I'm into fluff and BL usually with a heavy dose of sports.

Watch out for my project... mmm... I'll probably release after a decade or so...

Progress is really slooooow.



What are you thinking about right now?

Just finished watching Stranger Things, and I'm totally impressed.
I'm already impatient for news for a season 2. lol


The trees really stand out for me, I love the use of blues as shadows.

What do you do for a living?

previously a graphic designer, now a college student.


Great work! Looking forward to play this :3

Ganbatte! Homeroom-Sensei!!

Thanks KatanaHiroshi, lol school life isn't the same without procrastination, and the occassional cramming. But as they say; the best ideas pop up on the last minute. ;)


Class 2-C sets a good example for most organized. =v=)b

Ganbatte! Homeroom-Sensei!!

Thanks Frogge! hahaha I originally planned the name to be the japanese equivalent. Kawai-chan, Megane-kun, Ahoge-san, etc..

But decided to go with their direct english translation to keep that wacky and silly atmosphere. Glad you like it!


This looks really cute! I love the colors, its bright, happy and sunny.
Are you overhauling all the graphics in your game? Would love to see more!

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Beautiful! I like the idea of switching and swapping character makes great for solving puzzles.

Event isn't turning. RMVX ACE

How many event pages does the event have? Could be a switch or a selfswitch is flipped on which takes precedence after the set move route.

Or if you're accessing a set move route from another event, you might be referencing the wrong event id.

Have you tried using other functions like move, change graphic, or set opacity?

Are you using a script that affects character movement?

If possible, can you post a screenshot of the event page?