Even newspapers have those nowadays.
In business there is no room for friendship. Competitors have to be eliminated at any cost. Fortunately for you, I'm not businessman. I'm a spy.



[Ace] Collisions between pictures and events/map

Yeah, thought about that. One problem with this approach: It will only make check between two points, not whole bounding box of event/picture. So not really a solution to my problem.


Is there a way to know who subscribes to your work?

Nah, I'm fine with the choice as long as its opt out anonymity / the default being anonymous and the user has to go and enable their subscriptions being visible to who they're subscribed to or others or whatever. As long as the user can decide how they engage in the community and default settings are for promoting anonymity on the internet and protection of their privacy I'm fine with it.

That would defeat purpose of this feature as most people won't turn it off. I think anonimity regarding subs should be opt-in. Those 5 people who wants it would enable it, for rest it will be off.

[Ace] Collisions between pictures and events/map

I'm writing a minigame that is partially done with events and partially with pictures and I'd like to know how can I know if picture is overlapping with events. As I'm no stranger to RGSS, some RGSS snippet would work, though I'd prefer to keep to events. Simple bounding box collision would work best, but I don't know how to get dimensions of picture displayed and its x/y, same for events, so some RGSS magic may be needed here.


Well, event interpreter in RGSS v1 was written in sub-optimal way, as this total RM script rewrite (all base scripts that were in XP were rewritten in more optimal way, basically) I found has proven. It has nothing to do with speed of Ruby itself and everything to do with quality of Ruby code produced by EB programmers ;). Again, I can't give you name or where to find, as I've forgotten and I think I don't have it on my HDD anymore, but want to point that such thing exist. It didn't replace RGSS dll file either, just scripts.

Copyright Fear?

Hear my words of wisdom:

Don't worry about whole copyright thing, companies won't care unless you'll make FF game that you want to sell. Companies won't steal your idea either as they have many own designer and each designer, if he/she is worth paycheck he/she receives has like hundreds of different ideas. Plus if your game was never intended to be sold, I wouldn't make fuss about it if someone would make similar game and sells it. I would make it only if you'd have proof that maker of "clone" used your assets (music, graphics and in some specific cases, when game can be easily decompiled like GM game or RM game, code) that you made specifically for this game.

Great MMO I found

Also... is this thread about the game Istaria or is this a general "Recommend an MMORPG" thread? Because if there is some interest I can give you some insight on the currently popular/good F2P MMORPGs and promising upcoming ones.

And don't see why it can't be both.
As I don't know Istaria however, what makes this MMORPG so great? Is it mainly because you were looking for one where you can play as dragon? Well at least good to know for the next time when someone is looking for an MMORPG with dragons. :-)

Several reasons actually:
1) Of course dragons, but it is one of least great things about this game. Of course it is cool, but there are more important things that make it so great.
2) Its free to play model isn't botched, there are some perks rooting from subscription, but game definitely isn't Pay2Win (unless you buy items from other players for real cash, that is ;).
3) Advanced crafting. From what I read about this game and what I've seen up to this point, game's crafting seems to be even more advanced than runescape's. Basically, except few very basic items that are given to you by tutors, everything needs to be crafted. It is really cool and because of that game's don't feel like grind (at least to the point I got).
4) Even though quests seems to be standard MMO fare (fetch quests or kill x quests), they're strangely rewarding. Never felt in this game yet like I am grinding. I can't really explain it well, you need to play it to understand.


BTW: I'm not sure that the Ruby interpreter (if at all) is the single culprit for the RPG Maker XP being so much slower than the RPG Maker 2003. I believe that the new graphics capabilities at least add to it. 32 bit graphics are much more expensive than 8 bit graphics.

If you try to render them in software, then yes, they are, but if they'd use hardware accelerated rendering for it then it wouldn't be so bad as gpu would take care of everything. Also as some RGSS rewrite project has proven to me (don't remember its name so don't ask me) RGSS in XP is the main culprit for its lags (which can be also deduced from common sense as as you add more events, even empty ones game gets more laggy), after applying this patch map with tons of events run perfectly fine. So yeah, while 32bit graphics may add something to it, RGSS event processor is main culprit for lags in XP.

Great MMO I found

Recently I discovered great MMO. It's called Istaria and has dragons... as playable race.

Said MMO is F2P, with subscription option, but subscription isn't cheaty, it gives you access to few perks like building or access to test versions, but it isn't nothing major and you can play game just fine without paying, there are no "premium areas", like e.g. in Tibia (bleh).

Graphically it is stuck in 90s (very lowpoly graphics), but quests are strangely rewarding, even if most of them are standard fetch/kill x of y MMO fare. I can't say how it is in rest of game, as I'm still doing tutorial quests, but so far it is very good.

It's available at http://www.istaria.com


event script interpreter of RPG Maker 2003 is very slow

Well, I hear this for first time. I could say that event processor in XP is slow, but in 2k3 it is really fast, ruby-based makers still aren't as fast as 2k3 was and only start to have similar execution speed with VX Ace.


If coding for it will be as easy as RPG Maker's events, you got me!
//edit: Though you may adjust pricing a little. Not many people will pay €40 for alpha version. You need to chose realistic price or you won't reach the goal.