Creation Custom Crafts: Craving Criticism

Ah crap, I wish I had known that before coloring everything >__<'.
If you're making the pine tree in Photoshop or GIMP then it is a simple tweak of a slider away from being a bit bluer, and you can select the leaves so it doesn't change the trunk

Really struggling with that cloud tree however 0__o'.
What are you trying to make it look like (Versalia's idea, mine, or something else)

Atmospheric music

@Radnen: Sorry if you feel this discussion is pointless
I just wanted to know what other people thought about the mood that the music gives to a game, and an example of the music they think does this well.

I' don't see why music being context sensitive means we shouldn't talk about the music we think works well and the music we think doesn't.
But maybe I'm the only one, if you don't want to discuss it than feel free to ignore this topic

Super Mario RPG: The Starlite Worlds

This looks really cool, I'm looking forward to this being finished

Creation Custom Crafts: Craving Criticism

Also, I would differentiate the color on the Pine to be closer to a blue color.
Ah yes, pines are generally more on the blue side than other trees.


Also some people who only speak English make dialog like "could frighten many warriors" So your English is actually pretty close to par ;)


that's much better ;)

any thoughts?
One thing that might help, would be reading English novels (if you like reading) they have lots of phrases and such that would help you be able to think of better dialog :)


The cave looks pretty good, but I've got a couple problems with the dialog.

The statue suddenly appear to come to life.
The dragon head opens it's eyes and asks, with a
mechanical voice that could frighten many warriors:
"What is the answer?"

Should be "appears", though i suggest saying "The statue suddenly comes to life." instead
This seems a little clumsy, I suggest "would frighten many a warrior" or "would frighten even the bravest of men/warriors"

The Screenshot Topic Returns

@Eggbertx: Holy cow It's Chip!!!!!!!!!!!!
can I have his autograph please pleeeeeeeease :)
what? i can't? why not?
Bummer: chip can't autograph without pen

Seriously though Chip = Epic win


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