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oops. that's six votes. the hammer has dropped on idida1. maintain radio silence

Paper Mafia

To be honest I'm not sure what I can say to make me less suspicious in your eyes, because roleclaiming looks suspicious, defending myself looks suspicious, and saying nothing looks suspicious. I don't really have a lot of options ^^;

The first two things aren't suspicious at all.

Paper Mafia

Why do you think I am scum over the guy who is actively avoiding posting in this thread and was never addressed in any way by the people that we know were villains.
In fact!!!!

#vote Idida1

Paper Mafia

You vote for who you think is a villain.

Frankly, the fact that you are asking how the game works at this stage, when it, by virtue of how today has already proceeded, has been exactly the same as the other days only with fewer suspects, could be scummy. Why are you looking for direction from some town committee when you already have a vote on me? Are you asking what happens in the case of a tied vote?

Paper Mafia

I think it's worth nothing that LWG never, in any capacity, addressed Idida1 and indeed seemed to be ignoring him entirely. Also, Idida has been posting on the forums and not in this thread. The only reason I can see him having not been modkilled is that Trihan does not want to destroy a significant role.

Paper Mafia

It's weaksauce because ejecting me would be a wasted turn. I'm audience.


When I was doctor last game, I had a night action every night, so I remembered to post.

And I was going to vote LWG, remember? I cancelled because I, personally, wasn't 100% sure. I'm not 100% sure of anything in this game, which is why I've been saying I have no clue.


The problem is not a lack of posting. You have been posting. But your posts have been a bunch of words that don't really say much. You voted for LWG after some pushing (maybe you thought he could be saved....) but your only other decisive move was jumping on the tail end of the pyrodoom bandwagon. You have yet to put suspicion on any one player and your confusion at the game's proceedings sounds fake to me.

Paper Mafia

that's pretty weaksauce kyrsty. or...wait a minute...sorceress...should I say....shadow queen?

Is idida even alive idida are you there sending out an SOS

Paper Mafia

Are you referring to this post?
CAVE_DOG or not CAVE_DOG, and eventually RabitZ or not RabitZ, those are the questions, at least that's where I'm at now, the two main players! (and I thought this was getting easier...).

I actually didn't even realize this was to cast suspicion on me because it doesn't even really make any sense for this reason: Why is rabitz under suspicion at all? Is it normally the tactic of mafia to fake cop and lead a lynch on their brethren? So yeah. Didn't even know you were talking about who you wanted to lynch.

Mirrormasq has also been suspicious of me this entire game so that part of your post falls through.

also I don't really know what me changing my mind has to do with anything. People can do that, in theory. Are you going to get lynched next because you wanted to kill Idida and now have shifted focus on to me?

I'm considering more and more the idea that Trihan made multiple people goombas, but I still doubt it.

I'd be happy with lynching either chana, idida, or kyrsty today. Kyrsty has posted again how she is at a loss, which is a common thing that mafia do (See: Lily) and has been doing this the whole game.

Anyway, the game's being pretty foggy right now. There's no real clear villain least so far.

So right now the only thing we have to go on is that the villains are being silent.

that doesn't help at all! *shakes fist*

Kyrsty has been posting a lot of words, bandwagoning onto an easy pyrodoom lynch, trying to cast suspicion on everyone at once
Actually, that being said, unless it was a bluff, rabitZ isn't a villain, since he voted for Despite on day 1...but everyone who jumped on Shinan's ass, who was a hero, is looking pretty suspicious, especially Zeuzio, Marrend and CAVE_DOG, if I recall correctly.

Of course, rabitZ could've voted for Despite with the knowledge he wouldn't get ejected~

using a lot of extra keystrokes to say nothing, but all the time being afraid to vote someone unless it was pretty clear they were gonna get lynched. Oh, and also this thing that she never replied to when called out on it.

I'm actually massively busy and trying to stay with the game is proving a bit of a difficult task. ^^;

I tend to lurk a bit under certain circumstances. Last game I was a hero and I had a fairly crucial role, so I didn't want to get kicked out by accident. Plus things were a bit less hectic then ^3^;

What are these certain circumstances, exactly?

In fact##unvote
##vote SorceressKyrsty

Paper Mafia

Rabitz is dying tonight, bro.

Paper Mafia

there are three possibilities
1. rabitz is mafia and I am also mafia
2. rabitz is cop and I am doopliss
3. Rabitz is cop and I am an audience member

You have a talent for posting the evident, sounds very frank and transparent but comes at the wrong time, when doubt about your innocence is gaining..?

I was answering a question posed to me with the facts.

No chearlie. I can't prove I am not doopliss. can you?