A Celestial Weapon: MV E...
An advanced super weapon is going to be used against an innocent nation. Can they act fast enough to prevent its use?


What defines an episodic game?

I was uncertain what to put my latest project under, episodic, or non-episodic. I thought it would be episodic as it's separated into seven short, but different, missions. I've recently released the second demo of it, having completed work on the second mission, I change it to 2/7 episodes complete, and it's been set back to 1/7.

Is what I'm doing not really count as episodes? If not, I'll just switch it back to being a normal game. I was just curious to know why it might've been changed back to 1/7 episodes complete.

This is referring to "Saving the Planet: 90's Style"

RMMZ: How to make a simple Dual Tech / Triple Tech system?

Just wondering if anyone can help me with my dual tech / triple tech system like in Chrono Trigger?

I thought I'd reword this as it seemed as though I didn't have a clue where to start, when all I need is a little bit of help.

Here's my plan for it so far. There are two skills, one being the skill which will cause the damage or effect, the other being a clone of it, having a call common event command.

In the common event, variables are keeping track of all party members current MP. It will check to see if they have sufficient MP (Greater than). It will then use the "real" skill directing it at the last enemy/ally targeted.

The thing which I do want to ask is.

Is there a way to cancel the command if the characters don't have enough MP so a turn hasn't been wasted?

Any issues between having the same game here and on Steam?

I didn't know where to post this and this is why I've posted it here.

Is there a conflict between posting a project here on and on Steam's Rpg Maker MV workshop?

Just want to know before I go ahead with it.


What Microsoft Font would sum up 1990's for you?

Reason I'm asking is that I'm making a Captain Planet tribute game, so I want the text to look like it's fitting in with that time. I'm hopeless at drawing text freehand. I'm leaning towards "Impact".

The title screen is shown below without any text. It's tag line, as will be seen going through the list of games will be, "Captain Planet without the Captain". The title of the actual game is going to be "Saving the Planet: 90's style"

The planeteers (or whatever they'll be called) are shown below. Heart has been dropped, and Ice and Lightning have been added.

Zelda series - Would I like them?

I'm trying to find some new games to play on my Switch but I find it very hard to find games I actually end up liking.

I've played the original NES Zelda and I found it extremely hard and confusing, dropped in the middle of nowhere with no clue what to do. I know that games back then were extremely hard compared to what they are now.

When was the point that they started to become easier in difficulty? I generally play games more for fun than for a challenge.

If there are other ideas for games outside of the Zelda series, please mention those as well. Below is a list of games that I do enjoy playing.

Final Fantasy (I - XII
Chrono Trigger
Stardew Valley
Any Pokemon Game (Mainline or Spin-off), I've already got Pokemon Shield, Let's Go Eevee, and Mystery Dungeon DX
Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped
Commander Keen Episodes 4 - 5 (Has to have in-level saving)
Western RPGs (Not Skyrim, I've played it too many times)
Puzzle games like Mousecraft (used to play Lemmings years ago)

My Drawings

I've recently gotten back in to my drawing again, after I don't know how long. I got all inspired again after getting a book on manga out of the library for doing the title screen for my recent project, and then buying the book for myself.

I know that these are not all done in the manga style, but here they are anyway.

I'll be posting more up as I feel up to doing them.

My farmer out of Stardew Valley, based on Shantae, of course.

Rydia from Final Fantasy IV, I figured that maybe her mother still exists in some way if she can summon the Mist Dragon?

A young vampire who checks her potential victim's medical records, and then decides against going after him. Thinking about this later, it seemed to me a bit like the jokes what MAD Magazine would do.

Question about using RM2K3 Music in an RMMV project

Hi everyone.

Does anyone know what the terms of use are when it comes to using music from one Rpg Maker engine (2003) and then using it in another (Rpg Maker MV)?

I know that I'll have to convert it from .mp3 to .ogg format to make it work, and since I'm having to do this, will this still be okay by their book?

I'm looking for a track similar to "2003Silence" but I can't find anything in the .ogg format in the music packs I own which comes close.

Testers wanted for Earthsea: The Old Powers

Hi there.

I've had the demo of Earthsea: The Old Powers up for a while now, and I'm looking for feedback before I proceed any further.

I mostly want feedback on items. As in, "can the demo be finished easily, or are more healing items required?"

Also for anyone who has read the series, I'd be willing to accept additional lines for the random dialogue which are said by the npcs in the towns and cities. If these seem canon, and look as though they'd fit in with how things were in the books, then I'd put them in, and give you credit if you'd like that.

Please PM me, with your feedback.



Random Item chests aren't working [RMMV]

Sometimes my chests give an item, but just as often, they don't.

I've tried to do it by using the common event command to select an item from a list, but often the chest opens, and no item is given.

Here's the chest event, and the common event. If someone can tell me what's going wrong here, that would be great. I put the "wait" in there, thinking that might help, but nothing's changed.

Chest Event

Common Event (Random Item List)

Is there a conflict between Yanfly's Synthesis and Quest Journal Plugins? [RMMV]

I'm asking because the Quest option isn't appearing in the menu screen, and then I've seen this appear under the parameters for the plugin for the Quest Journal.

Enable Command True
"Enable the Synthesis command in the main menu by default?"

This doesn't make sense, as this is under the Quest Journal plugin, not the Synthesis plugin.

Do these two plugins conflict with each other?