You're correct there were some complaints about Julia's backstory, and it was never developed as the game progressed. I do agree the removal has left her without much personality. There was an entire alternate character development path I had planned for Julia, involving her house as nobles of Seraphia secretly aiding the enemy Cirigoth invasion and then suffering a traitor's death after the War of the Eclipse. Like so much else, this was cut.

The Emperor Daevus cut scenes are actually still in the project, but they were removed from the game as excessive exposition and foreshadowing. As a character, the Cirigoth emperor is really never that important or a focus of the story, especially early in the game. The scenes felt like an unnecessary distraction from the plot, introducing too many characters and lore references.

I definitely agree the game's story and characters feel incomplete and under developed, because they are. The amount of additional story material planned was really large. I just don't see much of a point adding it twenty years later. It would be a monumental amount of work for an outdated project.


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Definitely another tricky spot where an ability to see secret passages would have been useful. Here's a picture that shows all the tunnels in this area of Silentium Tumulus.


Okay thanks! How do I get to this chest? I've tried walking around on the left side but there seems to be a deadend and it won't let me go any further to reach the chest. I've managed to get the other ones in this room and the ones on the left-staircase and even in the left staircase one with the hidden paths it still went nowhere so I'm not sure how to reach the chest in the pictured one.

For this chest, you actually have to take a hidden path to the right, and circle back counter clockwise.

From the stairs, go right through the first invisible path. Then hug the right wall into another invisible path that goes straight up, to the top of the map, then heads left, finally down once reaching the left side of the map, and step right to the chest area.

I actually wanted to have an ability when Keen was in the party lead where these kinds of passages would become totally visible and obvious, in addition to lots of other abilities for different characters.


Ok, thanks! I've already got Inceptum and finished Beomaust's lair. How do I make Atlantis appear? I can't seem to find it on the north-east corner of the map. I only see a triangle white spot but there's nothing on it.

Also how do I solve the Master Forge and Legendary artifacts mission? I've shown the weapons/equipment from the White Shrine, adamantium, the ores I've got and nothing seems to trigger the blacksmith on the Forgotten Continent. I've also went back to him after getting the Tiger stone something but he's still asking me which I want to forge and to come back if I've "thought of something".

I'm also missing the sidequest after "Furious Professor" (last one on page 1) and 2 sidequests after "Occultos Survivors" (sandwiched between "Rembrandt Banker"). How do I get those 2 sidequests?

After you get the four artifacts of power (Ship Graveyard, Dreaming Forest, Cerulean Silex, Silentium Tumulus), you'll be called back to the White Shrine by Garland for an event. Atlantis will rise in the center of the ocean after completing this event.

The location in the northeast corner of the world also appears at the same time as Atlantis. This snow clad island is the access point for the dungeon Progidium Nidus on the ocean floor. You need the airship and must hover over the island, similar to Atlantis and other locations, to access this area by teleporting to the surface.

The Master Forge can create a number of items, such as an additional Tiger Fangs from the Tiger Eye stone you possess, but first you have to make Excalibur before anything else. This requires two components: 1) adamantium, and 2) the Legend. It sound like you already have the adamantium from trading the Rat Tail to the sprites, so I'm assuming you're missing the Legend, which can be found in Nemus Aevum at this location after following the northwest path from the second bell gate. Depending on when during the plot you give the smith both the Legend and adamantium, he will finish forging Excalibur either sooner or later. After receiving the sword, the master smith will move to a new spot inside the building, and will accept other stones, producing more weapons and equipment.

The side quest after Furious Professor is the Skull Knight NPC. You can recruit him from the Progidium Nidus dungeon once accessible. He trades Beherits for rewards.

The other two quests you're missing have to do with another NPC you recruit from Ignis Castrum, the dwarf castle at the end of Cerulean Silex. Go to the top of the eastern tower, and you'll find him there.


While exploring the Ship Graveyard after you get the airship, you'll get a journal update about salvaging the Inceptum, as you discover its wreckage. You'll have to talk to King Thoth at Incultus Regnum after this, and after he's been given the Technology Magazine. Then you get the ship back and can sail the ocean again.

Where you are in the Phoenix Cave is a branch to two chests that aren't mandatory, and are off the main path to exit the room. They contain the Clockwork weapon for Keen, and Rainbow Cap. To trigger the necessary switch to remove the obstacles, the other party must be outside this dark room, on the west and north side, standing on the switch near a lava pool where the path, if you continue, leads to a trap door, then down some stairs, and to an exit to the next area.


Does that mean the drill quest can't be done? Cuz I've already gave the magazine to the king and he never mentioned that I could open the vault like some players have mentioned.

There is no more drill quest. The player has access to the full expanded base upon first arrival until destruction. The new quest involving King Thoth and the magazine allows players to salvage and sail the ship Inception after obtaining the airship. There's currently no bonus to this. The same NPCs appear on both the ship and airship.


Hey DJC, was wondering if triangle base has disappeared after you come back from the forgotten continent?

Cuz it seems like after I land my airship it just goes directly to the mountain path to the "monsters" and the base is gone.

Correct. In current versions the base is destroyed after the final story sequence at the Tower of Auctus. After obtaining the airship, the mountain dungeon becomes accessible. I never got around to making the mini-dungeon where players could explore the rubble and collapsed tunnels.


I'd turned up to edit my previous post to say nvm, I've solved it. I'm more than relieved to see the back of this one.
Thank you, though, for posting the full solution. I expect someone else at some stage is going to need this.
I'm glad to see that this is the most difficult puzzle in the game. I couldn't bear the thought of them getting even more difficult.

Having said that, the third White Dragon puzzle has me flummoxed. I can't even work out what I'm supposed to do! This is the one where tiles appear in the middle of the void. I can't reach them (stepping towards them just means I fall through), the blocks don't appear in either this or the previous room. So what's supposed to happen? It's not that I am unintelligent, it's the perennial danger of puzzles/mini-games. Unless the player has the same way of thinking as the dev, what is obvious to the dev is a blank wall to the player.

Sounds like you solved the first two puzzle rooms for the White Dragon Trial. The third room is just like the second room, except you cannot see the tiles you have to step on, they are hidden in the void, but will appear once touched by the hero. Just like the previous room, however, you have to step on the different tile shapes in a specific order. To reveal the order, the player can kick the tile with the blue circle around the room, in this case counter clockwise, until it passes over the dragon face tile. The solution will then display one tile group at a time, in order, before disappearing again. The player then has to step on those tile groups in the same sequence.

Here's a link to the image of the solution. You only have to step on one of the tiles for each block group to activate that shape in the sequence, but make sure you do it in order:
White Dragon trial Room #3 solution


Not sure about the bumping rule here, but as this is such a different question, and I don't know if djc has already seen the above, it has to be a new post to get a notification to him.

It's the numbers section of the Black Dragon in the Nexus of Ordeals. I got the combinations which enabled me to get through all the doors, leaving only the final -16 door to open. I, however, have only -6.

All the torches I have access to (the 2 rooms to the left) only have torches with positive numbers, so I cannot bring the total down any further. I've tried a lot of times now, and always end up at the same point. How is this supposed to be done?


Definitely better to make a new post so when I log in, I see the notification and check.

I thought I had a visual solution for this last room of the Black Dragon Trial, but here's written directions for what is probably the most difficult puzzle in the game:

1. Once you enter the room take the only open door.
2. Light the +3 and +5 torches inside, making 8.
3. Take the 8 door that just opened at the room top.
4. Light the +2 and +4 torches inside the room the tunnel took you to, making 14.
5. Exit the 14+ door that just opened at the room bottom.
6. Return to the first room you visited, the second door from the left.
7. Light the -1 and -6 torches, making 7.
8. Exit the room from the bottom and then enter the first door from the left.
9. Light the +10 torch in the room center and put out the -6 torch, which adds 6 and makes 23.
10. Enter the tunnel above that you just opened in the same room.
11. Light the -3 and -2 torches and exit the room from the bottom.
12. If you did the last step correctly the fourth door from the left should now be open and you must enter it.
13. Put out the +4 and +2 torches and light the -4 torch to make 8 and open the tunnel above, taking it back to the second room from the left.
14. Put out the +3 and +5 torches and then light the -6 torch, making -6 and opening the first door from the left.
15. Enter the now open first room from the left and put out the +10 torch, making -16 and solving the puzzle.
16. Take the now opened middle door and get the heck out of this dang room.