Even newspapers have those nowadays.
In business there is no room for friendship. Competitors have to be eliminated at any cost. Fortunately for you, I'm not businessman. I'm a spy.



[Poll] Sending PMs is wonky

While sending PMs more often than not after hitting submit you get "The system is down" error even though mail was sent (it is in sent items). What's up with that?

This glitch makes no sense...

Hm... Weird one indeed. Are you using tile graphics for lamp (as opposite to charsets)? If so check if lamps layer is "Same as Hero" (not lower, not upper, same as hero). It is common cause of such glitches (got myself few times similar one so I have experience with that).

The next RPG Maker

I just assumed since while playing it I could change where I was looking and the wall texture got all distorted. Sharing the texturing oddities with its 2.5D predecessor.

It got distorted, because default textures in PASandbox are crap. Also shader is bad as well. It isn't worst shader I've seen in Cube2-derived games, but it is worse than one used in current builds of Sauerbraten.

(Script request) Advanced screen pan (Ace)

Could someone write script that would allow for advanced screen panning?

By advanced I mean that you can choose direction of pan in degrees (0-359, floating point numbers acceptable), speed (in pixels per seconds) and length of pan (in pixels).

Could someone write such script for me?

How you deal with getting worse at something?

I found drawing is less about skill and more about how much time you are willing to spend on a few pixels.

Except it was regular drawing. With a pen, duh! Anyway let's get back to the topic...

'New' flags on old topics. Is it just me, or...

Also, if you use multiple computers, the "new" topics in the forums are tracked seperately. This is most amusing when it lists a topic as "unread" for me but I was the most recent person to post in it!

I think issue here is that RMN stores that into cookies instead storing it into server-side DB like any sane CMS should do.

there is a site where one can make good mack sprites?

Then I have no idea, sorry.

[Poll] Your favourite magic element!

Fire. I like to watch stuff burn.

How you deal with getting worse at something?

I think you got just a little bit rusty. I've once stopped drawing for like two years and after that found myself drawing like 7 year old. You just need to practice a bit and it'll all come back to you,

The next RPG Maker

There's 3D "hold your hand" game maker out there. It's called CraftStudio, but has number of issues (example: It's stuck with Minecraft-like graphics, N64-like graphics if you try REALLY hard).

Also Platinum Arts sandbox, is in fact true 3D editor (based on great Cube2/Sauerbraten engine). Dunno from where you got that info it's 2.5D like Doom...