A Celestial Weapon: MV E...
An advanced super weapon is going to be used against an innocent nation. Can they act fast enough to prevent its use?



What defines an episodic game?

I expected to be sent a message if something I'd been doing was against the rules.

Thanks for the info, LockeZ.

What defines an episodic game?

Yes, I did click update and saw 2/3 episodes complete. I check back later and it was back to 1/3 episodes complete.

I was wondering if I'd broken the rules in some way, and this was why it was changed back. That's the only reason I can think of. If this doesn't really count as an episodic game, because I'm looking at what JosephSeraph said about "having different episodes / downloads releasing at separate times", I'd probably just switch this to just being an ordinary game, like all the previous ones I've uploaded here.

The way things are going right now, the demos/updates are going to be released in relatively quick succession, about one every month or so.

What defines an episodic game?

I was uncertain what to put my latest project under, episodic, or non-episodic. I thought it would be episodic as it's separated into seven short, but different, missions. I've recently released the second demo of it, having completed work on the second mission, I change it to 2/7 episodes complete, and it's been set back to 1/7.

Is what I'm doing not really count as episodes? If not, I'll just switch it back to being a normal game. I was just curious to know why it might've been changed back to 1/7 episodes complete.

This is referring to "Saving the Planet: 90's Style"

RMMZ: How to make a simple Dual Tech / Triple Tech system?

Thanks for the responses Marrend.

I was looking round last night and I've found a plugin which seems like it will handle it all (and much more flash than what I was aiming for).

RMMZ: How to make a simple Dual Tech / Triple Tech system?

What I meant was that the skill could still be chosen, then the common event runs. It would then turn out that the characters don't have enough MP for the skill to be used. The process gets cancelled, and the player could then select a different skill, command, etc.

RMMZ: How to make a simple Dual Tech / Triple Tech system?

Just wondering if anyone can help me with my dual tech / triple tech system like in Chrono Trigger?

I thought I'd reword this as it seemed as though I didn't have a clue where to start, when all I need is a little bit of help.

Here's my plan for it so far. There are two skills, one being the skill which will cause the damage or effect, the other being a clone of it, having a call common event command.

In the common event, variables are keeping track of all party members current MP. It will check to see if they have sufficient MP (Greater than). It will then use the "real" skill directing it at the last enemy/ally targeted.

The thing which I do want to ask is.

Is there a way to cancel the command if the characters don't have enough MP so a turn hasn't been wasted?

Any issues between having the same game here and on Steam?

No, I always offer them non-commercial. Not fancy enough to charge for.

Thanks for the info, Mirak.

Any issues between having the same game here and on Steam?

I didn't know where to post this and this is why I've posted it here.

Is there a conflict between posting a project here on and on Steam's Rpg Maker MV workshop?

Just want to know before I go ahead with it.


Recently Watched Movies

Haven't watched many films lately despite having about 240 in my collection (dvd & bluray). I usually watch them when I'm doing some leveling up, or something else mindless, in a game.

Went out to the movies to see "Josee, the tiger, and the fish" last month, though. I was always like going out to see an anime film.

How to make a Skill that makes you immune to other certain Skills?

I've made something similar to this in a project where a character could be inflicted with vampire status and therefore can't be healed using healing items or magic.

It's done as a status effect, so it can easily be set to wear off in a number of turns. I know it's not absolutely perfect for what you're doing as they can still be targeted, but it will have no effect on the target.

Make the status effect, and then under traits put in

SP-Parameter: Recovery Effect 0%

This way, no healing items or healing magic will have any effect.

Hope this helps.