The Arms of Reverie
The world is divided by a great darkness known as the Nebula. The Dark forces, led by an Evil Prince are trying to gain control of an ancient power and finish war that began over a thousand years ago.



Dialogue Teaser

Thanks! I'm trying to make my dialogue more raw and emotional. I've been reworking all the dialogue in the game, and this is my favorite scene so far. He's a real classy guy and I feel like this scene shows that side of his personality perfectly.

Lore update

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I don't really like RM games, but everything you're doing with this is everything I wish I was able to do with my game, the maps, the lore, the menus, everything. This easily stands to be the best RM game out there once all is said and done. Can't wait to see more of it!

Accident recovery update, game updates.

Thanks, the demo is of the VX version. While I liked the Takentai battle system in that one better than the battle system I have in the Ace version, the Ace demo will be much better and more involved. Promise!


It's water splashing as the crate gets pushed in!

[Poll] Which is more important: Story, Graphics, or Sound?

I have to go with story as well. Bad music can be turned off, graphics have never really been super important to me (I have played and enjoyed plenty of text based games with no graphics whatsoever. But a game with a bad story to me is unplayable, just like a movie with a bad story to me is unwatchable. I'd rather listen to a re-broadcast of the radio show 'The Shadow' then watch any of the stupid Fast and the Furious type movies out there.

Though I will agree with Flying Jester on one point. A game with no story at all, is better than a game with a bad story. If you're making a game and can't tell a good story, please scrap it and make a dungeon crawler with no dialogue in it. It would be more playable than your stupid story. I'd rather play Gauntlet for NES than FFVIII again.


It is an attack, its one of the default animations

Palasiel Quest

Is the title meant to be Palasiel or Palatiel?

Also, the subtitle is really really cheesy.

But I like the look of your maps a lot. As someone who hates mapping, I definitely appreciate when someone puts time into their work.


I did the members+ thing so it was $6 for me. The pack is a light, I'll give you that, it would have been nice if it came with more autotiles, but a couple more trips to taco bell instead of Chipotle isn't a bad tradeoff for me, ha.


Thanks! Yeah, I'm getting better, I'll hopefully be walking again in about two weeks, but I still will have physical therapy and stuff to go through then. But all this down time has meant I've had time to work on the game. I'm trying to get some stuff tightened up to release the Ace demo, but I'm still not sure when it'll be ready to go because I'd like to have at least the next two main story areas done for the demo.


Probably the fact that you took the time to leave a useless comment on it. Really if you're just going to leave passive aggressive garbage on my game profile, don't waste your time.


He's right, it just looks like their heads are missing. Play around with the shadow tool some because right now the 'roof' just looks like part of the ground behind the area the statues are on.