Even newspapers have those nowadays.
In business there is no room for friendship. Competitors have to be eliminated at any cost. Fortunately for you, I'm not businessman. I'm a spy.



Malaysia Airlines Boeing crash in Ukraine

As I said, being insane doesn't exclude being (insanely :P) smart. Many schizophrenics are chess masters. Many autistic people can do complicated calculations in their minds.

Finally, most of serial killers ARE smart, even if what they do is totally wrong and insane. Some of them are even smart enough to avoid being caught (Jack the ripper, Zodiac) - if they do get caught it is either because they're tired with all this, wanna get "famous" (as was the cause with son of Sam) or they've become too arrogant and started to make mistakes.

So yeah, Putin CAN be (and probably IS) both insane and very smart. Bad combination in his case and since he's starting to be too arrogant... Well, let's just say he won't live for long. There is a high chance of a deadly "heart attack".

A French Maker in the English community

Bonjour, Fflo!

Your English is very good. If you didn't tell us you're from France, I wouldn't ever know that you're not a native speaker (I'm from Poland, by the way).

there is a site where one can make good mack sprites?

Charasproject's generator?

Malaysia Airlines Boeing crash in Ukraine

No, he must be clearly insane to think that he'll get away with what's he's doing and not end like last of Romanov dynasty.

Also being insane doesn't exclude being smart. Quite the opposite - many serial killers were really intelligent and only got caught because either they wanted to or because they've become too arrogant.

Putin is becoming too arrogant as well and this arrogance will destroy him.

The Customer (Or The Player) Isn't Always Right.

I think main problem with XP is that it has poorly done RTP. I got bored of it after just 3 or 4 games I played. VX/VXAce RTP is much better IMO, I have yet to get bored with it despite numerous games I've played that uses it.
Furthermore, I think the only advantage XP has is its mapping system (along with semi-unlimited tilesets). If they'd combine it with VX Ace's speed and functionality, perfect RM would be born.

Back to the topic: No, player isn't ALWAYS right, but he is in like 85% of the cases so you better listen to them or you'll end up like EA: ignoring feedback and alienating their players. Case in point #1: Simcity. Case in point #2: Pools and toddlers in The Sims 4. They say they can't make it on launch, because they'll miss the window, but I'd be perfectly happy with the delay if that'd mean we'd get pools and toddlers.

Also CashmereCat above gives VERY bad idea. Don't listen to him.

Malaysia Airlines Boeing crash in Ukraine

I'm not about to step up and defend Putin, but I wouldn't mind knowing where this furious hatred of him comes from.

Because man is clearly insane or at least mentally unfit to be a president. Too bad Medviediev was just a marionette, because he'd make better president for Russian people than this a-hole Putin.

Wave battles in VX Ace?

Or put some snarky remarks by enemies in event cutscenes between waves. It's all up to you to decide.

Malaysia Airlines Boeing crash in Ukraine

For anyone still thinking Crimea "willfully" joined Russian Federation:

KGB tactics at its finest.

Wave battles in VX Ace?

Still I think it'd be best to just event this out, e.g.:
<>Start battle Wave1
<>Start battle Wave2
<>Start battle FinalWave

So yeah, another thing that can be easily done with events and instead people ask for scripts... x_x'

Malaysia Airlines Boeing crash in Ukraine

When I think about Russia, I think of great folk music, Matryoshkas, great Russian art and architecture, and of course, Tetris.

When I think about Russian GOVERNMENT (except Yeltzin's, he was good president even if he drink bit too much), I think about guys who'd be more handsome if they'd wear straight jackets and should live in white, comfy rooms.

I simply LOVE Russia, it has great culture, but has also one of the most batshit insane governments in the world.