I'm 22 years old, just graduated college for Game Design. I focus on narrative design in my games, and hope to begin making games within my own universe!

I prefer RPG's out of all the genres, but love exploration and puzzle games.
Perspective: Extended Ed...
Exploration Puzzle game, spectate the memories to find clues!



Fundamental RPGology

I take it back now, I might not submit something. I'm pretty close, just trying to finish setting up the system so I can go back to designing the characters and skills. After that, I try to code all of that in the system I made, and then I do the enemy turn, which means AI. Then I do victory conditions. So, just in case it's too much for me in my last week of summer, I can't guarantee an entry for now :P *shrug*

Going back to College Soon, Act 1(Kinda Act 2) beta, Two Projects Now

What new contest? :O And wait how old are you? #tooprivatequestion

On this site, there're links to it. A battle system contest. And I'm 19 going on 20 :P

Perspective: Extended Edition

Oh, you put it in full screen? Oh my, I don't know what it looks like in full screen with new font. The message system isn't new, it was used for when you pick up clues before. I used it in the tutorial this time around, and I'm glad to hear it works a lot better.

As for the skipping of text, that's understandable. You already know what happens, hah. But the dialogue is very different in the intro this time around, did you notice the new scene changes? Not just dialogue, but there's more movement in the intro. That might be the differences you noticed. The exposition is removed from the tutorial, it's strictly the quick tutorial now, nothing more.

It's tough to judge act 1 with already playing the level before and knowing where everything is, I understand. Glad you're noticing the significant changes, however. As for act 2, start a new game and skip to act 2. The default is you didn't save Emily yourself, but you can see the new act intro without a graphic problem with the version you first had. If you want, you can download the new version and transfer your save. See if that works, hit two birds with one stone!

Perspective: Extended Edition

I'll look into the passability and that hint circle. The font is new, and I've gotten good comments about it. No problems reading it so far, but you can't understand it? Hmmmm, alright, I can keep looking for fonts if it's too hard to read. Either way, that's 3 like it, 1 don't so far.

(XD you called her a stripper)

the charset is missing? right in the very beginning of act 2, or?

Edit: Just solved the passability, and the stage 4 clues seem to be the old clue twinkle, rather than the circle. I don't know why they changed back, but I'm gonna change them again. Thanks for that!

Lastly, the transition from act 1 to 2 seems to have that character set problem. I see what's missing and I'm fixing it now! Amelia was 0 opacity if leaving act 1 to go to act 2, and if you jump in from the title this problem doesn't happen. I'm replacing the beta with this fixed version, before anyone else gets their hands on it. Thanks for that test! You found some bugs really quick for me :P.

(I'll fix that grammar mistake too, but that's not done in the quick 0.2 beta I just put out. Damn, I editted this message about 5 times :P)

Lastly, lastly, how was the new intro? Do you think those level additions will help the experience? Would you want to hear more Amelia input during the level? How was the transition story-wise? Finally, how was the intro to act 2?


How do i get to the conclusion, do i have to have all of the conspiracy theories as well?

You have to have all of the conspiracy clues, yep!

Main Extended Edition Act 1+Act 2 Progress Blog


While act 1 isn't done, well... I've got a gut feeling it needs more work even though I went through it completely, but while it isn't done, I'm going to release a public beta. It's not going to take the place of primary download, of course. However, it will be up there for downloading. It's a lot closer to a finished revision, but it's hard to write and not have many people to bounce ideas off to.

Expect it soon! Also, it's in the format of the extended edition, and you'll be able to enter act 2 and play the intro as well! I'm going to make it so it ends at the end of it though, rather then leave it where it is now. Right now, you can walk around after the intro but there's no interaction yet so why leave it like that? :P. So feedback on the intro of that will be helpful. But know that this could mess up your actual experience with the fully refined, complete game. That depends on how you are though!

So to sum it up, I'm looking for feedback on the new tutorial set-up, new dialogue additions and revisions to the level and the intro, how well the conclusion transitions to the next act, and finally, if you want to, how well the introduction to act 2 feels.

I'm getting excited to see what people think about my attempts to improve act 1... *sweat*

Summer Review Jam! (week 9 space'd)

I've been aiming for skyrim, I already have the KOTOR games, and I don't care about broforce :P

Summer Review Jam! (week 9 space'd)

I realized a basic apple jam hasn't been done yet XD. Dutch Apple... mmmm...

Fundamental RPGology

Hey, there's still two and a half weeks till the deadline! The time it takes you to get this done really depends on the system you're making. Some systems only need a few days of work to set-up.

Mine on the other hand is going to take a while.

Fundamental RPGology

Thanks for the answers you three(especially you Merlandese ;D). I'm working on the design right now, specifically skillsets. After that I'll see if I can event the system(I certainly can), and I'll try for AI first, since player vs player is easier.