How to make regions passable/impassable via switches, is there a script for this? RMVX ACE

Thanks for the help Marrend, I didn't know about the "Get Location Info" command. I made it work through a couple of parallel events.

How to make regions passable/impassable via switches, is there a script for this? RMVX ACE

I'm making a VX Ace version of Final Fantasy VII and I'm trying to restrict the areas that the chocobos can go to. I can achieve this through switches and events, but I was wondering if there was a script out there which could check the following conditions.

  • SWITCH ON: Chocobo Mount
  • SWITCH ON: River Chocobo
  • Therefore allow region X etc, to be passable (For River Chocobo, shallow water)

I'm just concerned of the massive slowdown there might be when there's hundreds of these events all over the world map determining whether passage is permitted or not.

Is it possible to make a skill like "Blade Beam" in VX ACE?

Thanks for the responses. I like Marrend's script but for some reason it considered the battle won as soon as the first enemy had been defeated, it didn't wait for all of them to be killed. I didn't know scripts could be called in battle formulas like that.

I ended up settling for a similar approach to Coelocanth's. It has a common event to perform Blade Beam, a separate skill with a higher defense formula, on each individual target.

Thanks for the help. :)

Is it possible to make a skill like "Blade Beam" in VX ACE?

I'm making a de-make version of Final Fantasy VII in Vx Ace, and just wondering how I could get the effect of Blade Beam, where it hits one opponent for normal damage and then all other foes get hit with an attack which is 50% of the normal damage output.

I've looked through the scripts available here but nothing seems to fit quite under the effect what I'm trying to get at.

[RM2K3] [RM2K] Offline Character Generator

Charas did have an offline one back in the day, I used it a fair bit. It only did characters though, not battlers etc. Here's the link to it, it might be what you were looking for. Just be aware that it is an unsecure page.

Sorry about that! I just realised that you said that it's not on the Charas website so I'm sure you've seen this.


That was what was used in Final Fantasy VI right? Yeah, it would look cool. And having a dragon in place of the airship.

Earthsea: The Old Powers

Yes, I removed the download, as I'm remaking it from scratch and not leaving it half complete this time. As a small progress report, I'm currently making the interiors for Havnor Great Port.

A quick question about distribution packages [RMMZ]

Hi Marrend, thanks for the suggestions.

I did exactly what you said with the last suggestion, I just pulled everything from MV into MZ. I knew the MV plugins would be incompatible so I took all those out, putting a few MZ ones in instead.

What I meant was that when I clicked on "Create Distribution Package" and told it to exclude unused files, it wouldn't progress at all, and it didn't give me any error messages. It would just sit there and do nothing.

When I tried again and told it include unused files, it had no issues.

Seeing that the zipped folder (including the unused files) at the end of it all was still smaller than the original I had uploaded here, I decided just to go with it and put it up, not worrying about it anymore.

A quick question about distribution packages [RMMZ]

This is actually a very small issue, I've got a solution but I was just wondering if there was some other way. (Don't say deleting the resources which aren't used, I've already considered that).

Okay, this game "Every Vote Counts" was made in Rpgmaker MV, but I've upgraded it to Rpgmaker MZ. When I made the distribution package, it wouldn't make one, as I was telling it to exclude unused files, which it apparently had a bit of an issue with.

I then tried it again telling it to include all files, and it did it no questions asked. I just know that this makes an inflated file size (it's still lower than the original though).

Just wondering if anybody knows of any other approach I could take? I can only assume it had this issue because the game was originally made in Rpg Maker MV?

Need help with a battle arena setup - RMMZ

Thanks Marrend. I've started copying the code from my common events into the main event (I'm sorry if this comes as rather confusing, even to me.), but it seems to be working correctly so far, except for the first round which still doesn't make sense at times, pulling up a defeated condition when it should have played a random battle. I checked the variables after it did it, and it should have worked correctly.

The common event for the status however runs with no problems, so I'm leaving that in.