Art Fart

Great stuff and design, except their body proportions are kind of weird, maybe its just because of those clothes.


Target: Wolfs ass.

By the way looking spiffy, keep up the good work.

Moar video

Looks awesome, man this game is so promising.

What are you thinking about right now?

author=Yellow Magic
Oh, also drugs and alcohol helps in getting to know people. But that might not be for everyone.
Yeah I guess alcohol helps a bit when talking to people but I usually feel pretty stupid afterwards. Like in this party a few weeks ago a couple of us were trying to get this homophobe to kiss a guy. I was laughing my head off then but now I'm just like "wow that was the most inane conversation ever".

Maybe I need to lighten up in that regard. Meh, besides the point anyway.
I dont want to insult you, but from what I read, you sound like one of those serious, everyone is stupid except me, elitists and no one likes those,dont take it personally,please. You dont need to have same hobbies, the key is R.E.S.P.E.C.T.,yo dawg, like for instance one of mine best buddies is non believer while I believe in god, but I respect his decision, I could be like those elitist pricks and ha ha how can he not believe, blah blah he is so stupid blah blah, but you know what, in reality no one gives a shit about just exchange your point of view and that is all, maybe argument a little, but nothing more nothing less, you just have to start respecting people and they will be respecting you. Its not even at how frequently you meet with people, for instance I meet "minor" friends more often than my best buddies, another key is trust, friend is a person you can rely on. Ussually friend is someone who you start to get known better, friends try to know eachother better, so trying to avoid personal or "sensitive" issues is contraproductive, it just makes you more drifted away from person, best friends ussually know the most personal stuff about eachother, that makes them more close, since they know eachother more and more. Finnally people like people who are funny,laidback, who are reliable, who are great to be around, not serious people who think they are superior or such that...still I cant believe there are people without friends...


On the story part, you dont need to have story to make people progress game. If the story will be cliche or such people will be ussally turned off, I think bigger motivator is mystery in this case, big abandoned tower, hero an traveller/treasure hunter/adventurer/monk/novice mage with some background, dark secrets of the tower, would work better in my opinion then save the world or any such. For me dungeon crawling is about going deeper and depper unsolving mysteries, dark secrets to be unearthed, because mystery is easier to create than caring. Again in my opinion,this game gives me the old mystery adventure, retro vibe wich is really really really hard to find in any game.

New resources from Enterbrain!

Thousands and thousands RMVX games are being produced with these resources as we speak, its only matter of time until the shitstorm approaches,embrace yourself...or maybe someone will finnally make great game in feudal japan.

I need to learn to sprite or get sprites made.

there's just not enough room for a semi-realistically proportioned character to be sdrawn in 48x48 without very visible pixel edges).
Well its a few pixels taller but really...
*edit* by the way its not done by me,obviously, it was done by Pawige.

Regarding your sprite...not bad for first time sprite,those hands are very well done,head could be alot smaller, you need to rework legs totally and anatomical proportions. Great start.

I need to learn to sprite or get sprites made.

I am just posting link to one of the best pixel artists ever, for inspiration and process.