Everlong 3D

Is it possible to get a video of this?

Sure thing! Here's a little tour I put together of this test map.


How did you do this?!?

Sorry for the delayed response, I've been on vacation for a few weeks.

This battle victory screen addition was done in rpg maker 2003 using a custom Dyn RPG plugin I made specifically for this game (Everlong) only.


everlong anyone know the order to light the torches in the black dragon trial's 3ed part I'm really really bad with math puzzles.

Here's a quick guide for the Black Dragon Trail puzzles:

First Room:
...first area with the three different doors at the beginning hall. That room with the five torches has two different combinations.

To open the room with the single lone torch to the southwest you must light the bottom left and top right torches.

To progress afterward you must then put out those two torches, and instead light the bottom right, top left, and the top torch.

Don't forget at the very end when you've opened the exit door and want to reach it you've got to follow the riddle of the dragon statues and put out the two torches nearby.

Second room strategy:
The second room is all about timing. Mke sure you start with coffin room door open (two torches lit). Then go all the way northeast along the path. When you reach it's end start running back to the coffin room, lighting every torch as you go. Go inside the coffin room, light the torches in there, and exit, but don't forget to turn off the torches outside that control the door. Then continue west along the path, finish lighting the last few torches and run through the door.

Third room:
1. Once you enter the room take the only open door.
2. Light the +3 and +5 torches inside, making 8.
3. Take the 8 door that just opened at the room top.
4. Light the +2 and +4 torches inside the room the tunnel took you to, making 14.
5. Exit the 14+ door that just opened at the room bottom.
6. Return to the first room you visited, the second door from the left.
7. Light the -1 and -6 torches, making 7.
8. Exit the room from the bottom and then enter the first door from the left.
9. Light the +10 torch in the room center and put out the -6 torch, which adds 6 and makes 23.
10. Enter the tunnel above that you just opened in the same room.
11. Light the -3 and -2 torches and exit the room from the bottom.
12. If you did the last step correctly the fourth door from the left should now be open and you must enter it.
13. Put out the +4 and +2 torches and light the -4 torch to make 8 and open the tunnel above, taking it back to the second room from the left.
14. Put out the +3 and +5 torches and then light the -6 torch, making -6 and opening the first door from the left.
15. Enter the now open first room from the left and put out the +10 torch, making -16 and solving the puzzle.
16. Take the now opened middle door and get the heck out of this dang room.


Double Post


Thanks that helps sorry for not knowing about the rebirth thing i renumber the game saying it suggests auto. But it did not say anything about turning off the rates if you ever update the game it may not hurt to add that info with the message.
also I have been using single mode i will switch to shield for now.
I understand how drops work now and i get why the work would not be worth it I will just hope for good drops :)

Honestly, the rare drop system is a poor implementation due to plugin limitations. I could only shift the drops to a different item for solo battles. That means if you do not encounter the enemy by itself, you can never get the rare drop. You can use the Siren item to call a particular battle, and I made these often solo encounters to make obtaining rare items easier. You can also equip a certain accessory to increase the chance of a rare drop, but again only in these solo battles.


Hi thank you for the reply!
seems i am using 3.34 so that is good.
Default it is then :)
And i wanted to give a bug report sir!So far i just got the ship and am going around finding people for the ship and training and so far have ran into only one bug issue i can repeat and that is if i am in one area and train in that area for to long a error pops up and crashes the game the error is "not enough memory to stream" it seems to be related to music since the music also stops before the crash.
but other then that i have yet to hit any bugs i will keep a look out and tell you if i find any.

PS: I unlocked power to make someone reborn and i wanted to know what is the difference between single and shield mode?
Also is there a way to see what the rare drops for monsters are i know the one bookshelf shows normal drops but i can't find a way to know what the rare drops are for enemies.

I've seen that crash before, but it's extremely rare, and I'm not sure if it's a memory leak from a DynRPG plugin or some problem with the engine. I stopped using the Disharmony audio patch, thinking that was the cause, but now I'm wondering if it's the MIDI playback. I've considered switching to higher quality audio OGG files, which might fix this error, but it would also significantly increase the download size. A major reason I wanted the auto-save feature was this bug.

Shield+ mode grants extra defense to the hero if they have a shield/arm piece equipped. This is to balance the fact that dual wielding weapons, the other option, is exceedingly over powered. Single mode is if for some reason a player doesn't want the bonus but prefers not to dual wield weapons. I have a system already in the game to make shields vastly more useful by enabling the ability to block enemy attacks, but it's not implemented, and would require a ton of item editing and GUI work in the equipment menu to display a hero's BLOCK statistics. I don't like how the current system is a strength penalty for dual wield, and just a defense bonus for using a shield. It still doesn't feel balanced at all.

The regular drops for enemies are visible in the bestiary, which is accessed from a shelf separately from the regular library. The rare drops cannot be displayed easily, however, because of the hack necessary to make it work. Rare drops are battle specific, not necessarily monster specific due to limitations. I've thought about a custom loot system, which could allow rarities and multiple drops, but it'd be a lot of work for only a little increased functionality.

I have a update on a bug not sure what did it but my encounter rate and exp scaleing seems to be stuck on off even if i switch it in the settings it does not change anything.

Once you "rebirth" a hero the encounter and experience scaling are meaningless and shut off. The limits were only designed for heroes between level 1-99. Now the rates will simply be the default all the time. The game could probably have a better explanation about this when your first hero is reborn. I think there's a message recommending the "auto balance" option. There are some special items you can still use to adjust EXP received, and the encounter rate. The Bell Collar accessory increases battles when worn. The Ancestral Ring increases EXP gain for the wearer.


Hi i know it's been a while but just wanted to say I'm going to try this game once more and will tell you of any bugs i find but i do have a few questions i hope someone can help me with.

1.I think i installed the new patch right what is a easy way to know for sure?
2.i forget how does the scaling system work like what is the difference between default and auto? also I'm not a fan of scaling is there a way just to have foes not get more powerful as you do?

Hey ryan,

If you installed the full game, then the patch, the title screen should show "v3.34" in the bottom right corner. If it's a lower number version, the patch didn't unzip to the correct folder.

If you don't want the monster difficulty scaling system just leave it on "Default" and avoid "Auto". There's also "Easy" and "Hard", or even "Custom" which allows you to see exactly where the scales are currently adjusted. Nothing will change on its own unless you select the "Auto" option.

You can also turn OFF encounter rate scaling, which is ON at the start and makes encounters less frequent if your level is higher than the area's balance.


Sure! Will do. And thank you for an elaborate response. Honestly (And I mean it in good taste) I'm surprised you're still supporting and developing the game even after 18 or so odd years. You really are a star and the game deserves recognition.

I'd love to hear if you have taken any other gaming projects. Maybe there's another game out there by DJC which I could play? I wouldn't mind buying the game either. Unlike the last time I played Everlong years back , I now have a stable job and can totally afford it :D

I've never released any other projects or made significant progress on another game, but I'm often testing out new versions of RPG Maker and writing design documents. I've spent a fair amount of time playing around with RPG Maker MV and the 3D plugin, but the time commitment for a new project is just too much, and there's some discouraging shortcomings of the new engines.

Working from home during the pandemic, I've done a fair amount of tinkering writing DynRPG plugins just to see what's possible, but I haven't released them publicly since it's a giant mess of 6000+ lines of code. I still never realized the vision for Everlong I wanted, but that's the way it goes, you don't finish or complete the work, it's just abandoned at some point. The most likely outcome is just some smaller, quality of life and bug fix updates in the near future.



Always good to hear most of the changes are well received. I do agree Julia's character development is particularly weak. Unfortunately an enormous amount of planned story and character content was cut. Sometimes I feel like making the push to add more content, but it would be a massive undertaking for an old project using an obsolete engine. It would give me a chance to correct the journal inconsistencies and spelling errors you mention, as well as some truly cringe dialog.

Julia's noble house roots and family were going to feature more prominently, with her parents being ambitious aristocrats that side with the Cirigoth and sabotage the Seraphia war effort, using tunnels underneath the capital to blow a hole in the wall surrounding the city during the siege, turning the tide of the battle when it seemed our heroes might actually hold against the attack. Later, after the victory of the Unicon in the War of the Eclipse, Julia's house would be condemned as traitors, her parents publicly executed, and she'd have to deal with the aftermath. Julia would also have an emotional reconcilement with their ghosts after using the Grimoire of Diablos in a cave on the Island Closest to Hell while trying to summon a different soul from the afterlife while the party is investigating how a legendary thief managed to enter Welana Eridwell's tower in the past.

I've also been thinking about a major overhaul of the entire skill system. Most current skills just deal extra damage or inflict conditions for AP cost, but through my own DynRPG plugins I've created lots of interesting possibilities. Quite a few additions are implemented, just not in the game, so players aren't aware of them.

Skills currently work by equipping multiple versions. Before DynRPG, this was my best solution to scale skills as heroes get stronger. More powerful versions of the same skill are equipped if STR or MAG meet certain thresholds. I'm looking at some of the skills in question, and it does look like Sammy's Succor and Celerity lose their condition removal on their final tier in exchange for greater healing, as does Drakeor's Chakra. I'm not sure why I made those changes, and I think I'll restore the conditional removal. It's definitely confusing from a player perspective, and removes skill utility.

Drakeor's Spear Rain is probably working correctly. The final tier of this skill is the only one that inflicts Fragile in addition to damage and lowering physical resistance. If Drakeor's STR is high enough, he gets this version of Spear Rain. If it's below the threshold, he'll possess a weaker version. Equipment that boosts STR or MAG can have a big effect on the skill levels. It's easy to break the game early by equipping Vetu with MAG boosting equipment, so he gets higher tier spells than usual and just obliterates everything.

The double healing effect you are seeing is probably a result of the initial heal followed by the bonus from the user's MAG. It's confusing, but the best compromise I could make quickly and easily for percentage based healing. If I redid the skill system, I could eliminate this extra healing popup while maintaining the bonus, but again a monumental amount of work would be required, and old saves would be totally incompatible with new version.

Shinryu's Atomic Breath should not be dealing anywhere near that insane level of damage. I'm in agreement it's probably the auto balance mechanic, raising the boss attack power. Atomic Breath is actually influenced by STR, but I'll change that so it's fixed damage and players need only gain more levels to survive reliably. You've discovered one of the other mechanics, Reflect, to counter this attack. A Reflect Ring accessory auto casts Reflect permanently at the start of battle, making the initiative weapon strategy unnecessary, though still useful. Another tactic is using the DEFEND command when you know Atomic Breath is about to be cast, halving the damage. It's also a BREATH attack, so a few select accessories or pieces of equipment guard against its damage. It's not a special skill, so Scarab Amulet has no effect. There is power creep built into auto balance mode, so players do continue to grow in stats faster than monsters adjust, but clearly Shinryu's Atomic Breath is broken.

As for the quest missing in your log, it will automatically activate after finishing the main plot and defeating the final enemy. Then after the credits choose Continue+ or New Game+. It's the quest for the bonus dungeon, The Tomb of Khaer Magnus, which is not accessible until that time. It has much more difficult enemies, puzzles, and powerful loot.

Thanks for your feedback. Let me know if you have other questions or find more bugs!



Returning player to Everlong after over 4-5 years and once again having a blast playing the master piece . Let me take this moment to thank you DJC. Your work and its magic is appreciated <3

PS : I would like to report a bug or two that I think I encountered playing the game (Currently exploring the Nevus Aveum Forest) . If someone could point me to the correct thread, that would be most helpful. Thanks.

Hey Raywyrm, sorry for the late reply, I've been on vacation. Glad to hear you're still enjoying the game after all these years. If you've found some bugs, feel free to report them in this thread and I'll do what I can to address them, thanks!