I'm 22 years old, just graduated college for Game Design. I focus on narrative design in my games, and hope to begin making games within my own universe!

I prefer RPG's out of all the genres, but love exploration and puzzle games.
Perspective: Extended Ed...
Exploration Puzzle game, spectate the memories to find clues!



Progress on Act 1, Act 2 Plans, New Gamepage?

Yeahhh. I mean the extended edition will include an improved act 1, plus all the acts. This game page would be considered the standalone, what the contest entry was like version. Hmmm... I can see why I wouldn't have a separate page, and why one's necessary. Dangit :(

Progress on Act 1, Act 2 Plans, New Gamepage?

if its a seprate game yes if it continues as a addon to act 1 no

So you're saying if the extended edition has act 1 along with acts 2-5, it shouldn't have another page?

Update: I decided I don't have the art skills to make them tap their foot or something. I changed it up in the blog post, I'll try using movement and emotion balloons.

Summer Review Jam! (week 9 space'd)

It takes me so long to write a review most likely because of distractions. My thoughts are all over the place, I get restless. It's unfortunate.

*shrugs* ah well, I've got lots to do and no time to do it! Always busy it seems.

I applaud those who can get all those reviews out so quickly, and even more so, have them be quality reviews at the same time!

Summer Review Jam! (week 9 space'd)

Including playing the game?

oh, no. That took a couple hours as well :P

Perspective: Extended Edition

may want to cut down on that act 2 lol 4 patients?that's just asking to go on a permanent hiatus! : D
w/o having a team to help you anyway
if each one is remotely as detailed as the act 1 memory
id not expect it to be finished honestly :3

could start with like 1-2 then add additional patients with updates :3
just don't bite off more then you can chew!
your amazing at game making but people have limits :3

upon replaying the start while a part of me felt his explanation once you went back in to that snow area could of been shorter
a player can just skip it and figure it out on there own
so its not a big deal
id +1 keeping as it is.

Believe it or not, 4 patients in act 2 isn't as hard as it sounds. Everything is just time-consuming, but I'm getting faster and faster. My process for making a level is getting better. As long as I keep my cool and patience it'll get done, and heck, I kind of foresee getting a couple others to help. We'll see when I head back to college. But either way, this is definitely getting done. More levels! More mysteries! I've already got the main plans for the characters and mapping of each memory ready. I'm just working on improving act 1 right now.

As for the intro, it still definitely calls for some improvements to how the tutorial teaches you how to play and add some characterization too.

Summer Review Jam! (week 9 space'd)

It took me about 4 hours straight to write my last review. I don't think I can pull off 2 reviews again in a week after this one, hah.

Summer Review Jam! (week 9 space'd)

As you might know, for the first two weeks I've put up one entry while those like noobi and kylaila have... a lot more. Well... shazam! I got two entries for this week! I'm aiming big this week guys! Better look out! I have more chance than all of you!!! Might as well name me a winner now!



Perspective: Extended Edition

By submitting media, a media tab will appear so whenever someone comes to this page, they can check it out right from here! Of course you don't have to.

And by the way, in response to your youtube comment, it won't just be 3 acts... but 5 acts... :D

Perspective: Extended Edition

A speed run with this type of game? It'll test your memory I suppose, got to remember where and when clues pop up, see if you can get them all fast enough with the least amount of stage repeats... huh, interesting :P

Last Word (IGMC Version)

I got an error right after defeating the final battle saying "Common event call limit has been reached", crashing the game. The worst feeling in the world at the end :(.(I didn't save before hand... I have a lot to do to catch up to where I left off)

Other then that, loved it! You'll be getting a review soon.