Even newspapers have those nowadays.
In business there is no room for friendship. Competitors have to be eliminated at any cost. Fortunately for you, I'm not businessman. I'm a spy.



Malaysia Airlines Boeing crash in Ukraine

For anyone still thinking Crimea "willfully" joined Russian Federation:

KGB tactics at its finest.

Wave battles in VX Ace?

Still I think it'd be best to just event this out, e.g.:
<>Start battle Wave1
<>Start battle Wave2
<>Start battle FinalWave

So yeah, another thing that can be easily done with events and instead people ask for scripts... x_x'

Malaysia Airlines Boeing crash in Ukraine

When I think about Russia, I think of great folk music, Matryoshkas, great Russian art and architecture, and of course, Tetris.

When I think about Russian GOVERNMENT (except Yeltzin's, he was good president even if he drink bit too much), I think about guys who'd be more handsome if they'd wear straight jackets and should live in white, comfy rooms.

I simply LOVE Russia, it has great culture, but has also one of the most batshit insane governments in the world.

Malaysia Airlines Boeing crash in Ukraine

DISCLAIMER: I have no hatred towards Russian people, more over I have many Russian friends. All I hate is Putin. As a person and as politician. I would hate him exactly as much no matter of country he'd be from. Whether it's Russia, China, US, Ireland, New Zealand or (shudder) Poland, I'd hate Putin exactly as much because he is terrible person and most likely insane asylum candidate.

That being said, I think Russians should kill this poor excuse of a president. They're already overturned other dipshit, around century ago. It didn't end well only because they let another moron (Joseph Vissarionovich) into decision making spot. I am deeply ashamed for every person who is "close" to Vladimir "Batshit Insane" Putin and didn't try to kill this piece of human waste.

RPG Maker on a Mac

if you're using the Windows emulator

Wine Is Not Emulator!

Anyway, midis are common problem when it comes to RPG Makers. I've once written a "howto" about fixing midis in 2k/2k3 on RM 2003 Wine AppDB page (doesn't work for XP and newer, tried it), but I'm almost sure tools I've used are Linux-only.

Also never got problems regarding music (the loop thing you mentioned) and copying/pasting. Sure, clipboard is "magically" erased after you close program for some reason (at least happened to me when I was using Linux), but copying within program worked fine.

There were only two issues I've encountered while using 2k3 on wine:
- You can't playback movies as game crashes when you try to
- Switching from map editing layer to event layer takes few seconds (from what I've gathered it seems to be rendering issue). Not really serious if you don't switch back and forth and first do map, then events, but can get annoying after a while.

Unfortunately I can't help you with running either of those as I don't have a mac or use UNIX-derived OS anymore.

Breaking the fourth wall: fun or not?

Some webcomics have tendency to break 4th wall as well, so browsing Smackjeeves/DrunkDuck may help as well in research step (and you'll find many great webcomics to read).

Anyway, just do it when you feel it fits (if it is serious game in general, I'd suggest to do it in more carefree and relaxed parts of the game, doing it at fight with main boss for example would seem forced.

Anyway, for my project I am putting some of it (currently there is devroom and other 4th wall breaking and game is even able to figure your name), but not overdose. My game is pretty easter-egg oriented though, so it may not be best example for your game. My aim is for amount of easter eggs similar to those in Duke Nukem 3D or (more recent) Retro City Rampage.

[Ace] Collisions between pictures and events/map

Well, I want solution that scales well, so I need some way to dynamically get width/height of an image, after possible transformations (rotations, scaling, etc.).

Am I allowed to use concept art instead of screenshots for the game profile?

You're welcome. Just remember I'm not site's staff or anything, but this was my best guess based on available information.

R.I.P. RPG Revolution

http://www.rpgrevolution.com/ now says it's under maintenance instead of this weird ActivePro shit. So... is it coming back?

Am I allowed to use concept art instead of screenshots for the game profile?

No. If you can't take screenshots, game isn't ready for gamepage yet.