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both designs are pretty good.
I'd say the second one is a bit better, but I'm not a fan of the pointy fingernail things.
In the end though, I think the design should be more based on her personality (unless you're basing her personality on the design)

Random Art Topic

@Creation: lookin pretty good, that fence should look great when you fix the resize problem
btw, whatever happened to the leafy tree, I actualy kinda liked it, this one's good too, mind you :P

Mario vs. The Moon Base

I'm probably gonna review this if I ever get at least relatively close to the end ;)
It's a good thing Game Overs aren't so bad in SMBX or I'd never make it anywhere.
Love this game, wish I was better at mario :/


That's weird :/ the preview thumbnail still shows the old version.
Looks pretty good, a couple of things: The audience seems kinda small, would it be possible to show the very front of people sticking out from the very edge of the map on the sides?
Also It looks a little funny how most people have contrasting outlines but the three pointy hat guys don't.
Other than that, looks great :)

new to this..

Welcome to RMN!
I suggest looking at various tutorials, on this site or elsewhere.
depending on what game engine you want to use, you should be able to find plenty.
If you're stuck or don't understand anything, feel free to ask for help.
Good luck making games :)


Oh it's not that bad.
I actually quite like it, the stone path needs some edge tiles though

post your picture

@benos: oops silly me, I copied the first quote and forgot to change the author.
fixed it now :P


I made the 1st download!
You better give me all them codes!
I got second though :)


You can also do this to exactly copy+pasta what you have selected.
lol somebody is hungry :)

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

@Felix20: what IDE is that?
It's Code::Blocks, it's a cross-platform C++ IDE.
It's not my favorite, but it works best for what I'm doing right now.