Creation Custom Crafts: Craving Criticism

Oh he was talking about my tree?
It's all made of gradients because I just put it together really quick in Inkscape (which just does vector graphics) so it's a lot quicker to do gradients.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Thanks. The flowers are done like that by design. I didn't want to make them pop by using black outlines, since it would be distracting. They just need to be noticeable enough so that you realize they exist, buy they blend in with the environment.

In that case, I would suggest making them smaller, primarily the stems.
like so:

But if you want to keep them like that that's ok too

The Screenshot Topic Returns

@Lennon: Very nice, looks great. I like those trees, especially how you mixed in two colors of them.

I don't really like those flowers though, they seem flat and bland compared to the trees

Valedictory Game Drive

I'm actually going to try to make a small flash game in 4 days :P

What RMN game are you playing now?

Mario vs. The Moon Base

Curse you Bloopers!!!

The Screenshot Topic Returns

@Radcythe: did you make those graphics yourself, they look nice ;)

The grass tile with red flowers is too square shaped

Slimongo: Learn Japanese with an RPG, Technical Demo #2

lookin good :)
Those star shadows should be much more translucent/not as dark, or only have a couple of them here and there.

Creation Custom Crafts: Craving Criticism

I would like to point out those clouds are severely different in style than those trees
Hmm I don't really think they are really all that different in style.
Though the finished tree is a lot more detailed than the clouds