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Paper Mafia

what an interesting percentage you pulled from nowhere. how about: rabitz was killed because he was going to investigate and clear me, myself being the only person that could be clearable in this way.
alternately, maybe mafia killed him so they could make the same exact argument you are making.
or, maybe, they killed him because he was the cop

MrChearlie has always been a pretty strict follower of rabitZ, as I; I really don't think he's a villain.

people who accepted rabitz's claim without question are far more scummy than those that did not because only mafia would know with 100 percent certainty that rabitz was the cop.

Paper Mafia

#cancel vote
#Eject Idida1
4 votes to make the difference.

this guy is scum also.

Paper Mafia

Oh i see. I did not realize that was a quote from rabitz.

w/e i'm not taking this "i'm a goomba" line any longer. my vote stays where it is.

Paper Mafia

Yeah I'm wondering why and how you were *certain* of Gourd's alignment in any way.

Paper Mafia

Also chana, I think it's very interesting that Kyrsty is now your #1 target. Why? because she was under fire yesterday? Why not the person claiming the same role as you? Why not the person you said you thought was incredibly suspicious multiple times yesterday? Is it because a lynch on Kyrsty would garner support?

#Vote Chana

Paper Mafia

so chana

I didn't mean it like that, I also like when there are relatively little powered members, but here, it felt as if there were townies (little and big powers) and villains + a 3rd category of almost powerless "spectators", that's how some people felt it at first.

Edit : sorry for the info interfering with the game, didn't realize, deleted... too late!.

before you edited this post, it said that you and gourd were *definitely* audience members.

Would you like to explain this

and also why you are a goomba and I am a goomba

Mafia round 3 sign-ups!

marrend I can't rush these night kills relax

Mafia round 3 sign-ups!

I think Trihan's flavor choice was fine. The main problem, to me, was the really weird role powers, which is sort of evident by virtue of the fact that only one of the special voting powers has been used and the "fan" system has yet to come into play.

Mafia round 3 sign-ups!

Great! but remember : no 3rd rate category or people will be so disappointed, they won't play...(sorry Trihan!).

wow that is rude

I'm eagerly looking forward to "cave_dog mafia"

Paper Mafia

Gonna be doing some laughs when it turns out that idida was the last mafia standing and the rest of this day makes me look crazy