What are you thinking about right now?

You make me smile :D
(This is an incredible feat)

What are you thinking about right now?

LockeZ can say practically anything and turn that dumb bitch whore on (gfsblock)

What are you thinking about right now?

That's an interesting point Mirak. Perhaps her veins will burst and blood will begin pouring out the orifices on her head?


it's summer time. better stay inside.

wheres newblack

Banana I'm glad IF didn't say Banana

Ex-Religion People of RMN - What did you leave, Why did you leave, and how has it affected you?

You know, in a way I am thankful to god that my family was never religious.
Look, I know I will be killed for saying this and I know it's a very offensive thing to say, please feel free to dislike/hate me.

But I feel a lot of religious people are severely mentally ill, and should go see a doctor. Thinking you get some kind of reward after your dead, is, i'm sorry, but are you sure???? really?????

i guess it's called FAITH

imo the life is the only gift, you will ever be given.
and it's really sad that most people cannot help but dislike there gift.

no wonder we hope for a better tomorrow after we are dead.

wheres newblack

well orange and newblack do go nicely together so i feel i can believe you.

RMNverse Arcade

An army of waifus to operate the cannons.

What are you thinking about right now?

I am the ultimate Locke. The Locke to end all Lockes. The Omega Locke. And most importantly, Locke and LockeX were already taken on Geocities in 1996.

[Poll] New Languages

Well my fingers are crossed pianoTM, I pray that by divine chance, you get to see paris.

wheres newblack

what was shmup?
is newblack really gone for good?
will nazarath vol 6 be found?

don't touch that dial! we will be right back after these messages.