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SRW2: Yoshi's Archipelag...
More Islands = Better


What are you writing about right now?

Whatever it is you're writing for, a game, a book, a short story, tell us about it here! Have you just started? How far are you? Are you stuck with anything? And most importantly, need any help?
Those questions and more!

As for me, I'm writing a Sci-fi novel right now. It'll be my first novel, so hesitation constantly plagues me, but I can manage to force myself to sit down and write... sometimes. Besides, you can only review and revise what you have written, so getting it on the page is the most important part! I assume!

Here, have the synopsis(what would likely go on the back cover):
The Solis System, the only solar system in the Sapian Galaxy, had been destroyed due to a catastrophic failure in a secret government project. The results of this failure caused the central star of the Solis System to explode far bigger than calculated, consuming the entire solar system and the planet Humanity called home with it. Four Cruisers containing 100,000 Humans each had been sent out to different galaxies to set up colonies. What these galaxies contained and the future of humanity was a mystery.

The first Cruiser, the Caldera, had located a large planet in a huge solar system the humans on board dubbed the Gigantes System. Two planets in this system were hospitable, each on either side of the central star orbiting it at the same speed. Brief scans indicated that one planet was far more rich in valuable minerals than the other. For the sake of living conditions, mines were constructed on the mineral rich planet while the colony was founded on the other. Work was underway for constructing a new civilization.

100 years later, the colony's place was cemented, and the colonists made an effort to explore once more using an experimental ship with Faster Than Light travel. One young Pilot was selected to test it with a unique crew, tasked with exploring the galaxy they had landed in for anything of value.

please keep your paragraphs in hide tags so that we won't have to scroll down too far to get to each person's texts or advice.

Seiro's Storybooks

So, I'm working on writing some short stories to improve my writing skills, and thought about making a topic to post them on RMN. So, here we are! Lemme know what you guys think, please! Any critique would be helpful.

A vast, pale-blue space with white motes of dust floating everywhere. Rainbow colored fluid flows throughout the imposing expanse, constantly moving and shifting in every direction. In this world, the concept of Up and down hold no meaning, nor the rule of gravity that exists in other planes of existence. Here, you move about through sheer force of will, though no normal human can do so here. There is no breathable atmosphere, no solid matter, simply unique types of energy moving through the expanse. That isn’t to say this place was a void; in it existed all manner of alien phenomena that was beyond the grasp of most simple folk who only know of life on the farm or in the large cities they called home. Only those versed in magic would be mentally prepared enough to understand this space. However, the utter unknowability of this space wasn’t malicious. In fact, it simply gave rise to healthy curiosity rather than incite insanity. Wonderment and caution are the common thoughts those not native to this realm have, though none have visited this place in millenia. The natives here are unique creatures of an alien intelligence. Their form, to anybody other than them, would be an inconsistent, indistinguishable cloud of particles. The only semblance of conformity their beings contained was that of color; the types of energies that make up most of what they are. Calling them creatures, however, is inaccurate. They have no discernable anatomy, no uniform biology, they simply exist as entities, which is the perfect name for their race. These entities, however, hold no such concept as race. They simply know that they exist. They are ignorant about many of the universe’s machinations, such as the existence of different dimensions, or planes of existence and even the concept of magic. Not that they were unable to know, just that they had no need to go out and discover these things. Their existence was one they thoroughly and near-infinitely enjoyed, as their beings do not degrade with the passage of time or the use of their powers. The powers of creation, the power to will into existence anything their adept and imaginative minds could conceive.
In the beginning, they were few in number compared to other races and their creations were nothing more than energy condensed into geometric shapes. They applied conformity and rationale to the endless plane of energy, and spent long periods of time admiring their own work and that of their comrades. In a few centuries, the Entities changed and evolved their styles of creation like art periods. They would wrought structures of varying sizes with intricate detail, expand on old designs, hold festivals and creation contests, a society and civilization lacking any form of violence bar heated competition for admiration among their peers. Destruction was not something their minds had ever conceived.
The idea of destruction was not thought up, but learned due to a visit by outside entities. These entities were serpentine in nature, and could perfectly flow through the plane with ease. These creatures came into contact with the Entities and were abhorred by what they saw: Stable, constant forms of matter. They grew enraged and tore apart the Entities’ creations, ignoring the entities themselves as they reduced their work back to the primordial energies that made up the plane.The Entities were enraged by these acts of violence, something they had never felt before. The utter despair and anger at their beloved creations being dismantled shook them to their very being. What they created next annihilated the invaders. Beams of searing energy similar to the acid the invaders spit, rods of their rage incarnate used to bash the creatures to a pulp just as the invaders’ tentacles had crushed their creations, various methods of magical attacks, similar in nature to the dismantling of their works the invaders had done, that culled the invaders’ forces until they appeared to retreat back to whence they came. The loss of their creations deeply wounded the Entities and they vowed to never forget them so long as they existed. They named these entities Proteans so that they could easily remember them and associate them with the destruction they caused. They also used the concept of naming on their creations so that even if something was destroyed, it could live on in their memories and be spoken of with ease. The entities also suffered the loss of their own kind, something that has never happened before. What was left of the bodies torn apart by the invaders was inert dust; incapable of absorbing energy or taking form. Their deaths gave rise to naming themselves as well, so that the people could be remembered with ease. The Entities vowed to become ever-vigilant of invaders, those that would seek to destroy what they create, so that they may never again suffer as they had. No attack came hence, though they never once relaxed. Centuries past, and, perhaps in spite of the previous invaders, their creations grew ever-more elaborate, with great care taken in their construction. The Prism Citadel being the foremost example: a Cathedral constructed of a rainbow of colors solidified into a material known to them as Prism. In it, the Entities began researching magic, discussed how their society should be run, and shared their ideas with each other. They also performed a never-before done ritual: the creation of another entity.
The first Entity made in this way was formed out of the traits of all seventy-two existing Entities. The Seventy-third personality was not a clean meshing of the seventy-twos’ persona’s, but specific traits taken and applied to the entity. The Entity Alfishansea gave it the desire for calm, Yvingodol gave it the love of the unexpected, and seventy other such traits were applied to the seventy-third, but a cohesive individual did not spawn. Instead, the seventy-third was a near-mindless drone, only becoming sentient when the given traits applied, such as exclaiming appreciation for the color blue, or crying when something broke. If specific situations such as those appeared, it was just like a person, but otherwise it was a mindless copy floating about the Prism Citadel. The Seventy-Two bemoaned their failure, and pitied their flawed creation. They tried their best to provide the situations that would activate the seventy-thirds’ sentience, only because they loathed the thoughtless existence it otherwise lead. They vowed to research into the creation of another sentient being so that they may bestow upon the seventy-third a unique personality, so that it may live and enjoy life and create. They devoted most of their time to it, as well as spending time with the seventy-third.
One day, the Seventy third happened to float into the library while a dozen of the seventy-two researched the only way they knew how: experimentation. While they did this, they ignored the seventy-third, who stopped at the Entity named Galhoov, and seemed to watch it experiment. Galhoov was creating a small, round being. Her theory was that the Seventy-third needed a purpose, so she was creating other objects with purpose to see what they would to. When given the purpose of collecting something the object would only ever collect or try to collect what it was told to. When given the purpose of something vague, like “to create”, it simply formed other object that looked exactly like itself, who also created more of the same object, who created more objects. In the midst of this, the seventy-third spoke something they never heard it say.
“Why are you doing that?”
Galhoov was startled, and focused on the Seventy-third.
“What? Why? It’s for research…”
“What are you researching that would require doing this?”
“We’re researching you!” Galhoov exclaimed, surprise and excitement in it’s voice.
The Seventy-third grew silent, just as it always does when it loses it’s sentience. Galhoov lost all the excitement she had gained and did nothing for a moment. Yvingodol was the one that spoke the answer to their unspoken question.
“He was activated by your trait, Galhoov.”
“What? My trait?”
“Yes, the trait we took from you and gave to him. Your curiosity. It activated the Seventy-third.”
“Something so vague activated him? Seventy-third has never spoken like that before…”
At this, Falbadoor interjected;
“That’s because we have only ever activated him with the specific traits. Let’s gather a list of the traits we incurred upon Seventy-third.”
And with that, the entities created a list of all seventy-two traits applied to the Seventy-third. After doing so, they crossed off specific traits like “cries when something breaks” and amassed a list of 6 vague traits they had given him. There was Curiosity, as they had found out, and there was also “Obsession With New Things”, “Wants to be helpful”, “Loves to explore new areas”, “Seeks to Understand” and “Is very friendly.”
After isolating these traits, Galhoov asked
“If it was a simple matter of activating the traits, then shouldn’t Seventy-thirds’ curiosity have been activated at it’s conception? Also, shouldn’t it be very friendly all the time?”
Galhoov was answered by Yvingodol
“You can only be very friendly in your actions and, as we know, Seventy-third can only act within the given traits. Remember when one of Galhoov’s creations collapsed due to other experiments? Seventy-third was present, cried, and also tried to console Galhoov. We also created the physical body and memories, as those were things we had along with personality traits.”
One of the other researchers replied to Yvingodol with an exclamation.
“That’s why most of those traits didn’t apply! It already knew about most things around the Citadel, and thus wouldn’t want to “Seek to Understand” or Explore the world around it: what it already knew! Nor could the desire to be helpful appear for a similar reason; it knew no one needed help doing anything and it hasn’t seen us experiment. The reason it has activated when witnessing Galhoov’s experiment was because it has seen this new phenomenon and was curious, wanted to help, and was fascinated with the new experience.”
“Perhaps we should send Seventy-third somewhere new? Maybe these new experiences would keep seventy-third constantly activated!”
“That wouldn’t be the same! Seventy-third needs sentience no matter the circumstance! It needs-”
“... I see.”
All discussion halted immediately as Seventy-third spoke those two words.
They all focused their attention on Seventy-third. Their excitement surged and expectations raised immensely as they listened carefully to the voice that was an amalgam of all of theirs.
“I’m incomplete… you all want to make me whole… but, sentience… I don’t fully understand…”
The other waited for Seventy-third to continue and, after a moment of drawn out silence, Yvingodol spoke.
“You saw Galhoov’s experiment, yes? The object’s purpose is to create, so they create the only thing they know: what they are made of and their purpose. They lack sentience… they lack the awareness that they are objects whose purpose is to create. Just as you lack to awareness that you are an Entity.”
Another silence followed Yvingodol’s explanation. Eventually, the Seventy-third spoke.
“... I want to understand. Awareness… Sentience… it must be this feeling, right now. I cannot remember anything in between being… activated by you guys. I need a purpose to keep me activated. What is my purpose?”
Falbador, one of the researches, was the one to respond.
“Why, to create of course! To create and protect your creations!”
Yvingodol interjected.
“But, just like the object, all Seventy-third can do is create copies or what it already knows. All it would do is copy our works or maintain them. It needs something more…”
Alfishansea gave the long searched for answer.
“It needs to decide that for itself. It needs the ability to choose. It needs autonomy.”

And with that, the twelve researches went to work to give Seventy-third “Autonomy”.

Forest Giant
“Oi, slow yer skinny arse, ya darned elf! D’ya think I can keep up with ya?!”

A stout dwarf with a dirty blond, double-braided beard clad in iron armor shouted in a ragged gasp as he chased a female elf up a steep hill. His weapons of choice, two Dwarven Waraxes, rattled about on his side uncomfortably, and would leave bruises on his thighs as the handles beat against his legs. He wouldn’t have this problem if he’d had proper time to prepare, but the elf had insisted they get moving right away.

“Curse this flighty broad, what does she take me for? Bah, Galtifoth better repay me for this!”

The dwarf continued to mutter curses in the direction of both the elf and Galifoth for his current situation. He spent his time running thinking of some choice harsh words for the both of them, and soon he reached the top of the hill. The elf was leaning against a tree, seemingly nonchalant, but her pose was anything but carefree. The dwarf recognized that she was in deep concentration, scanning the forest, taking in the sounds, and getting the feel of the earth. He stopped running, and caught his breath while he waited for the elf to complete her reconnaissance.

After a quick scan of his surroundings, he noticed someone was missing. As a look of concern began to show on his face, the elf woman turned and smiled at him.

“Ha, you old softy. You’re worried about Kenith, aren’t you?”

Her question seemed to be more of a matter-of-fact declaration, and the dwarf frowned as he tried to cover himself.

“Bah, never know when the dog’s gonna play some trick. No doubt one you’ve plotted yerself.”

He glared at the elf, who made a gesture of mock surprise, putting one hand over her mouth.

“Who, me? Come now, Dmitri, do you think so little of me!?”

Her voice seemed to be full of concern, indicating his words had hurt her, but he merely waved his hand at her, looked away, and replied with a curt “Bah!”

The elf woman brushed her long blond hair out of her face and laid a hand on the handle of her longsword, as her expression suddenly changed, and she looked to the west. Dmitiri looked in the same direction as her and saw nothing, but he knew this girl’s senses were far better than his.

“What is it Feylith?” He asked, but the elf hushed him as her eyes scanned the forest, her body tense. Her eyes opened wide as Dmitri began to hear the sound of loud footsteps. Instinctively, Dmitri began to fall back, drawing his two axes.

“Thems are a giant’s footsteps.” He declared, and Feylith drew her bow, as if agreeing, and rushed in the opposite direction. Dmitri followed as he asked Feylith for her plan.

“We’ll find a clearing so you can take the giant on openly. No doubt Kenith is drawing the giant to us. While you distract him, I’ll disable him with my arrows, then you can ask whatever you like. With an established plan, Dmitri calmed considerably as he ran in the direction of Feylith. The sound of the giant’s footsteps grew louder, and angry yells in giant that only Dmitri could understand began to catch up to them. Feylith heard happy panting before she heard the giant, and smiled to herself.

“That dog better not get himself hurt…”

A few minutes later, and a clearing presented itself. Dmitiri took a stand in the center while Feylith went to the edge and hid behind a tree. She pulled out an arrow and waited as the sounds of a frustrated giant got closer. Dmitiri seemed to be chuckling at what the giant was saying, and Feylith wondered for a moment what that was. A moment later, a wolf with dark brown fur, leather pads surrounding its body like armor, and piercing blue eyes. His tongue was out, and spittle was flying from his maw as it charged Dmitiri. Dmitri stood his ground as the wolf leapt over him as the giant burst into the clearing.
The giant was about 12 feet tall, a bit shorter than the various trees of the forest. His skin was a pale green and covered in dirt, it’s bald head was covered in the scratches of tree branches, as was its face, which displayed a barely contained fury within it’s ugly features. It wielded a large club, which was as broad as a dwarf and as tall as a human, and covered in thorny vines that seemed to drip with venom. These vines extended from the club and onto the arm of the giant, who didn’t seem to mind. Right now, all it cared about was crushing that annoying wolf that stole his rabbit from his snare. However, his rage subsided slightly as he regarded the dwarf in the clearing. Slightly confused, he considered why a dwarf would be in this forest, but immediately dismissed the question as unnecessary. Who cares why this dwarf was here? He’ll squash it just like the wolf. His anger resurged as he raised his club and charged the dwarf, who remained grim-faced and stood firmly in place. The giant got even more furious, and brought down the club on the dwarf with extreme force and dented the ground. He was slightly surprised at the lack of resistance, considered the dwarf wore metal armor, but grinned maliciously at the unexpected ease of dispatching the foe. His smile was quickly disrupted as he felt a sharp pain under his club-arm. Raising it revealed the dwarf, who was unscathed and had blood dripping from his war axes. The giant furiously delivered a kick with his right leg and brought his left hand down to grab the dwarf. The dwarf dodged the kick and and moved under her legs. His left arm would have caught the dwarf had an arrow not suddenly pierced his palm, causing him to delay while he registered the wound. He grunted in pain as he tried desperately to search where the arrow had come from, but was instantly reminded of the dwarf as his right calf was cut deep by those axes.
The giant became afraid, as the damned dwarf was too quick on his feet and the arrows began to pierce his joints, slowly rendering his arms useless. In desperation, the giant summoned the magic of his club as he jammed it into the ground. The vines on the club surged into the ground, and the terrain around the giant became a tangle of thorny vines. He heard the dwarf’s surprised grunt as the vines surely trapped him. It didn’t matter how many arrows came at him now, he would be able to squash the dwarf with ease now. He turned around to see the dwarf squirming in the vines, and yelled in delight as he brought down his fist. The arrows piercing his arm could hold him back no longer as his balled fist slammed into the entangled dwarf. The dwarf exerted a pained grunt, but still seemed to be alive. The giant thought nothing of it, considered he wore armor, and brought his fist deliver another painful blow, when his backside was raked with extreme pain. As he lurched over the dwarf, he reached around his back and tried to grab hold of the furry mass assaulting him, just as a twig of an elf ran up to the dwarf. The giant was preoccupied with the beast on his back to pay heed to the elf who, according to him, stupidly abandoned her ranged assault to help the dwarf. The giant shook his back left to right swiftly, and he felt the wolf start to slide back and forth. After the giant swerved to the right and caught the wolf by it’s hind legs, he threw it with all his might against a tree at the edge of this clearing. The giant then looked back as the elf finished freeing the dwarf from the vines. The dwarf then yelled complicated dwarvish the giant could not understand, and suddenly, in a flash of light, the dwarf disappeared. Thinking the dwarf had ran away, the giant looked at the elf, who had a smug smile on her face and didn’t draw her longsword.
She was all the more foolish to him, but as he tried to step forward to grab her, he felt a curious feeling, or rather a lack of a certain feeling. He could no longer feel his feet, and when he tried to move forward, his body slid and he fell face first onto the ground. The pain at the stumps where his feet should have been surged through the giant, who thrashed about until the elf woman seemed to cast a spell that locked his arms with vines, turning his trump card against him.
The dwarf walked up to the giant and bashed it on the head with the handle of his war axe. The dwarf then spoke to him like he was a child.
“Where are the ruins?”
The giant’s response was in his own language
“Piss off!”
Immediately after the reply, he felt an unbearable stinging sensation at the stumps of his legs. In response to his screams of pain, he heard the elf say in dwarvish
“Say now, it would be a shame if you couldn’t grow these back, right?”
The giant was confused at first, but soon connected “grow these back” to refer to his feet and responded in dwarvish:

“Uh! Like you do that, stinking elf!”

“Oi, pay attention.” Another bop on the head brought the giant’s face back to the dwarf, who said
“Aye, yer right, but if you don’t answer us, we’ll just have to cut off yer arms and leave ya for the beasts. Eaten alive isn’t the best way to go, so me ancestor once told me. Or, ya could cooperate and tell me: where are the ruins.”

The giant’s eyes filled with the fear of the pain he would go through if they left him crippled, and quickly told him the location of the ruins.

“Very good then, now I’ll dispatch of ye quickly.”
And with that, the dwarf walked to the giant next, raised in axe, and yelled the same as before.
“Dash Slash!”
And with that announcement, the dwarf was on the other side of the giant’s head, which fell shortly before hitting the ground. The dwarf put away his axes as the elf ran to check on the wolf.

“Kenith, how are you? Not too hurt, I assume? Alright, where does it hurt…”
She whispered softly to the wolf, who seemed to make no attempt of communicating. But still, the connection between the two of them was clear as Feylith inspected him.
“Well, aren’t you gonna thank him for saving you?”

“Bah, that dog merely made it easier. I would’ve been fine.”

“Even after another hit or two from that giant?”

“Bah, I’d have broken free of the vines meself! I don’t need no elf’s help when it comes to slaying giants!”

The dwarf quickly stopped Feylith from her retort and said

“We ain’t got time for this, either way. Now that we know where the ruins are, we can head there immediately. No sense wasting time here, let’s get a move on.”

With that the dwarf began to secure his gear and started to move with Feylith and Kenith towards the direction the giant said the ruins were in. Feylith was on alert for ambush, while Dmitri deftly showed a chunk of dried meat to Kenith and pat him on the head. The wolf looked at him, almost knowingly, and Dmitri replied with a hushed bah, and moved ahead of him.

I'll post more, and maybe continuations, later. Not consistently, that's for sure.

[FORUM GAME] Rise of the Highlander

Hello, I'm back again with another forum game. Don't worry, I've learned from my previous failures, and have learned what I really want to run and how to go about it!
There can be a maximum of Five Participants
Like the first one I did(but didn't finish) the players shall all create characters who go on an adventure together, using their abilities to succeed!

Firstly, here are the rules:
The D20 or D100 decide ALL! All your actions' success depends on the D20 roll
10-15= Adequate Success
16-19= Great Success
20=Critical Success
There won't be numerical bonuses to these rolls, HOWEVER: You can increase your odds by gaining an advantage on the roll somehow. With advantage, you may roll twice and take the higher roll. If you have multiple advantages, you can roll multiple times and take the highest of those rolls, for a maximum of four times.
Beware, things can give you disadvantage as well, where you instead take the lower of all the rolls.
Your health is measured with two variables: Injury and Fatigue
With injury, if an enemy rolls well and gets their attack off, you must roll for injury on a body part. The injury rolls are as follows:
There are five levels of injury, the four listed and a fifth and final one: Fatal.
If you have a minor injury and roll on the table again, and roll equal to or higher than your current injury level, your injury level goes up by one step. If the body part is crippled and injured once more, the injury becomes fatal.
If you take a fatal injury on your head or torso, you must roll a d20 once it becomes fatal and every time it would take another injury. If you roll an 8 or higher, you survive and the torso injury is technically gone; you must then roll to decide on the permanent injury you will receive:
1: Destroyed Organ
2-10: Damaged Organ
11-19: Weakened Organ
20: Roll again, ignoring this result, to decide an injury that lasts for 1 week before getting 1 step better(From Destroyed--->Damaged--->Weakened) for another week until cured.
For a head injury, you must roll an 11 or higher to not die, and roll for these injuries:
1: Insanity
2-10: Memory Loss
11-19: Concussion
20: Roll again, ignoring this result to decide an injury that lasts for 1 week before getting 1 step better(Insanity--->Memory Loss--->Concussion) for another week until cured.
Fatal Limb & Appendage injuries risk the loss of the limb or the permanent injury of the limb.
Permanent Injury Roll:
1: loss of limb/appendage.
2-7 Lame: The limb goes lame and can barely function.
8-13 Limp: You have a limp and are only half as effective with the limb for the first three months, then you’re only three-quarters as effective.
14-19 Weakened: The limb is more susceptible to injury, roll twice and take the worse result when rolling for injury
20: Roll again, ignoring this result and the 1 result to decide on an injury that lasts for 1 week before getting 1 step better(Lame--->Limp--->Weakened) for another week until cured.
Fatigue: You gain levels or fatigue, 1-10, after strenuous activities such as running for a long time or some form of sleep deprivation. The higher the fatigue level, the more intense the penalties will be. They can range from shortness of breath, blurred vision, ringing of the ears, and weakness in muscles. At 10 levels of fatigue, you go unconscious and circumstance decides your fate.

You may discuss your actions for as long as you like. Once you have an action you're sure on, be sure to BOLD it for two reasons:
So I can know for sure THIS is the action you want to take
So I can find your actions easily.

Relationship Score (-100 to 100)
Gain a relationship point for doing friendly things and such. The better your score, the more willing friends are to appreciate you and want to help you. The negative scale is for making enemies.

That's about it on how to play, now for
Character Creation

Stats- Your stats don’t give you any numerical bonuses, just that the higher they are, the more shit you can pull off. They also help me determine your skills.
STR: Ability to wield heavier weapons, carry more, wear heavier armor, do physical activities and how long you can do them.
DEX: Aim, measuring distances and angles, hand-eye coordination, and balance.
MIND: Memory, intelligence, wisdom, logic, etc.
CHA: Sociability, persuasiveness, intimidation, and anything related to charisma.

Elemental Affinities: Pick two affinities and one deficiency.
Affinity allows you bonuses when dealing with the elements, whether it be gaining advantage, being unable to fail critically, or avoiding injury.
Deficiency gives you penalties when dealing with that element, from disadvantage, to increased chance of critical failure, or getting injured more than normal.
The higher the affinity or deficiency, the more likely you are to being subject to these bonuses or penalties as well as their intensity.

Once you've got that decided, you can decide on a name, your race, your class name, the weapon you use, and how you want to play.
All of these factors will help with you character's identity and will decide what skills you start with and get later on.

Here's a template and an example:
Name: Race:
Class: Weapon:
8 Stat points to allocate, you start with 2 in each.
STR: 2
DEX: 2
CHA: 2
Elemental Affinities (2)
Elemental Deficiency (1)
Desired Playstyle
5 pieces of Starting Equipment(Anything you want that isn't over-power(Like A Revival Item))

Malak, Titan
Warmonger, Warhammer
STR: 5
DEX: 5
CHA: 4
Someone who runs in and deals massive damage by smashing skulls with his hammer, preparing himself for battle with FIRE and EARTH buffing magic!
A Two rations, A Potion of Healing, A Potion of Endure Elements, and a piece of secret string.

Once all of that is squared away, I will make the first post to get the story started, and we'll go from there!

For your first adventure, the players will be exploring a mountain-side ruin in a cold land.

Sign up now, and we'll start when a few other forum games are either nearing their end or finished. So four or five days, perhaps? We'll break for events such as the McBacon jam, but otherwise I hope to come to this every few days. I will 100% update this on Tuesdays and Thursday for the foreseeable future.

Kloe: Sophie the Elven Rogue
Jeroen_Sol: Riestpay the Human Preist
pianotm: Adira the Dark Elf Ranger
Bart_Sol: Feng'gar the Wolfman Ranger
LockeZ: Ratfest the Lich Meatshield



It's time to plan for the year ahead! We all have things we wanted to do, things we managed to do, and things we failed to do! Now's the time to make your resolution for 2017!

Only for this topic, you're not just saying your hopes and dreams; you're going to stick to them, every single day/week for the next 12 months. Post here with your resolution, and I'll make a list of what you've done and what you want to do!

You choose how often you want to update, but you have to stick with it! I'm sure the admins won't mind giving out an achievement for sticking with your resolutions for an entire year, but it's not guaranteed till I ask.

So sign up and buckle down, for you've a year of work ahead of you!

to give time for sign-ups, since I had this idea a little late, this'll technically start January 7th.

Seiromem: -Write two paragraph of my fantasy story every week. Excess paragraphs do NOT grant me free days, but if I am for some reason unable to do a week, I'll need to do another paragraph the next to make up for it. If I don't, too bad for me, resolution failed!
-Log in 1 hour working on the dungeon crawler at least once every day.I can make up the difference, which is currently: about 60 Hours
side resolution: Keep up on this topic and update it at least every week month!1!
Paragraphs Per Week: 2
Hours of Work: 5

Sailerius: I will aspire to write 3500 words a day. Before beginning a story, I will spend two weeks writing an outline. The first week will be banging out a high-level outline and the second week will be expanding it into a chapter-by-chapter outline. Afterwards, I will write until the story is done, after which I will start outlining the next story.
Total Words Per Day:
Outlines Completed:

Kevincalanor: =Get some sort of digital art done each two weeks. VN resources are valid, avatars or pixel arts only counts if animated or doubled.=
Bi-weekly digital art: 1

Kylaila: let's say one review per month and one drawing every two weeks!
Bi-Weekly Drawing: 3
Monthly Review 1 Pending!


Sooz's idea was great fun, so I'm copying it. Not the style of game though, I'll try and come up with something interesting.

you can say specific actions, not just press buttons.

Pokemon Go Feature ideas?

So, most of my siblings have been playing Pokemon Go a decent amount. Decent enough where I learn how it works through their chatter. Most recently, they questions what the blue aura does and I questioned "Maybe it means they have a special ability?" then I remembered "Wait, they probably don't have abilities on there. Those are mainly for battling. Well, then there's illuminate, solely for making Pokemon appear more often... yeah, they should have Pokemon abilities, and the ability you benefit from is the one you have ~Walking with you~ like in Heartgold Soulsilver!"
And so it went on, and I have here a list of all Pokemon abilities and what their overworld effects would be f I could think of one. (I don't know if there is battling and if so, how it works) I excluded exclusively hidden abilities and mega-abilities.
???= I have no idea
? at the end = unsure
Adaptability- ???
Aftermath- Catch a Pokemon, have a slightly higher chance to catch the next one?
Air Lock- ???
Analytic- Have a higher chance of catching a Pokemon if you throw a ball moments after they attack.
Anger Point- Miss a ball ten times, the eleventh ball with have a significantly higher catch rate.
Anticipation- Same, basically.
Arena Trap- A Pokemon sighted stays for longer/higher encounter rate.
Aroma Veil- Higher encounter rate
Battle Armor- Lessens the effect of a wild Pokemon attack (I don't know the exact effect)
Big Pecks- Same as above
Blaze- Since the Pokemon on that Pokedex screen seem to have HP, whenever a Pokemon with this ability has low HP and is in the follow slot, you have a higher chance of catching Pokemon.
Cheek Pouch- Increases the power of "Raspberries" whatever they are.
Chlorophyll- Doubles distance traveled for things like eggs or for getting near Pokemon
Clear Body- Ignore the first attack a wild Pokemon makes.
Cloud Nine-???
Color Change- Same
Competitive- Increases chance to catch a Pokemon if the wild Pokemon had previously blocked a Pokemon with an attack.
Compound Eyes- Slightly reveals what Pokemon are at farther distances?
Cursed Body-???
Cute Charm- Easier to catch Pokemon of the opposite Sex
Damp- Attracts water Pokemon
Dark Aura-Attracts dark Pokemon
Defeatists- Low HP, lower catch rate
Defiant- Same as Comptitive
Download- Copies a Pokemon's ability for 24 Hours (Can choose whether to keep or change the ability next chance you get)
Drizzle- Changes the weather in real life Higher chance to catch and/or run into Pokemon while it's raining.
Drought- Higher chance to catch and/or run into Pokemon while the skies are clear/it's really hot out.
Dry Skin- Lowers chance to catch if the above conditions are met
Early Bird- Higher chance to run into/catch Pokemon in the morning
Effect Spore- Chance to Stun a wild Pokemon if it interrupts you with an attack
Fairy Aura- Same as Dark aura except fairy type
Filter- Higher chance to fun into Pokemon of the same type
Flame Body- Divides egg hatching time by something
Flare Boost- Higher chance to catch fire types.
Flash Fire- If a fire Pokemon interrupts you with an attack, your next ball have a significantly higher chance to catch them.
Flower Gift- When weather is as described under drought, significantly higher chance to catch Pokemon
Flower Veil- Higher chance to find grass Pokemon
Forecast- ???
Forewarn- Same
Friend Guard- Ignore the interruption of a Pokemon's attack.
Frisk- Same?
Fur Coat-???
Gluttony- ???
Grass Pelt- Ignores grass type Pokemon's interruption attack once
Guts- Higher chance to catch if at a type disadvantage
Harvest- Chance to find raspberries
Healer- Slightly heals Pokemon in storage
Heatproof- Ignores wild fire type Pokemon's first attack
Heavy Metal- ???
Honey Gather- Chance of getting lures/Increases effectiveness of lures/ Increases duration of lures
Huge Power- Higher chance to catch pokemon
Hustle- Lower chance to catch pokemon, find pokemon a lot faster
Hydration- Heal/Ignore Pokemon's first attack during rain weather
Hyper Cutter- ???
Ice Body- Higher chance to find Pokemon during snowstorms/in cold weather
Illuminate- Higher chance to find Pokemon at night
Illusion- This is more for the wild Pokemon, making it look like other wild Pokemon when in reality, it's a zorua!
Immunity- ???
Imposter- Appears as the Pokemon you have in the Follower Slot
Infiltrator- First Pokeball has a higher chance to catch
Inner Focus- Ignores Pokemon's first attack
Insomnia- ???
Intimidate- Wild Pokemon have higher CP
Iron Barbs- A wild pokemon's first attack stuns it
Iron Fist- ???
Justified- Higher chance to run into dark or fighting types
Keen Eye- Higher chance to find Pokemon
Klutz- Same
Leaf Guard- Same as Grass Pelt
Levitate- Same as grass pelt but with ground types
Light Metal-???
Lightning Rod- Increases chance of finding electric types
Liquid Ooze-???
Magic Bounce-A pokemon stuns itself if it attacks. Once per Pokemon.
Magic Guard- Cannot be stunned(If wild) Ignores first attack(if yours)
Magician- Same?
Magma Armor-Same as Flame Body
Magnet Pull- Higher chance to run into steel types
Marvel scale- Harder to catch while stunned if wild, otherwise???
Mega Launcher- Higher catch rate with curve balls
Minus- Extremely higher chance of finding another Pokemon with either the Plus or Minus ability
Mold Breaker- Ignores abilities
Moody- Chance of either getting a higher catch rate or lower catch rater per wild Pokemon
Motor Drive- Ignore an electric Pokemon interruption and have a higher catch rate on the next ball
Moxie- Slow increase in catch chance for every caught pokemon in a row. Resets after every catch fail.
Multiscale- Ignores first wild Pokemon attack if at full hp.
Mummy- Removes a Pokemon's ability for the fight if it interrupts with an attack
Natural Cure-Heals based on steps taken?
No Guard- Higher chance to find Pokemon
Normalize- Significantly Higher chance to find normal type Pokemon
Oblivious- Chance to ignore wild Pokemon interruption
Overcoat- Ignores weather effects?
Overgrow- Same as blaze
Own Tempe-ignores first wild Pokemon interruption
Pickup- Same
Plus- Same as minus
Poison Heal-???
Poison Point-???
Poison Touch-???
Prankster- ???
Pressure- Same as intimidate
Protean- Same?
Pure Power- Same as huge power
Quick Feet- Counts every step taken as two steps
Rain Dish- Higher chance to run into Pokemon in the rain
Rattled- Lower chance to run into Ghost, Dark, or bug Pokemon?
Refrigerate- Higher chance to run into ice Pokemon
Rivalry- Higher chance to catch Pokemon of the same sex
Rock Head- Ignore wild Pokemon's first attack?
Rough skin- Stuns attacking wild Pokemon
Run Away- ???
Sand Force- Encounter higher CP ground types
Sand Rush- Find ground type Pokemon faster
Sand Stream- Run into ground type Pokemon more frequently/ in deserts
Sand Veil- Run into Pokemon less frequently in deserts?
Sap Sipper- Same flashfire but for grass types
Scrappy- Higher chance to catch ghosts
Serene Grace-???
Shadow Tag- Run into Pokemon more frequently
Shed SKin-???
Sheer Force-n Higher chance to catch Pokemon?
Shell Armor- Same as battle armor
Shield Dust- Same as Oblivious
Simple- ???
Skill Link- Higher chance to catch Pokemon for the first 5 pokeballs
Slow Start- Lower chance to catch a Pokemon for the first few balls, higher chance afterwards
Sniper- Hitting a Pokemon dead on has a much higher chance to catch
Snow Cloak- Same as sand veil but snowy areas?
Snow Warning- Same as drizzle but with snow
Solar Power- Higher chance to catch during drought conditions
Solid Rock- Same as rock head?
Speed Boost- same as quick feet?
Stall-Make the wild Pokemon not attack as often
Static- Same as lightning rod
Steadfast- Chance to ignore next Pokemon attack after getting hit with one.
Stench- Lower chance to run into Pokemon
Sticky Hold- same?
Storm Drain- Same as flashfire but with water types
Strong Jaw-???
Suction Cups-???
Super Luck- Small chance for the next thrown ball to have an significantly higher chance of catching
swarm-Run into bug Pokemon more often/Same as blaze
Sweet Veil- find pokemon more often
Swift Swim- Every step counts as 2 in rainy weather
Tangled Feet-???
Teravolt-Same as Mold Breaker
Thick Fat- Ignores first attack from wild fire/ice pokemon
Tinted Lens-???
Torrent-Same as blaze
Tough Claws-???
Toxic Boost-???
Trace-Same as download
Truant- If wild, attacks less often, if owned chance of being stunned?
Turboblaze-Same as Mold BReaker
Unburden-No held item, every steps counts as 2?
Unnerve- If wild- cannot use raspberries, if owned Pokemon is easier to catch with the first few balls
Victory Star-???
Vital Spirit- Same as intimidate
Volt & Water Absorb- Same as flash fire but with electric * water type moves
Water Veil- Attracts water types
Weak Armor- If interrupted, next Pokeball is thrown faster
White Smoke- Lower chance to run into Pokemon
Wonder Guard- Cannot be stunned/Interrupted
Wonder Skin- Same as Marvel Scale
Zen Mode- When low higher chance to catch.

So, what do you think? Any other ideas you guys have? Let's talk.

When did you have your existential crisis?

Lots of thoughts lately, a stream of consciousness if you will, actually very interesting to me. I had my existential crisis at around 16 or 17 when I came to the conclusion that nothing matters because nothing will ever last and that nothing can be taken back so I shouldn't risk doing anything, but if I don't risk anything I'll never discover anything new and thus the point of life I had derived to be discovering whatever life had to offer and enjoying it would be void and I can't have that because death cannot be taken back which is what I'm afraid of rant rant rant etc.

In the middle of this train I wondered when/if you guys had an existential crisis and what the basic gist of it was. I learn nearly everything from observing others and from watching demonstrations so I'm very interested in what you would have to say.

Highlander's Realm ("D&D" Forum RPG)

You can still join! We're full!

Alright, it’s been a good while since my last forum RPG (or rather, the road-block that forced me to close shop and take a break to figure out said roadblock, only to simply discard the thread.)
The world will be the same, but we’ll start out in a different place of everyone’s choosing. You will all be starting together for a reason your own characters must create. I of course will work with you guys there. Anyways, here’s how to create a character and the general rules of the game!
Bold rules are essential to character creation. So read them.
Italicized rules are things to consider for character creation, but are not altogether mandatory, so feel free to skim over them if you don’t have the time right now. Everything else is extra explanation for bolded rules.

Here's a template:
Name: Race:


you can still create a character and join, but you mustn't post your character: PM me your stats and I'll make you skills and notify you when you are inserted into the story. You may not be able to be instantaneously inserted, so be patient and watchful until your character appears, then do you thing!
STATS: Every stat influences what abilities/spells you have. All you need to do to cast spells is indicate you are a class that can do so and the stat your spells will progress off of. Then I will make spells for you base on your stats. These stats are as follows. They match the D&D stats, but I added to each a little something different and (hopefully) interesting!

Str: Used for how much power you can put behind your swings or other physical activities. Adds to damage and strength based skills.
Dex: Aim, hand-eye coordination, and acrobatic feats. The higher this is, the more precise and consistent you can be. Spacial awareness and calculating angles and distances is also a part of this stat.
Con: Your endurance, how long you can last while injured or fatigued. If you get too tired, you eventually fall unconscious, leaving you vulnerable. Becoming unconscious while injured can lead to death.
Int: Your mental brain power, how much you can remember, how fast you can do calculations in your head, connecting faults in logic, learning new skills… intelligence is not absolutely essential but it’s benefits are plentiful.
Wis: Your ability to recognize patterns, your instincts in battle, your devotion, your discipline of mind, things that cannot be taught but acquired through years, even decades of practice.
Cha: Your ability to warm up to people, to rally them, to persuade them, to deceive them, to do anything where your voice and personality play a roll.

You start out with 7 in each stat and you will have 30 points to pour into each stat. You can only pour a maximum of 13 points into a stat at level one. 11 is an average score, 7 is poor, 15 and up is above average, 20 and up is good and so on.

Depending on your score, you may get a bonus to your rolls or damage. Having a strength of 12 increase the likelihood you’ll hammer through an enemy’s armor to land a hit by +1. Having a bonus of + 5, or score of 20 will also net you a +2 DC stage to injuries.

Choose a race and alignment.
Alignments are as follows: Chaotic, Neutral, or Lawful
Evil, Neutral, or Good

Good and evil are self-explanatory. Just in case you’re unfamiliar with the first choice, however...
Chaotic people tend towards freedom and exploration, never feeling constrained by rules. This doesn’t mean chaotic people don’t have morals, just that they dislike things like tyrants or strict codes of law.
Lawful people value strict codes of ethics, and are willing to give up freedoms to ensure their beliefs are upheld. This doesn’t mean lawful people are far too strict or rigid, just that this kind of stability is what they desire.
Neutral people are somewhere between both categories. They never feel like they need a strict code or to be so utterly free. This doesn’t mean they are always in the grey area of morals; most have general tendencies towards good or evil but never going so far as to side with either.

Human: Gain 2 more points to put into a stat at creation. You know one extra skill/spell.
Humans are the most varied of all species, ranging from extremely talented warriors and genius wizards. Their role in the world is one they have decided for themselves, and while this has lead to many great accomplishments like the separation of the Lower and Upper Realms, so too have they spawned atrocities such as the dead swath.
Elf: Gain 2 points into Dex. You can see in the dark above ground and gain a +1 when attacking with ranged weapons.
Elves are a quiet race, living in large natural areas, mostly forests, and cultivating life among the wilds. Their desire for freedom is tantamount, as true nature has no restrictions and is ever-changing. Living for centuries, these creatures have managed to become some of the most talented magic users or rangers of unparalleled skill.
Drow Elf: Gain 2 points into Dex. You can see in the dark both above and under ground, but sudden direct daylight exposure gives you 4 stacks of fatigue for 1 hour. Re-entering the darkness for 12 hours straight will allow you to be blinded once more.
Drow, or dark elves, are elves crated by Vamous as mirrors of the surface elves created by Gaia. They enjoy the chaos Dissidius promotes and revel in the Lower Realm. Usually Chaotic Good, a vast majority of the Drow were converted to Viria's mentality and changed to evil. They now follow her desire for betrayal and consistently mess around with the other races, even those in the Lower Realm.
Dwarf: Gain 2 points into Con. You can see in the dark underground and gain a +1 when attacking with melee weapons.
Dwarves are the paragons of law and order, their citadels running on strict and rigid systems that have kept them alive and allowed them to survive countless onslaughts from the Lower Realm. Famous smiths and warriors have spawned from this race, with no shortage of capable wizards either. They rival the elves in years of life and have dedicated it to building up strong homes for their clans.
Half-Elf: Gain 2 points in Int. Have darkvision above ground and gain an extra skill/spell.
Half-elves are products of loving bonds formed between a human and an elf. This can lead to ostracization, as either race, humans or elves, would be quick to judge the half-elf based on the other side. This forces half-elves to be generally more quick-witted and versatile.
Half-Orc: Gain 2 points in Str. Have darkvision underground. Gain an extra spell/skill and the Rage skill.
The product of an orc and a human, these creatures are rarely formed from loving bonds. While not all orcs are as wild and ravenous as their stereotype suggests, other races will be quick to dismiss their human side and focus on the orc heritage, which induces bouts of rage on occasion. Their heritage does not mean they are evil, some turn out to be righteous paragons, though some believe it is out of a desire to prove those who condemned them wrong.
Tundarin: Gain 2 points in Cha. You have a tail to attack with and can summon a creature once per day. Further training would allow your tail to use items, but not a weapon.
Isolated in the northern regions of the world, these blue creatures are generally slim, have long and useful tails, and slender horns coming from under their silvery hair. They value glammer and live in large glacier-carved cities. They fish and use the exotic materials in their possession to craft many gifts for friends, families, and lovers. Their attunement to magic is astounding and their dexterity is not to be trifled with, let alone their wily personas. Some seek out adventure for various reasons.
Urak’Lai: Gain 2 points in Str. You can see in the dark and climb walls with ease. They have four arms total.
From the Lower Realm, these slightly reptilian yet humanoid creatures are similar to the Tundarin. They are generally slender, yet Ulak’Lai are buffer, they instead have brown skin, and their tails are firm and generally inflexible. Their horns come from under their shaggy black hair and are far more jagged. They lurk in cave systems and are have tribal societies. They lurk the boundary between the Lower and Upper Realm. They spend most of their time hunting or mining, seeking to make their tribe stronger. Some leave the tribe for varying reasons.
OTHER: Gain 2 points in X Stat. Other qualities agreed upon by us.
If you have an idea for a new race, run it by me and we’ll set it up!

Class- The name can be anything, nor does it have to be an existing class, like wizard.
Class Weapon - Must be something I’ve heard of or you can explain clearly.
Class Armor type (Mage, Light, Medium, Heavy)
Class Affinity Bonus - One Affinity Point

Attribute Affinity + Deficiency.
You start with 1 affinity and 1 deficiency. You gain a level of affinity every level and a level of deficiency every three levels. The elements you can have as an affinity or deficiency are:

Force pure physical energy
MAGI pure essence of magic
Miasmal the energy of the dead
Vita the energy of the living
Having two elemental affinities can unlock new affinities. Example:
Having a water affinity and a miasmal affinity will allow you to start putting affinity points into Ice.

Having an affinity for an element gives you bonuses pertaining to anything to do with said element. Deficiencies give you drawbacks. They also determine your spells/skills.

TRAINED SKILLS: You are trained in certain skills, giving you your proficiency bonus (based on lvl) for rolls related to those skills. Your skills are determined by your class and background.

Animal Handling(Wis)
Disable Device(Dex)
Sleight of Hand(Dex)

Once you have created your character, I will give you a list of spells.
And last but certainly not least, your characters name and backstory! Feel free to wait on the backstory part until more than one character and/or the location has been decided.

Want to follow a god? Here's a pantheon!
Carthiser - True Neutral - God of Origin
Miasmal MAGI
The original soul, the creator, the recycler, Carthiser was one of the first souls to be created in the everlasting energies, along with Harmonia, Dissidius, and Deisk. In the millenniums of the beginning, where the basic energies of fire, water, earth, wind, Angelous, Demoni, Force, and MAGI existed everywhere, Carthiser was the first to absorb these energies into itself, gaining an affinity for magic.
Eventually, all the energies in the immediate area around the four original souls was consumed, and the souls had immense power.
Carthiser was content with watching the other at work and sought to weave magic through all their creations, as his addition.
However, Carthiser became concerned with the other three's decision to create souls to serve them. Carthiser saw that if the souls were allowed to absorb enough energies that he was gathering from the outer realms and were coming in towards them, they could rival the power of the original souls. He fought, near to his death, with the other three gods and they eventually weakened him enough to attempt a compromise. Souls would be given physical vessels and, once these vessels wore out, the souls would be brought to Carthiser to be crushed, removed of their energies, and the soul reformed and planted into another vessel. It was this that the cycle of life and death had been created, and for every soul he crushed he expended MAGI, which deteriorated into miasmal energy, which he reabsorbs to keep power.
Harmonia - Lawful Good - God of Harmony
Angelous Vita
One of the original souls, Harmonia, acquired a taste for Angelous energies. She absorbed all she could, traveling into the outer realms to gain many, and started a conduit so that any new Angelous energy coming from The Beyond would go straight to her. Soon she became bored of these instinctive needs and wanted something more. She allied with dissidius and created the material plane. With her kingdom, Alamantha, in the center of her part, she had visions of glorious and beautiful lands. She found that, condensing energies extremely tightly, she could create souls similar to her own. She did this once and dubbed the soul "Gaia" and gave her form. After developing the kingdom, Harmonia began to have many quarrels with Dissidius and his realm. They eventually began to fight and a miniature war broke out, with Deisk intervening as he saw he would benefit. After decades of battles, tricks, and pranks, Carthiser found out about the soul creating, and threatened to wipe out the material plane they created as punishment, feeling wrong about commited murder in destroying the others' souls, even Gaia
s. Eventually everything settled, the cycle created, and Harmonia decided her influence shouldn't be so direct, as her quarrels with Dissidius would jeopardize their new vessels. She moved Alamantha onto another plane above the material plane. She now watches over her realm and Dissidius', the ensure her beliefs.

Dissidius - Chaotic Neutral - God of Chaos
Demoni Miasmal
One of the original souls, Dissidius' soul was spastic and ever-seeking, absorbing MAGI and Demoni energies at all times. He eventually became bored of the base existence he was leading and, joining power with Harmonia, created the material plane. His half contained Yvilmindur, Dissidius' wild capital. Dissidius had a vision of beauty and excitment for his kingdom, and desired creatures to share in his penchant. He too created a soul as Harmonia did and dubbed it Vamous, gave him power, and told him to make his realm ever-changing and beautiful. Eventually he began to quarrel with Harmonia's visions of beauty, and constant war broke out between the races Vamous created and Gaia. He intervened with a myriad of tricks and pranks until finally he just got bored of it all. To end the wars and spare those from being bound to this kind of life, he dragged his realm under Harmonia's and brought Yvilmindur even lower, to prevent the races in his realm from conforming to his whim. He constantly provides changes by altering the magical tunnels created by Carthiser. He also fought Carthiser over the ability to keep souls and he suggested the compromise. He constantly tries to change the ways of life of the realms and sometimes travels into The Beyond to attempt to discover.

Deisk - Lawful Evil - The Tyrant
Demoni Earth Fire Water Wind
Deisk, the fourth original soul, absorbed a myriad of energies. He distanced himself from the other souls, only joining them when Carthiser attempted to destroy their creations. Like Harmonia he became bored of his base existence and sought to create planes of existence. Instead of teaming up with anybody to create the gigantic material plane, he created planes on the outside of the material plane. The plane of fire, water, earth, and wind were created as well as the Abyss and Hell. Wanting to have powerful creatures he can control, he eventually created a soul to help him come up with ideas. Revile was born out of this desire to create legions of creatures, and he created all the monsters in the universe. Cockatrice, elementals, ifrits, chromatic dragons, he created them all and filled Deisk's planes with them. Eventually Deisk desired control of the material plane and sent these creatures to weaken them. Deisk's invasion is still ongoing, and Harmonia and Dissidius despise him for it, but lack the power to completely destroy him or Revile.

Daethos - Lawful Neutral - Guardian of the Gate
Daethos was created and instantly fed energies until his power overwhelmed him. Eventually he controlled it, and was given a task by Harmonia; bridge the Lower and Upper Realms with a gate so that only those who share in her vision can cross. Daethos guards these gates with his life, determined to give all a fair trial, and tighten the border. However he can only be in so many places at once, so he enlisted those from Harmonia's realm as a paladin order to defend both realms from Deisk's vile creatures.

Revile - Chaotic Evil - The Monstrous
Vita Demoni
Born under a tyrant, Revile was given a desire to do nothing but create creatures.
He filled Deisk's planes with all manner of beasts and forced some of them to infiltrate the material plane to weaken Harmonia's and Dissidius' races. Revile believe he will ultimately fail, but keeps on creating in hopes he may be wrong and under the influence of Deisk.

Vamous - Chaotic Good - The Wanderer
Wind Vita
Born of wind energy, Vamous was wild and out of control, but not out of guidance. Dissidius tasked him with making his world eccentric and exciting, so Vamous, after traveling to the Upper Realm to explore creating wind currents in his wake, Vamous created races like Gaia. He first created the Drow, in mimicry to the elves of Gaia yet different as practice, then experimented. He wrought races into the lower realm and, during the conflict, fought to protect them. Eventually he was almost murdered by Viria, but he managed to escape on his wind currents. However he wasn't able to save his first race, the drow, from being touched by Viria. They turned against him and attacked him whenever they could, and Vamous realized the true threat Viria had intended. Vamous moved to the upper realm after passing Daethos, who allowed him passage. He was bitter more towards Viria than the drow, but he still couldn't help but be in disbelief they had headed Viria. When asked about drow, his replies were short at best, and rants of vile hate at worst. Drow began to pierce the veil from the Lower Realm and wreak havoc on the Upper Realm. Vamous, too sentimental to kill them, eventually went in disguise and tried to touch as many drow as possible. He got through to many, but not enough to turn the drow back on his side, and he eventually gave up, satisfied he had tried. He never spoke ill of drow again, yet the peoples of the Upper Realms didn't know of Vamous' actions and still hated the drow with intensity.

Gaia - Lawful Good - the Natural Order
Gaia was wrought and fed the colors of life. She saw things in a way that forced her desire to create, and Harmonia provided the sandbox to try it, the Upper Realm. She enjoyed every moment, creating forests, deserts, tundras, and all manner of races to enjoy that life. She was soon greeted b Vamous, who shared in her spirit of creation, and on the night they met they talked for ours about ideas. Gaia fell in love with Vamous and created a race in tribute to him, the Elves. Vamous was touched and created his own, then parted with Gaia to do what she had done to the Lower Realm. During the conflict, Gaia dreaded she would have to fight Vamous, as he was Dissidius' charge. However what had really happened was much worse. an agent of Deisk, Viria, tried to murder her. Gaia's power was too great, but Viria had also pierced the veil and allowed Revile's monsters access. In her world these creatures bred, and threatened the life of her races. Luckily, paragons of the races in the art of hunting managed to kill many, but Revile's influence still remains in her world. Vamous returned, and while she immensely enjoyed the his company, she felt his pain as she heard of his plight. She allowed Vamous to wander the realm she created and encouraged her races to show him kindness. She returned to Alamantha and expects Vamous' visits eagerly.

Viria - Lawful Evil - Dagger in the Back
She was born in the depth of the abyss. Souls stolen from carthiser (a dangerous task) congregated into demons. Deisk, needing an agent of his will, forced a group of balors and demonlords together to created Viria. She was given task after task to weaken and demoralize his siblings' realms' inhabitants. At first, Viria obeyed, fearing Deisk powers. She attempted to kill Vamous and, fearing repercussion for failure, attempted sabotage instead. Deisk accepted this compromise, and sent her to attack Gaia as well. Failing that too, Viria was enraged that Deisk hadn't given her enough power and tried to form a bond with Revile to overthrow and steal the power of Deisk. Deisk caught wind of her scheme, and immediately banished her. She went to the Lower Realm in disguise and found that the drow she had corrupted worshiped her. She found little solace in this and continued to wander the realm, and decided to do what she was created for: assassinate. The bigger the betrayal the better, especially against the original souls.

Combat Rules

Being reduced to 0 HP automatically give you 14 stacks of fatigue.

Fatigue Stacks
People get tired. They only have so much stamina, so much constitution, and once it runs out they need sleep, not just a healing potion or to slap a salve on their forehead. Good, restorative, sleep and nutrition. Rations and 8 hours of sleep on the ground each cure one stack of fatigue. Fatigue by itself in low number isn’t harmful. You need at least 4 stacks of fatigue to feel any effects. However, gaining too many stacks will result in you being unconscious, effectively at 0 HP. Sleeping in a bed or eating fresh food removes many more stacks of fatigue. Here are the effects:

4 Stacks: You breath more heavily. You can move at half speed.
5: You take a -1 to skill checks
6: your attack rolls take a -1
7: Your AC decreases by 1
8: All previous decreases are now at -3
9: You have trouble concentrating. You roll the D20 twice and take the lower result.
10: Your visions fades in-and out. You can no longer distinguish between people unless their form is obvious or unique(if there is one troll in a crowd of people, you can locate the troll, but not identify the people.)
11: It becomes hard to speak. Any spell/skill that relies on speech takes a -4 penalty.
12: Take an additional -2 on skill checks, attack rolls, and AC (total -5)
13: Your ears start ringing, you can barely hear anything at all.
14: You fall unconscious.

When you are unconscious and you have an injury you risk bleeding out. One deliberate attack can kill you, while incidental strikes(such as accidentally being stepped on by a large creature) gives you a DC to beat to not die. While unconscious, you also get death checks if there is nothing else to decide your fate.

Death Check: Roll a d20. If you roll higher than 10, you gain one success. Rolling a 20 automatically gives you 1 HP and makes you conscious and removes 1 stack of fatigue. Injury DCs kick in and reset 5 minutes after you initially wake up and apply penalties as normal.
Rolling 10 or lower gives you a death fail. Rolling a natural 1 gives you 2 failures. 3 fails and you die.

Stay Spell: DC 10, 15, 20, 25. etc. magic checks
+1 to effect and attack roll each time you stay it, fail to meet DC = lose spell and it goes on cooldown.

Proficiency: You get proficiency bonuses based on what you're proficient with. At 1st level you have a +2 proficiency. This bonus applies to all d20 rolls related to what you're proficient with.

Saving Throws: A spell effect might require a saving throw to resist. They are related to each of the 6 stats, a strength, dexterity, constitution, intelligence, wisdom, and charisma saving throws. You can have proficiency in some of these throws based on race and class (I decide).

Actions: You have a Bonus, Standard, and move action. A bonus action can only be taken twice and only when a skill/spell allows it (but never that same skill/spell twice)
A standard action can be used to either: Cast a spell, do a technique, attack, or move.
A move action can only be used to move.
You can move, make an attack, and continue to move as you please.
Leaving someone's area of aggression (usually around them) gives them a bonus "attack of opportunity" against you, or a free hit.

Critical Roll:
Rolling a natural 20 on an attack roll makes the attack critically strike. If your attack would normally deal 3d6 + 3 damage, it would deal 6d6 + 3 damage on the critical strike.
Rolling a natural 1 on an attack roll can cause bad things to happen decided by me.

Status Effects:
Numb: You cannot feel and thus cannot use the part of your body that has been numbed.
Paralysis: You cannot move or act in any way until you are cured somehow.
Sickened: You have a -1 to saving throws and skill checks
Nauseous: You have a -2 to saving throws and skill checks, and a -1 to attack rolls.
Afflicted: You spend every other round vomiting. You have a -2 to all d20 rolls.
Fear: The creature you fear has a +1 to hit and a +1 AC against you.
Anxiety: The creature you fear has a +2 to hit and a +2 AC against you.
Terrified: The creature you fear has a +3 to hit and a +3 AC against you. You cannot willingly move towards the creature unless you pass a DC 8 + Intimidate Check nWisdom saving throw.
Panicked: The creature has a +4 to hit and a +4 AC against you.
You cannot willingly move towards the creature and must always try to move away from the creature. If you cannot move away, you cower in fear and do nothing.

Articles on Game Design

I’m doing an argumentative essay for English and I know the topic will be something about game design. I’d like some help finding articles on game design if you all would be so kind. In addition to these articles I’ll need at least one interview and a video to add to my research. Is Extra Credits a credible source (I assume yes considering it’s written by game designers)? I’m also thinking about interviewing some of you on the topic, though I think the most reliable(in the sense of undeniable credibility.) source of you all would be Red Nova, Unity, and/or Sooz because of Remnants of Isolation, anybody else I should think about?

Thanks for reading!

Faulty Fortune Cookies

After eating at a chinese buffet my family got into a small talk about funny fortunes a fortune cookie might have instead of the usually "Your personality makes you no enemies" or "You're on the right path don't worry babe <3"
Perhaps something a little more violent, maybe foreboding or just downright pointless.

Something like:
"Everyone Knows."

"Don't worry, you'll look cool with a scar."

"Considering other options can be a healthy life choice."

"You would probably kick a puppy."

"They're going to find out."

Can you guys think of anything?
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