The Master of Souls
Stop a demon's prophecy from decimating everything.




No worries, your thoughts are your own and valid! I would say with regards to balance changes, I’ll likely readjust some healing items and spells (when I have a chance to work on this again in about a month), and I’ll maybe take a look at the difficulty of the enemies, but that was more linked to the pace of the game. I’m pretty happy with the slower pace (personally) as for me this game is about the world & atmosphere, as well as encouraging players to explore the areas as well as their own skill sets and how they interact. I understand that may not be what everyone is looking for, and so I will take another look at the balancing issues, but with regards to the pacing I would say I’m pleased with the way the game currently plays. The font color issue is 100% warranted and a nightmare I will immediately change.


Eh, can't be for everyone. Thanks for giving it a shot and for the feedback!

Release the Dead

(If we're still posting pictures)Spent the better part of the event building a light puzzle level and trying to make multi-layer fog work. Will hopefully have a semi complete demo by the 30th

The Master of Souls

Hy everyone. I' m a great enjoyer of this game and i think it really makes Justice to the Adventure Rpg genre. But i want to ask one think. Is it possible to bring to bring Pete back to Life ? I really love him as a carachter. No need for event spoiler: Just tell me yes or not, please. Thank you and I wish you an happy day

Hi lumegaudium! Glad to hear you're enjoying the game, I've answered your question in a spoiler box below :)
It is possible to revive Pete! There are three endings to the game, one of which allows for Pete to be revived. The key is a special item in the Faerie town Lenria that is the reward for a quest! Happy Gaming

I found a bug in the dalthornian caves near the start. Pete died of poisoning and I could not bring him back to life so I tried to go back to the start of the game to revive him but when you try to walk back through the caves after the poison dog bit the cutscene happens again and then you are frozen.the game seems quite nice though I think I have kinda stuffed it up by letting him die and I don't really want to start again

Hi danyburton! I'm glad to hear you were enjoying the game, and I'm sorry about the bug! Unfortunately, my priorities are on other projects and work right now, and I don't have the time to fix small bugs in this game. I do know it is possible to get through that part of the game, if Pete dies he can be later revived after the dungeon. Not sure what causes the dog freeze, if that happens again though restarting and approaching the scene from a different angle or in a different save file will likely fix it! Hope you enjoy the game if you choose to return to it!

Maps Weekly 2: The Mappening

A little snippet of something

I meant to do some more extensive town mapping on the bottom, but I liked the way this part turned out so I just left it here.

@Momeka - I really like the color scheme you have going there!

The Master of Souls

Nyx - The bloodstone isn't in the basilisk caves. You'll have more luck searching the caved in item store in the Dark Woods :)

kenlan - James is definitely not supposed to be in Act II (he does make a brief reappearance later). Which fight did you take Daniel out for? And how long have you had James in your party? Was he there since you first got him in Act I and he never left, or is something else going on?

The Master of Souls

I'm glad you're enjoying the game :) The Han Bloom quest should bring you on a long journey to a series of locations.

After attempting to find him in Hardenburg you need to search
in Septia. There's another clue at the end of the quest to find a tenant for the woman's house. There is a note which directs you to Ineldal. Han Bloom himself can be found in the Death Mage Academy.

There isn't an enormous reward for this quest, it is more of a fun "treasure hunt" style game in order to explore the world.

The Master of Souls

I can post a guide with the locations to the Act II Goodie Caves if you'd like :)
There are no Act III Goodie Caves. Due to the lack of linear character aquisition, we decided to cut the caves because they really served no purpose - you would have to hunt them down all over again after obtaining a new character (especially the spell cave).

The Master of Souls

The elf quest is definitely a bug and a known one, but the door is new. It's most likely a bug, do you have any save filed before talking to the dragon rider? If so, try to open the door first. If not, PM me and well work this out :) this is going on our list of bugs to fix in the near future.

The Master of Souls

@wybella The key to the door can be obtained by curing the blindness of a man in Septia :) That quest involves finding the witch who cursed him and convincing her to undo the curse.