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That's very cool!

Load Violation of Address RM2k3

You may want to ask someone whose made the transition from old 2003 to steam 2003.
Well that would be me, so... he's already doing it :D

(Hm or did you mean someone who successfully converted their existing game? That wouldn't be me then, right.)

About your error though, LordBlueRouge, it's not the same as kentona's problem. You have a crash on address 4979CF which is drawing graphics. I assume what is happening here is that this database tab normally renders a battle backdrop to show the position of the characters on it, but the file doesn't exist. Most likely that's because it was previously an RTP file but from the unofficial RTP, and in the official RTP that file either doesn't exist or is called differently. The solution would therefore be to open the project in the old RM again and use the "Change Background" button to set another backdrop which is a custom imported file (so that it will exist regardless of which RTP is in use), or of course you can just import the file from the old RTP once you know which one it is. The same thing goes for the issue on the troops tab, since there is also a background being rendered.

kentona's issue is that the RM is attempting to read from a hero with an ID that doesn't exist in the database, for some reason. To say more, I'd have to get the project and debug the crash myself (or look a memory dump, which can be created in task manager - while the error box is open, rightclick rpg2003.exe in task manager's details tab and use the option "dump").

EDIT: I looked at kentona's error in more detail now and I can see the bad hero ID comes from the place where it stores which hero was last selected for the placement preview in the "Individual Setting" list on the top left. Maybe this was a long time ago but it sounds like you did have more heroes in the database some day, and you had a "higher" one selected there the last time you were on this database tab. The solution is to temporarily increase the number of heroes to the maximum, then go to this tab and select a different hero (say #1) and then reduce the number of heroes again.

You said you also have this on tabs not related to the backdrop, such as tileset (I'm assuming with a different error address though), and you also mentioned blacked out graphics, so I'd say there is a chance you additionally have the issue LordBlueRouge has, that you converted your project to the official version, dismissing the warning about changed RTP once (probably not realizing what its impact can be) but having some old RTP resources still referenced. The catch-all solution would be to copy the whole old RTP into your project, at least temporarily, so all files can be found regardless which RTP the RPG Maker is using.

EDIT2: I realize there is also a way how you'd have never seen any update prompt or warning at all - if you had originally used version 1.10. I added this update dialog only in 1.11 I think.

Load Violation of Address RM2k3

Ouch, that could cause all kinds of issues. :(
But if it's OneDrive, do you maybe have a file history which you can use? (Dropbox has that for example.)

Load Violation of Address RM2k3

What if I told you I never changed anything with regards to hero counts in this project since 2008?

Then I can only imagine that you opened the project in the wrong RPG Maker version.

Since you didn't get any warning or update request (which the official version would give you) I can only guess that at some point you opened the project in the official version and you updated it, but now you opened it with the unofficial RM2k3 again...

Or maybe you opened it in RM2k (instead of RM2k3) once, and changed something in the database window, thereby destroying all RM2k3-specific data...

(If you want you can also send me the project or at least the RPG_RT.ldb file and I can try to figure out what's going on)

Load Violation of Address RM2k3

This can happen if you delete resources that are still used elsewhere. Here it sounds like you deleted heroes that were still in the default party and so the battle screen can't render the heroes to show their position...

It can be fixed by creating those resources again, i.e. increasing the number of heroes, possibly settings some graphics for them again, etc.

Similar problems can happen if you delete animations, items or chipsets which are still referenced by other parts of your database.

It's also possible that you messed up your RTP so some graphics files are missing, but at least this error address (531E13) is not because of a graphics issue but because of a missing hero.

Theia - The Crimson Eclipse

I see, seems it worked originally only on part of those sections because in other places the game actually unequips the equipment first, and then the fix was saving "no equipment" as last state.

I fixed that now - the download is updated, so whoever already downloaded the file should download it again please.

So, here again, even though it's the same link - download:

Also here is the source code for anyone interested:

Theia - The Crimson Eclipse

This is a really great game! It's the best RM2k3 game I know at the moment. I'm not good at writing reviews, I guess, but usually I don't comment about games at all so it means something that I wrote about this being great^^

However, it's annoying and frustrating that the previous atlas equipment isn't restored after leaving the "Jamming" sections. I know why that is (because it's technically complicated to do in RM2k3), so I assume it's not a purposeful mechanic. Therefore, I created a fix for this problem.

Download this file and drop it into the "DynPlugins" folder of the game, and your previous atlas will be restored after leaving jamming sections (assuming you still own it):

There is just one tiny caveat: Synergies won't immediately become active again, but that will fix itself after the next battle and can easily be fixed manually before that by just entering and exiting the menu once.

@OnDead Games: Feel free to use and redistribute this. FYI it checks for items 198 and 199 and uses variable range 4201-4300 for storing previous equipment.

Oh by the way - there is a thought about a tiny detail that I wanted to share: In the scripted "battle" at the end, I was sorta waiting for a damage popup of that super-epic attack. Unfortunately there was none. I know this isn't an actual battle technically, but nonetheless I think it would have felt so satisfying to get a damage popup (as picture or whatever) like 1000000 or 9999999 or maybe even some random very-high number, especially since the rest of the scene is "dressed up" like a battle.

EDIT: Oh I realize only now that you, LolloRocketDiver are OnDead Games... I thought at first you are the English translator or something. Cool that you are around here!

[RM2K3] CBS - is it worth it?

I couldn't really find anything that explains it adequately

It's mostly self-explanatory, you get a metrick f***ton of new options in the editor, like almost every event command is supercharged in some way.

[RM2K3] CBS - is it worth it?

I think it would be important to clarify the circumstances here, because it makes a big difference in how easy or hard it would be and therefore how much it would be worth it at the end:

Are you talking about official version or inofficial version? Official: Are Maniacs patch or other (possibly custom) patches an option? If inofficial: Is DynRPG on the table, and would you have dev skills to create your own plugins or would it be more about using existing plugins?

I'm assuming official version but I wanted to make sure, also it's not clear whether you'd consider Maniacs patch or not.

By the way, you wrote "except for the inability to remove the "Row" command without Maniacs" - you don't need Maniacs for that, I released a port of the NoRow patch for the official version here.

[PAID] Plugin Developer for Combat System

It would be great if you could mention for what engine you are looking to get plugins developed.