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One does not simply ...

...blast a fury.

One does not simply ...

...call forth their Persona.

Graceless Reminiscence Review

Since I guess my "negative" reaction to this review is so much of a turn-off, let me tell you all this now; I really wasn't trying to come off as an asshole. Sure, I probably wasn't clear enough as to what points that I thought were ridiculous about the review, and yes, some of the criticism was helpful, but this isn't the first time I've gotten my game bashed, as you all think it is.

Sure you're trying to help me improve my game. Sure you want to still like this game in the future. I should lay it out plain and clear as to what made me upset.

1. Sacrificing 4-5 paragraphs just to rant how shit the title is.
2. Trying to display my characters as whiny and forgettable without providing a way to make them better.
3. Labeling one of my characters as a mad sexist.
4. Calling the title cheap $10 words and wondering if English is my second language.
5. Assuming that I leeched off of Linus.
6. Calling it Oscar Bait/Misao Bait. Really?

As things are described in your review, I don't see any reason to sit there and say, "Thank you for the review." and sugar-coat my words trying to disagree with your points. As your above post says:
This review is a glass of milk and a plate of cookies in comparison to shit I've seen on RMN. I just reread one unbelievably unfair review of one of my games and WOW, the review is one thing but the comments after it are still some of the worst most inexcusable fucking human behavior I have seen in my entire life.
After seeing the link of the review that Corfaisus had posted that you thought was "unbelievably unfair", it's clear that you are reviewing the game in a similar manner, if not the same manner that the reviewer for your game, Silviera, had done. My purpose for being here is simple; to maximize my potential as a game developer.

Graceless Reminiscence Review

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One does not simply ...

Uh, is that a threat?

...eat a Kit-Kat bar.

Graceless Reminiscence Review

Good review and CC, Cash! A few things to say if you don't mind.

The storytelling is very plainly anime
Goddammit I tried to avoid that! I really did! xD but my writing is more influenced by anime and manga, so that's probably why it was easily recognizable.

Graceless Reminisce excels in visual polish and pacing of its scenes. It knows how to build tension and progress conversations with the right kind of emotion it wants to invoke. However, those who are more hardened to the type of over-the-top cynicism and angst of "war is hell" might want to look away. It's a trope that seems to prevail here.
Thank you, thank you. I'm trying my hardest here I swear lmao.

Like Attack on Titan, the strength of their power lies in their ability to control the height of their morale.
Really? I've definitely watched the entire anime, but I didn't realize that it was similar to Attack on Titan. One of my friends actually played the extreme beta version of it and told me after
the three main characters got "Shingeki'd". I laughed really hard (Shingeki means Attack in Japanese, a reference to the anime/manga of course

Yevan, the main protagonist with a sense of justice
I just can't help but laugh at this! No! Nooooo! You got it wrong lmao! Lyron is the protagonist, not Yevan! xD get it right or I will stab you. jk Well, the protagonist can be whoever you consider it to be anyway. If that makes sense.

The main characters are a trio of what I assume to be teenage soldiers
You're right and kind of right. You can check the Characters page to see the age of some of the characters.

The fact that most doors are locked and some aren't means that it is a lottery to find the one that actually contains an interior. It's good to be consistent when you're doing things like this, for example, having a visual indicator on top of a door that you can enter would stop you from having to check every single one before you found out which were able to be opened.
Good point. I actually just wanted to make it so that finding the door becomes challenging or... fun? Or just something you encounter by coincidence.

However, in future installments, a ramping up of the difficulty and using more smart design decisions in terms of gameplay will be needed in order to make it a captivating experience.
Yeah, you're right. There's actually a super change log for the first episode which is soon to be released, anyway.

The game opens with a metaphor of two swans swimming next to each other for several years. This seems to represents a male and his lover, probably. Either that or a couple of best friends. But then one of the pair gains enough strength to fly away, while the other one is left behind. I'm not sure whether this was supposed to represent the death of one of two lovers, or the fact that one got so strong emotionally that they could live without the other, and the one without "wings" was left to be lonely on the ground. More will probably become clear in further installments (this is just the prologue).
That's actually supposed to reflect both sides. Both for the three soldiers, and Libra and Angela. Lyron wasn't able to say his last words to his comrades Yevan and Leiza, and Libra was unable to say his last words to Angela which will be revealed later throughout the game. Is that spoilers...? Probably. Lol. Overall, the theme of this prologue is supposed to focus on powerlessness.

Is it bad that I find cereal and subway disguisting?

For instance, never order tuna.

Oh I won't. I'm not so fond of tuna anyways.

Not IN the cereal, in a separate cup.

OTL I've been doing the opposite. I used to devour the entire milk when I ate cereal with it.

Make sure that your pants are on backwards, and ALWAYS point towards Salt Lake City during the meal. If you aren't speaking in tongues you'll miss out on some of the subtler flavors. When ordering, be as rude as humanly possible to your server- this will tip them off that you're a member of the underground Subway Sandwich Masters club and you'll get a discount.

W-What...? I don't even...

One does not simply ...

Also you linked the 'here' to the top of the thread rather than the comment.

I think you are possible RMN Plays played out my dear :)

but in the spirit

...not spin on an office chair

oh and anyone that says "walk into Mordor" after this post will get ridiculed, just saying

...walk into Mordor. *whistles*