Studying for a Bachelor's Degree in Game Design
One day I'll compete on the world stage

Game Designer/Character Artist
Hello, and welcome to Evil Productions! Are games what they really seem?



What do you think of Texans?

I get the impression Texas personifies the most conservative aspects of America: Furiously christian, homophobic, gun-loving and racist

I don't know why. The news?

A Nivlacart of Art!

Catch up dump!

Looking for advice on how draw things that are worth a damn.

There is no shortcut. Only primitive.

See art you like? Copy art.
Do not trace over.
See with eye, copy on paper.

Start will be difficult. Because you compare.
Body will understand training.
Brain will understand training.
Become good artist.

I'm bored, can we insult each other for a while?

And you swallow.

Xenoblade Chronicles X

When you have to decide between a class that's fun to play and a class that people would want to add to their party...

[Poll] What RPGs should get represented in a future Smash Bros.

What if Slime from Dragon Quest

Trauma Center

This game built such an interest in surgery in me that I never thought I would have (being extremely squeamish to gore)

Has anyone played this?
What were your best moments with this game?
Which were your favorite parts?
What other surgery media did you get into after this?

Oh man, will there ever be a new game?
Surely they can think of something for the WiiU, it seems practically made for it!

When you're playing with your friend and they get too competitive

Levels of gaming:

Level 1: I just started but this is quite fun!
Level 2: I've invested a bit of time and I'm enjoying myself!
Level 3: I'm getting better but it's slightly frustrating when I lose.
Level 4: There's no way he could've...!! RRRRRRGHHHH!!!

What are you jamming to?

Shaaaawn wasaaabi

So, about Armored Core...

Oh man I played Armored Core... I think it was 5, on the Xbox. It was super fun being in a speed mech that had jet thrusters and two laser swords.

But it relies too much on an online community... which is long dead.

Mech games... I really like Front Mission. Not Evolved, but 3 and 4. They're strategy games but there's something about customising a robot, and then deploying it strategically to deal damage to other robot body parts with your cool robot weapons that's slightly more appealing than being in the cockpit.