now, I hope it isn't too hard. Let me know if you need some help, or even want me to test your game in the future :) Have you played the game Mermaid Swamp? It's my favourite rpgmaker game!

In the matter of fact, I am about to look for few people (5 person) to do the test when it out soon! Sure! I'll add you to my run tester list and add your name to the credits! Thanks again. Same for the others whom want to be the testers, please let me know ASAP. I am really happy and grateful for your help and be sure to credit you guys as well!

Good luck completing the demo. For future release I had prepared a complete tutorial book that will show everything like quests list, inventory items etc to guide/help players. You will see it in the game. It's in a form of floating flaming book.

Mermaid swamp? Hmmmm.....sound interesting. I will check it out right away. XD

Ningyo Heart

Hey I'm playing your game now! I was wondering- do you want me to improve the English translation? I can help you out there if you want. It's my first language so it's no problem at all :) Otherwise I like the game, it's sugoi!

Arigato! Glad you enjoy it! Gosh, I wish my english could be as good as you. Thank you so much for your offer. I am really appreciates it but worry not, my friend had took over the job, I just bribed her with a large teddy bear to made her agree. XD

Stay tuned for the final release soon! I got all materials done for now, so it will be released earlier than the due date :)

Ningyo Heart

What really facinaiting me is the fact that dolls are the main subject of this game.
If you're doing a game about dolls with horror I suject you do a little reaserch on the many dolls the are. I mean, there's tons of them I'm sure you haven't even heard of.
More importantly, You should find someone to help you with the graphics/event/face potraits of the characters. These kind of this are important. Don't be afarid to ask for help from others :D

That's a great idea. I'll be sure to spend some time to do some reading on dolls. Lately, I started to watch horror movies with dolls inside it. About the character graphics, especially the dolls, I already get help from my friend to fixed it. You can say the most 80% percent in the video had been upgraded. But thanks for the suggestion. I will remember that.

Dolls. They look perfect and almost have no flaws. Dolls look like humans but they didn't have heart. Heartless dolls or objects which become alive, well, you can imagine the true horror they can bring to us. This give me an idea to start making this game.

One thing for sure, the final release will be a true, pure, intense horror that will make your heart beating non stop til the end of the game. That's my promise to everyone. Until now, 66% of the game had been completed.

Ningyo Heart

Sounds neat, I'll check it out and get back to you with some feedback when I have the time.
Consider be subbed!

Whenever you can be sure to add your download on here.

Thank you so much for the support. The demo meant to be an introduction of the game play of this game, & for information, I had done major upgrade to most maps and game progress had been finished up until 48% But to be fair, I won't upgrade the demo. the next release meant to be a finish, complete game version.

You can check at this site for further details